A Quick Bern Through Switzerland

Posted 3 years ago

Let’s talk photography for just a moment.

With just a flutter of a lens, images across the world are captured on the same day, every year - however that same day can produce vastly different imagery. Whether it’s a rainy ride in Auckland, or a sunny steer through San Sebastian, it’s fair to say that DGR has all climates covered. These images aren’t just pictures of an event, they spread the love and cheer of its city - all captured by master artists at light and focus. Thanks to them, we don’t simply see the event - we feel it.

Since 2015 (minus one year, but we’ll get to that) we’ve felt the joy of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Bern, Switzerland, and since then, that emotion has been captured by local photographer Tim Loosli. It’s near impossible to put Tim’s work into words, and that would certainly take away from his ability as a visual storyteller - so rather, we’d like to take you on a historic journey of DGR Bern, through the lens of photographer, Tim Loosli - with a special feature in his absence. 

DGR Bern, 2015 - Tim Loosli

DGR Bern, 2016 - Tim Loosli

DGR Bern, 2017 - Tim Loosli

Now, we mentioned earlier that time missed a year - 2018. While we felt Tim’s absence, Sabine Hess stepped in to carry the flame - and oh my, she carried it high! Just take a look for yourself. 

DGR Bern, 2018 - Sabine Hess


Tim and Sabine, if you’re reading this - thank you! We are always in awe at how incredibly talented people such as yourselves have the unique ability to capture the unobtainable.

If you are a host, rider, or supporter of DGR and would like to share your story, we’d love to hear it. Please get in touch with us at stories@gentlemansride.com.

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