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Our bat family are the best

Posted on Friday 12th

Huge thanks to the lovely Danielle, Ginge, Simon, Jordan & Christina who have all donated/signed personal momentos from the show & helped us to raffle and auction them for this wonderful cause. Out Last eBay auction closed yesterday with Danielle’s leopard print body suit off to a good home today! 

Pink Pants bring home the bacon!

Posted on Friday 5th

Wonderful that the infamous #Falco pink pants have gone to a good home. Great to meet Julie and send them off! Thank you all so much for your generosity and your bids for these! All for the cause! 

Bikers are the Best People

Posted on Monday 1st

Was wonderful to take our Bonnie out on the streets yesterday with our fellow DGR riders, even if she did overheat (twice) and we lost the pack for part of the ride.

We had an abudance of offers of help from our fellow riders, with several stopping to make sure we were ok. Love an event like this one which shakes off the cliches so many bikers have to live with. To paraphrase what one of the ride leaders, Dutch, mentioned in his speech yesterday - Bikers are the best people, and events like this brings out the best in bikers. Here here!

Fun in the sun, shooting our DGR trailer

Posted on Saturday 29th

Impossible to resist taking Bonnie out on a glorious sunny London day. Took the camera with us too and had some fun, making our own little trailer. 

Featuring a beautiful London skyline, Steinman the dog, and “Out of The Frying Pan” sung by our castmates from the original cast recording of Bat Out Of Hell The Musical. 

Enjoy ... https://youtu.be/9UE6THO4DLM

Catch Dreams, don’t chase them

Posted on Monday 24th

Less than 3 months ago, we didn’t know there was a  Bikeshed in London. Less than 1 month ago we didn’t own a Triumph and less than 3 weeks ago, we didn’t even know that the DGR existed....yet this morning we are set to become one of the top 5 fundraisers in London so far, for this year’s ride and we are still not done...

We pinched ourselves and asked how is this possible? And realised the answer is the same as everything you want to achieve in life - belief. I’ve always been a strong believer of catching dreams, not chasing them.

I started out in life as a formula one, historic motorcar restoration mechanic and always dreamed of pursuing a career on stage, but as a lad from the village it seemed unattainable. It took the loss of my Dad (47) when I was only 21, to make me realise how short and precious life is, and to give me the courage to take the leap and catch that dream. 

25 years on, after a lot of dreaming, living and hard work I’ve achieved my goal of being a leading man in London’s West End, currently playing in Bat Out Of Hell in the Dominion Theatre. 

The theatre community is like a huge extended family, and never has that been proven more true than how our castmates, crew, company, management all rallied together behind our fundraising efforts this weekend. 

I never realised that a similar community with such a family spirit and shared passion, existed for biking in the UK. 

I never lost my admiratopm for innovative design and my fascination for mechanical engineering. Over the past 18 years I have indulged this passion by tinkering in the shed alone & customising my Ducati motorbike, which is now completely unique to me & in storage in my best friend’s garage in Berlin. 

It was by chance that I became aware that the bike shed in Shoreditch existed while watching a rerun of Henry Cole’s motorbike show in May. That weekend I went exploring and stumbled upon the event in Tobacco Dock where I fell in love with over 100 customised shed built bikes. 

It was impossible to ignore the craftsmanship and beauty in the Hedon range. So I purchased a Gladiator Helmet, yellow visor & mouth filter, bringing them home, displaying them on a shelf and and justifying their purchase by promising myself I would use them on my Ducati some day. 

But I had been bitten by the Bikeshed bug... 

So, earlier this month I purchased my first Triumph from a fellow enthusiast, a T100 who we’ve named “Bonnie”. She had some work done to her already but I spent the next few weeks making her my own, which took me to the Triump store in Croydon. 


It was here that a sales rep casually mentioned the DGR and what it was about. It piqued my interest as I have had two family members effected by prostate cancer, one who survived and one who sadly didn’t. 


So we came home and did some investigating online. We were hugely impressed by the size of the event, the work of the charities involved and the goals that some of the riders and teams had set themselves. We knew instantly we had to become involved. 


Three weeks later and we have aimed high, surpassed our goal and are continuing to aim even higher. Discovering this community and this event has been a thrilling ride so far. Special thanks to Julian Stoneman, Jackie Morgan & the rest of our Dominion Theatre family #BatTheMusical for helping us on our journey so far. We can’t wait to continue it this coming Sunday, at the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. And best of all, the Hedon gear finally gets off the shelf! 

