London And The Local Gentlefolk

Posted 6 years ago

London participated for the 5th year in a row and once again topped the fundraising leaderboard with the city raising an incredible USD $235,000.

With over 1000 dapper gentlefolk taking through the streets of London it was sure to be a spectacle for the public and many people surrounding the busy streets. It was a sight to behold as many people waved and clapped as bikes rolled past iconic London locations including Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and along the Thames River.

The ride started at the Olympic games site of 2012, with live music, fresh coffee and a shoeshine to ensure that all leather was ready for the few hours of riding to be had. Local police lead the ride from start to finish even with a ride by past Buckingham palace.


The London ride was hosted by many helping hands including The Bike Shed, Movember and DGR Founder Mark Hawwa. Together along with 20 volunteers (on foot and on bike) they carefully rode through the heart of London, amazingly not one person took a wrong corner.

“Prior to the ride, we organised nightly catchups to discuss the route as well as ride it. Volunteers really stepped up and without their help, it would of been a very difficult ride to manage. Their corner marking was integral in ensuring a safe, fun ride for everyone while still educating thousands of people watching the spectacle.” Mark Hawwa said.

A very Special mention to David Blundell who participated in London and raised over USD $32,000.

Photos by Amy Shore | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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