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Once more, into the breach!

Posted on Sunday 4th

This September 29th my team at RestoCycle and I will host the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride here in Tucson Arizona for the third time. It’s a sizeable undertaking for a small team like ours, with a lot of moving parts, but there are 4 of us now, and we are supported by some great co-hosts and sponsors again, which makes it a lot easier than the first year was, and a lot more fun.  

This event is personal and important to me. I have had numerous family and friends struggle with the challenges the DGR is pledged to combat - prostate and testicular cancer, suicide prevention, and men’s mental health and emotional well-being overall. I’ve struggled with some of those things too. 

So we’ll do what we can - organize a ride in the spirit of fraternity and friendship, raise a little money and encourage some other folks to do that too. And maybe like that we’ll make a little progress on these things. We grow closer to our adopted community this way too. It’s worth the time and effort.

Thank you, sincerely. Your support means a lot to me, spurs me on, makes me glad I agreed to host this event again, along with the other things we juggle running a small business. We’ll do our best to run a great event and make you proud.

Much love,


My Sponsors

Toby Zellers

Thanks for hosting this great event!

$208 USD
Elizabeth Menten

Ride safe! Have a blast! Love you madly!

$208 USD
Lori Massad

Go Nils! Always supporting you in spirit!

$208 USD
Doug Cooke

What a hero you are for always going the extra mile! Just one more thing I love about you bud.

$156 USD
Nils Menten

$114 USD
Mr. Bill

Seems nominal. :)

$109 USD
Nathan Bishop

$104 USD
Steve & Kaden Ignelzi

Good luck!

$104 USD

Thanks, Nils!

$104 USD
Bob Therrien

You are still an amazing guy Nils. Jamie and I wish you the best!

$104 USD
Tige Eakin


$104 USD
Darrell Baker

Get well soon Doug

$104 USD

$104 USD
Fredneck Pondscum Iii

Go Nils. Go.

$104 USD

$100 USD
Steve Gosne

Good man!

$52 USD
David D Mcmunn

$52 USD
Thomas Atwood

Hope the event goes well!

$52 USD

$52 USD

Spot on, Nils. Thanks for the work.

$52 USD
Emily Hustus

$52 USD
Margaret Irish

Thanks for making the ride Nils. I lost my husband to prostate cancer.

$50 USD
Bob Sileo

$26 USD

Good luck Nils!

$21 USD
Dana Ulmo

$21 USD
Michael Latshaw

Nice work Nils!

$21 USD
Paul C Menten

$21 USD
Nancy Martin

$20 USD

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