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Done .. great effort by everyone involved

Posted on Sunday 24th

DGR Ballarat was a blast.

Weather lived up to expectations .. cold, wind and rain. But we all made it and all smiling at the end (maybe my teeth were chattering a little?)

Thankyou to DGR organisers for running such a great campaign for men's health, the DGR Ballarat group for organising the ride, to my wife for her support on the day .. and all of you who dug deep for the cause.

Thankyou .. from me personally and by proxy from all the recipients - and their families and friends - of the services and research these $$$ will buy.

I'll be back next year :)

Ready to ride ..

Posted on Saturday 23rd

Its been blowing a gale here ..

Forecast is for 13C, rain and 35km/h winds .. ideal day for a motorbike ride in a suite.

iIt might be temporarily uncomfortable, but nothing like the suffering of those affected by prostate cancer and mental health issues.  Hopefully the DGR will help those men .. and their families and friends .. through your generous donations.

Thankyou all .. 

Got the T-shirt ..

Posted on Friday 22nd

But haven't "been there, done that" .. yet .. ;)

Bike cleaned and checked ..

Posted on Wednesday 20th

Enjoying the nicer weather .. while it lasts.

Wandered into the shed tonight to check and clean the bike.

Spoke with wife about my fashion accessories for the day.  She has put out the word in her social circles.

So .. Big thankyou to friends of my wife who have also donated to this great cause.


Update ..

Posted on Monday 18th

Honda still goes, so should be fine for Sunday .. maybe?

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

Fundraising is going great ... thankyou to everyone who has donated.  Thankyou to friends from work and VJMC friends for their generosity.

Still looking for those final touches for the outfit, and deciding how to style the beard/moustache I've been growing for the occassion.  I'll keep you informed.

Generosity has been overwhelming ..

Posted on Friday 15th

Finally released my request for sponsorship "into the wild" ... and the response already has been overwhelming.

Thankyou to everyone for you very generous donations ... very much appreciated.  I'm so glad to see it helping such a great cause.


As you can see I've picked out my suit for the day ........ now where is my tie pin and cufflinks? 

GT185 or CD175

Posted on Monday 11th

Question of which is more distingushed?  Suzuki GT185 two-stroke or Honda CD175?

I was originally planning on riding the GT .. but the CD is a bit more classic in the theme of the DGR?  

I suspect the decision will come down to the night before (and whichever one will actually start on the day)?

First DGR ...

Posted on Saturday 9th

Thanks to the Ballarat VJMC for putting me onto this DGR.

I've wanted to attend for a few years, but always found an excuse; but this year, no excuses!

Looks like a great ride, and all for a great cause.

Hopefully the little Suzuki GT185 will make it ok .. but why not?   All smokey, two stoke goodness.

Maybe next year, we'll bring a DGR to Central Vic after seeing how the Ballarat people do it? ;)

Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Saturday 9th

On Sunday the 24th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

My Sponsors

Thank you for all the donations thus far!


Robyn Britton

From Robyn Britton the Trustee of The LE Wilkins Foundation




Rodney Gilbert


Vic Birkby


Steve Moses



Peter C.

Good on for doing it. Safe trip



Hi Rod - hope there are no brass monkeys around !!! Hope you raise heaps. All the best


Kimberly Howard

I think it's going to rain Sunday


Carl Schubert

Well done Rod. Look forward to assisting with the Bendigo DGR next year !!






Roland Howard

have a good ride


Alan Griffen

If it won't start, stay distinguished????


Daniel Zanatta


Jason Tusa

Nice beard, almost distinguished ( though you look better with the helmet on)...Good luck Rodney!


Sue Howard

Good on you Rod. You will look the part.


Carl Weibgen


Alex Chng

You are a legend Rod


Leigh Newton


Richard Szczygielski

Good onya Rod.


John Candy

The 48 year old Honda gets my vote. Ride safely.


Len Nally


Denise Peterson


Kristy Howard

Lots of photos please!



Glad to see it's not just Kim who goes riding on weekends


Karen Cook


Mark Dufty


Jenny Oper






Peter Flanagan

Good onya Mate!


Wes Marsala

Hey man, I am trying something here, I am choosing five random people to donate $1 to, I would my five people to pick another five people (or more) and donate at least one dollar and post this message. Let's see if we can get even more money raised. There are over 80,000 riders so we can potentially get at least another $80K dollars from this.

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