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DGR 2021? Thanks, I'm Good.

Saturday 10th

A little over a year ago, those magical Youtube algorithims introduced me to the DGR. I was in awe. As someone versed in both Armani and Moto Guzzi, this event was made for me. The plan to participate took shape.

And then, Covid. Would they cancel, and then come back bigger in 2021? Hardly seemed necessary, with a mask, and a safe riding distance, and everyone outdoors, I figured we'd be golden. 

And then along came "Riding Solo".

Didn't seem nearly as appealing now, but I get it. DGR can't be expected to meet the varied individual restrictions of every country on the planet.

So let me register, aid my fellow man, and reap all that cool DGR swag.

Gotta donate to myself? Okay. And an anonymous donation as well? Fine, it IS for charity. Purchase stickers? Check. Receive those in time for the ride? Well.....

Raise $200 to unlock a super-cool commemorative patch. Done. Receive that? Not so fast. It appears that my postal carrier, whilst handling every other bit of mail with aplomb, is facing struggles with DGR packages, which the Movember representative chalks up to Covid.

Were this just me, my poor luck. Posts on Facebook, however, suggest that I am not alone.

We are encouraged to continue fundraising well after the ride, but how do you sell sponsoring someone who has already completed the main event? I wouldn't seek sponsors for a marathon I completed a week ago.

With the additional fees for the privelege of donating, with lax updates on any of the goings-on within the event, plus the sheer "meh" of throwing on a suit and dawdling along on a bike without raising one bit of awareness, my 2021 course is clear.

I'll make a donation to my local hospital, dress, and ride on my own. I feel my time and money are better served in this way.

Thanks for an eye opening 2020, DGR. Best of luck.

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Rakish and Ritzy

$94 USD
Al Delucia

Have a safe ride!

$50 USD

Glad you're riding for this cause. Keep the rubber on the road. Peace.

$45 USD

You're Looking dapper!

$26 USD

I wuv you!

$15 USD

$10 USD
Keith Gembarosky

$5 USD
Tom Ruschak

Keith, I was heading out for my ride starting in Belle Vernon and I saw a fellow 'Mon Valley' Distinguished Gentleman out there. Hope to ride with you on the 2021 DGR!

$5 USD

$5 USD

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