My other baby, with my other baby....

Posted on Monday 24th

My 18 year old Ducati and my 14 year old boy 

Bat fans are the best!

Posted on Monday 24th

Overwhelmed by the Generosiry of the Bat Out Of Hell audiences who donated to our bucket collections post our two shows at the Dominion Theatre yesterday! 


Huge thanks to our castmates, front of house staff,  crew and The Dominion theatre for shaking those buckets. 


Huge thanks to our management for their co-ordination, to our producers for their support and to mr Julian Stoneman for encouraging myself and Sharon Sexton to address the audience after our final bow, from the Dominion Stage, to raise awareness for this great event. 


And finally - a massive thanks to our wigs, wardrobe and sound team, who patiently waited until the last audience member left the Dominion and we finally put the buckets away, before they could disrobe us and run for their last trains home on a Saturday night  


Teamwork makes the dream work! What a wonderful effort from everyone!


Now for the fun part....

let the coin counting commence #WatchThisSpace 

Bonnie By The Sea

Posted on Friday 21st

Bonnie at Brighton Beach after her first proper road trip with us to Brighton, which also happened to be the day of the ACE café meet up, so she was in good company. 

Thank you Bat Out Of Hell

Posted on Friday 21st

Posing for a photo in costume to put on our buckets for our theatre bucket collection this weekend. Thanks so much to our producers and management who are allowing us promote the DGR from the stage this week! 

1st day of school

Posted on Friday 21st

My princess’ first day of school... as you can see she’d much rather be travelling on two wheels... 

Already requested my Ducati when she’s older #RebelHeart 

Man’s Best Friend

Posted on Friday 21st

Steinman lending a helping hand polishing

Keep your hedon....

Posted on Friday 21st

Pillion Passenger for the DGR, Shazza, posing backstage with her Hedon Gladiator Helmet after Bonnie’s first trip into work in the Dominion Theatre

Did you hear if Russel Crowe was upset when the canibal ate his wife?

No he wasn’t, he was GLADIATOR. 

It’s the little things ....

Posted on Friday 21st

personalised touches added to Bonnie over the last few weeks to make her our own.... getting ready for the DGR 

Scrambler grill

Teardrop mirrors

Motone Monza fuel cap

A tan leather Triumph Seat 

We are going to need to get a sidecar

Posted on Friday 21st

on the list of things to get for the future...

we need to get a sidecar for the handsome puppy Steinman so he can join us in his tweed on next year’s DGR. 

Getting Bonnie ready for the road

Posted on Friday 21st

Latest addition: new knobbly tyres supplied and fitted by Bravos Motorcycles in Forrest Hill yesterday. 

Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Tuesday 4th

On Sunday the 30th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

My Sponsors

Booh Last Bucket Collection

The power of #BatTheMusical, not only the loudest audience in London's West End, but also the kindest

$2,359 USD
Bat Out Of Hell Evening Audience

So many generous audience members wanted to support this brilliant charity

$2,141 USD
Bat Out Of Hell Matinee Audience

So many generous audience members wanted to support this brilliant charity

$1,907 USD
Sat Booh Audience Remaining Buckets

Speechless at the genorosity of our extended Bat Out Of Hell Family

$1,515 USD
Bat Out Of Hell Audience Friday 28th

Generous donations from the Friday night audience at the Dominion Theatre

$1,501 USD
Bat Out Of Hell Audience Matinee First Few Buckets

First count from today’s matinee

$1,303 USD
Booh Audience Sat Night First Few Buckets

First few buckets from out Dominion audience. Thank you

$1,303 USD
Bat Out Of Hell Audience Small Change

every penny counts

$1,249 USD
Booh Sat Bucket

Go Team

$1,114 USD
Booh Audience Final Countdown

Small “Change” is Gona make the world a better place. Shout out to Fred and rose

$1,030 USD
Family Falco Supporters

Thanks to all who donated

$793 USD
J Mic Auction Winner

Ebay Auction Winner of the signed Strat Microphone #1

$705 USD
Rob Fowler Memrabilia Raffle

Rob Fowler Raffle ! Incredible ! Thanks to everyone that took part ,x

$536 USD
Bat Out Of Hell Cast & Crew

$460 USD
Dominion Theatre Team

$460 USD
Falco And Sloane

Tally Ho

$459 USD
Booh Ensemble Cast

Happy to shake your charity buckets anytime for this great cause.

