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Posted on Sunday 1st

Due to everyone’s generosity I’m currently ranked 284th in the world, 19tb in Canada, 4th in BC and 3rd in Vancouver!

ive raised my humble bar up to $2000.00 but really I should be gunning for #1 in the world... 20K or more...might need some corporate goodwill. Tax Reciepts are issued with every donation-just sayin😉


Posted on Sunday 1st

Im so grateful to have such kind, gracious, and generous people in my life! I thank all of you that have donated to such a worthy cause and/or have shared my message on your Facebook pages. Even if only one life is saved through these efforts it will have been worthwhile. Thanks again! 

Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Monday 12th

On Sunday the 29th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

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Blue Pine Enterprises Ltd. Ltd. .

$157 USD
Cynthia Enns

$156 USD
Darren Johnson

Have fun in your motorcycle gang meeting!

$152 USD
Colin Karbonik

Keep Kicking Ass Jamie! Cheers!

$78 USD
Doris Downes

Best of luck for a great cause, Jamie!

$78 USD
James Napper

$78 USD
John Napper

Hi James, I donated $100, you have now made your set target of $2000. Congrats Bro! Love John

$76 USD
Terry T Tobey


$75 USD
Dave Moe

$75 USD
Bryan Stapleton

Blast off Jamie!

$75 USD


$39 USD
Mark Weisbrot

$39 USD
Harold Olynyk

Hope u get to 2000.00

$39 USD
James Vanderveen

$39 USD
Alex Rayner

Good cause! Keep the rubber side down my friend!

$39 USD
Joanne Lemay

$39 USD
Jeff Ives

$39 USD
Jordie Davies

$38 USD
Tedd Tobey

$38 USD
Sheila Mackinnon

Good luck, Peanut! :)

$31 USD
Bethoven (beth) Dimailig

$20 USD
Damiani Sekoulidis

Ha, the first chick here! Vroom vroom!!!

$17 USD
Jared Campbell

Good luck!!!

$16 USD

Save your seeds ! Good Luck James. Ride Safe xoxo

$16 USD
Kenneth Blair

Good luck

$16 USD
Nikki Dyck

$16 USD
Team Smith

We expect to see a dapper Mr.Napper - have a great ride!

$16 USD
Adine Shuchuk

$15 USD
Barry Shuchuk

$15 USD
Erika Talerico

$11 USD
Kelsey Mckee

$8 USD
James Napper

$8 USD

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