$456 USD
Auction Winner For The Booh Jacket

Winner of the eBay auction for the jacket worn by Shazza at the DGR last Sunday

$405 USD
Mega Raffle

Mega Raffle thanks to everyone that entered x

$362 USD
Steve Sodinfedup

Winner of the charity auction for Strat’s microphone #1

$334 USD
Christina Poster Raffle #raven

Christina Poster Raffle #Raven thanks to those that entered !

$303 USD
Julie Woo

Thanks for the Pink Pants

$300 USD
Peter Pan

Great cause. Fly

$286 USD
Danielles Top

Last eBay auction - danielle zaharas top! Thank you

$270 USD
Graham Fell

A great cause. Enjoyed BOOH when you were in Toronto.

$270 USD
Dominion Theatre Icecreams

Great cause

$266 USD
Stage Management Booh

Stage management office BOOH

$235 USD
The Lost Obsidian

$234 USD
Sharon Sexton Raffle

Sharon Sexton Memorabilia Raffle ! Congrats

$230 USD
Tobias Exner

Ich hab dich Lieb.

$198 USD
Booh Wigs & Wardrobe

Genrous with your time and your donations Team. Thank you. Special Shout Out To Daniel Walker, for our wonderful BOOH jacket

$195 USD
Ian Dimbleby

Have fun !!!

$134 USD
Bravos Motorcycles

$131 USD
Foreign Exchange Booh

Thanks for an amazing show Great cause

$86 USD
Alastair Lindsey-renton

So proud of what you’ve achieved for this charity- both financially and in awareness. Such an important cause.

$82 USD
Mark Umphrey

Have an awesome ride Rob!! Great cause and happy to support!!

$82 USD
Werner Stranka, Beat 4 Feet

Thanks for the hint Rob

$81 USD
Brian Sewell

$79 USD
Kinky Kaberet

From the men in our lives

$74 USD
Sarah Daniel

Good Luck Rob !

$68 USD
Annette & John Sexton

Irish lucky Charms

$67 USD
Christopher Blades

Rock on

$66 USD
Mr & Mrs Joyce

$66 USD
Rob Fowler

$64 USD
Gareth Owen

$54 USD
Karen Brace

Smash it. You guys rock. Love and light ❤

$54 USD
Karim Khawatmi

$53 USD
Thomas Tucker

Great work you are doing, my friend. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon so late, but here I am! TT

$52 USD


$46 USD

$43 USD
Clare Rothwell

Happy to be able to support you in this as a Thank You for the joy you have given me through Bat. Clare xx

$41 USD
Sharon Sexton

Looking forward to riding with you

$41 USD
Joe Tracini

$41 USD
Mr & Mrs Joyce

$39 USD
Sharon Sexton

We are dangerous together

$39 USD
Eddie & Michelle Wattenbach

Good luck Rob and Sharon ????????????

$39 USD

$38 USD
Ramona Mühlthaler

Great cause! Thank you for doing this! All the best from Vienna!

$34 USD
Catherine Bennington

Good luck! Best wishes Catherine and Ian Bennington x

$34 USD
Cryss Stoffel

Great cause mate, good luck, all the best, Cryss and Amanda x

$34 USD
Sam Liptrot

Best of luck to you and Sharon. Well done to you both for helping these worry causes x x x

$34 USD

$34 USD
Jo Flint

$34 USD
Owen Rickard

I first heard of Bat from childhood tales of my dad riding his Triumph T140 to the tunes of Steinman, so this is a pretty awesome match! Cheers for your amazing performances and charity work alike!

$34 USD
Scott Hand

$34 USD

A great effort from all involved for s great cause

$34 USD
Jay Scheib

Well done Rob

$34 USD
Adam Tripp

Good Luck Rob love from Adam x

$34 USD
Ginge And Ben

Nice one rockstars. Lotsa love Ginge and Ben xxx

$34 USD
Judi Benavente

$34 USD
Laura Green

Fantastic cause - hope it goes well! :) x

$34 USD
Hayley A

Best of luck to you both, raising awareness and help for these issues is so so important

$34 USD

You rock! Best wishes from germany!

$34 USD
Tom B

Happy to support. Enjoyed your performances in BOOH.

$34 USD

Please try not to end up torn and twisted at the foot of a burning bike! ;-) Forget going like a BOOH.....Driving Miss Daisy will do!

$34 USD
Rachel Moisley

Best of luck Rob and Sharon - ride safe, we don’t want any parts of your bodies hurting by the end! Rachel x

$34 USD
Nicole Balga

Good luck for you and Sharon on your ride for this great cause...Have fun ????

$34 USD

The Best of Luck to you and Sharon Great Cause! #BatClan #BOOH

$33 USD

Have a fantastic time both of you riding for this amazing cause. Wish I could donate more but will def be retweeting ????????

$33 USD
Louise Timmons

Wishing you and Sharon all the very best and thanks for all the joy you guys give to the Bat audience xx

$33 USD
Mark Foster

Best of Luck Rob..just watch out for signs saying Caution! Kids At Play.Rock on #TeamFalco

$33 USD
Cathy O'd

Have fun, great cause :)

$33 USD
Kristin Sullivan

$33 USD
John Yewman

Thanks again for your time on Thursday night after the show. Good luck on Sunday Rob. I'm sure your Dad would be proud of you!

$33 USD
Andrea,mary,sophieb,sophiem Booh Ltd ???? Costume Dept

Ride Safe Falco’s

$33 USD
Ava Katics

So impressed by your achievement in raising so much Well done Xxxxx

$33 USD
Ava Katics

So impressed by your achievement in raising so much Well done Xxxxx

$33 USD
Trevor Jacobs

$33 USD
Ryan Metcalfe

Great cause. Good luck!

$33 USD
Fred West

From Rose’s Fred ;-)

$33 USD
Adam Lees

Well done mate. Looks like it was a lot of fun x

$33 USD
Janine Schmid

Kisses and Hugs from Vienna ❤️❤️❤️ Enjoy the ride ???????? Janine & Tanja

$33 USD
Danny Fowler

Distinguished Gentleman? Questionable but you do have a nice bike ???? A great charity that has touched our family, enjoy the ride little brother x

$32 USD
Debbie Churcher

Happy to support a cause that is also close to my heart.... I have been supporting my younger brother in his battle with severe mental health issues for the last 4yrs... whilst awareness, understanding & access to support services are improving there is still a way to go.... Its great to see events like this raise the profile of mens health issues.....have a great ride!!! Debbie xx

$32 USD
Nick Evans

Great cause. Good man. Good luck x

$32 USD
Valerie Ankers

Good luck Rob! Have fun ????

$28 USD
Manu Regner

$27 USD
Maria Johal

$27 USD
Rhianne-louise Mccaulsky

$27 USD

You’ve got this x

$27 USD
Annie Walton

Well Done for support these worthy causes. Best of luck to you & Sharon, hope the ride goes well x

$27 USD
Gerald Hopkinson

Good luck. Good cause. Good bike.

$27 USD

I am pleased to sponsor you and the lovely Sharon for all the joy you bring to everyone in your roles in BOOH

$27 USD
Elaine White

Go for it Rob & Sharon !

$27 USD
Alan Edwards

Hope you and Sharon have a great ride for a very good cause. Ride like a BOOH.

$26 USD
Stewart The Breaker

Mental health issues are as common a cold

$26 USD
Triumph Spares

Better in the Bank Than the Bin

$25 USD

Thank you for doing this. Good luck.

$21 USD
David Akerman

$20 USD
Sarah Murphy

$20 USD
Dani G.

Good luck !!!

$20 USD

$20 USD
Annette Newman

Great cause, I'm only sorry I can't donate more. Best of luck, and ride safe!

$20 USD
Jane Bailey

Thank you.....✨

$20 USD
Erin Ong

Thank you for doing this for a wonderful cause. I really wish I could do more, but will be sure to spread the word. This affects so many more people than it should. Best of luck to you and Sharon.

$20 USD
Steve Corley Band


$20 USD
Jane Adcock

Good luck and keep rocking! Dare you to wear your pink pants for the ride!

$20 USD
Annika Mendis

Great cause!! Thank you for this

$20 USD
Tonia Lunn Fowler

Good luck

$15 USD

$14 USD
Gavin And Ava Lenk-smith

Superb effort Rob and Team!

$14 USD
Hannah Temple

Fantastic cause. Well done and Good luck to you and Sharon!! Xx

$14 USD
Rob Evans

Thanks for chatting to 4 middle aged fans after Bat the Musical tonight

$14 USD

An amazing cause❤️ Good luck!✨

$14 USD
Craig Aistrop

Good Luck Rob! sending all our love, Lynda, Craig, Callum & Keira Aistrop xxxxxx

$14 USD
Wallis Lavery

$14 USD
John Green

Hi Rob, saw you in bat out of hell a few weeks back. You are an absolutely amazing talent. Sorry not a huge amount donated. I hopefully will get to see you in the next show you do. All the best John x

$14 USD
Vicky Garstang

Such a great thing you are doing. I lost my dad to prostate cancer last year, so its a cause close to my heart. Have a great ride!! Luv the bike! X x

$14 USD
Kat Hughes

Good luck!

$14 USD
Julie Thompson

Good luck to you & Sharon & congratulations on raising so much money for such a good cause. Looking forward to seeing you both tonight for the ninth time.

$14 USD
Alex Room

$14 USD
Michael Meding

Hi Rob, we saw you for 3 Times in Bat......... And i am hat in 2011 Prostata Cancer too Best wishes from Germany

$14 USD
Tammie & Ellie

Best of luck and congratulations on such a successful fund raiser so far!

$14 USD

Good luck to you and Sharon x

$14 USD
John Frewin

$14 USD
Carl Van Wegberg

Good luck Rob! Rock on????

$14 USD

Such a worthwhile cause and what a way to raise the money. Have a fantastic day, Rob and Sharon, and see you both at the Dominion soon.

$14 USD
Tom Housden

Rob, good luck and I hope none of your body hurts the most (too much, and pathetic pun!) Tom Hopefully your body won't hurt the most after this (terrible pun!) Have a good one, great cuase, and good luck!! Tom

$14 USD
Macy Djelal

Sorry it’s not a lot, I hope it helps, it’s for such a great cause ???? Thank you for using your platform to spread such a wonderful message

$14 USD
Elaine Stewardson

Great cause! Well done! xx

$14 USD
Steve Allum

Well done Rob and Sharon! I know what part of your body’s hurt the most now!

$14 USD
Craig Berry

From the big bloke that didn’t have any change after Friday night’s show, who promised he’d find the Just Giving page... Rock on! ????

$14 USD
Gemma Owens

$14 USD
Lizzie Mitchell

Have a great ride Rob & Sharon xx

$14 USD

Wish we could join you on hubby's Bonneville but I think it's in bits in the garage ????

$13 USD
Valerie Pain

A great cause. Have fun!

$13 USD
Joe Phillips

The very best of luck to you both. I hope to see you in the show in a few weeks time.

$13 USD


$13 USD
Laura Boxall

Well done you two, it's nice to support something worthwhile!

$13 USD
Rach Ireland

$13 USD
Kyra Willis

Good luck to you and Sharon on this ride for a great cause ! Kyra x

$13 USD
David Bromell

Have a great day

$13 USD

Good luck to you and Sharon xx

$13 USD
Tara J

All the best for raising enough money for this charity, such a worthy cause xx

$13 USD
Extra 2 For Raven Raffle

Additional 2 entries of Christina /Raven Raffle !

$13 USD
Kyle Anthony

$13 USD
Lisa Hickey

Much love to you and Sharon - have an amazing time! The most dapper out of the pack, i’m sure! Especially the shoes

$13 USD

$13 USD
Sophie Werrell

$13 USD
Lisa Batty

Good luck to you and Sharon.. such a good cause and certainly touched our family. ????????❤️ Xx

$13 USD
Nikki, Lizzie & Amy Rutter

Fantastic amount raised for such worthwhile causes - well done! x

$13 USD
Euro Exchange

Hello from Europe Thx

$13 USD

All the best for you and Sharon, have fun xx

$13 USD
Steph Lofts

Terrific cause.

$13 USD
Sam Bell

Sharon & Rob, safe travels to you both, no hitting any highways and all that! Great causes and well done in advance. All my best, Samantha x #BatFam

$13 USD
Sophie Werrell

Have a lovely time riding for such a wonderful cause. Best wishes to you both xx

$13 USD
Angela Gillard

Hi Rob just adore you and Sharon. I've seen Bat 5 times and got another 4 booked!

$7 USD
Jodie King

Good luck !

$7 USD

Daughter sent me photo of her with you & a collecting bucket, pity I wasn't there to put it in in person!

$7 USD
Ashley Cook

$7 USD
Paul Goodliffe

$7 USD

$7 USD
Deena Niren

You will get a lot more donations if you offered a ride in the side car. Good luck and enjoy the ride x

$7 USD
Rishi Rai

$7 USD
Minxie & Kitty Kazz

We can't do much, Rob, but we still want to support you. Much love from Heather and Kazz (rainbow dress Red Caboose fan, and her gorgeous fiancée)

$7 USD
Laura Philipson

$7 USD

$7 USD
Fran Ludlow

From Fran Ludlow

$7 USD
Tara Newnham

$3 USD

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