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Thank you to all who have donated so far

Posted on Friday 16th

A huge thank you to everyone who has dug deep and donated so far, we have nearly £400 pledged. These really are incredibly important causes especially raising awareness about mens mental health and the tragedy of male suicide. Alice and I were at the funeral of her cousin Alan on Tuesday, he was only 62 but life had become too much for this big hearted guy to cope with and about 3 weeks ago he took his own life leaving his family to come to terms with such a tagic loss. You might think it is unusual for one family to be affected by suicide twice in 6 months but sadly it is not. 

Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Sunday 4th

On Sunday the 29th of September Alice and I will once again be dusting off our best bib and tucker and joining our fellow dapper riders for the 2019 Glasgow Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, riding to raise money for Prostate Cancer research and the awareness of Men's Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

This year will be especially poignant for us as I lost my brother, Ian, to suicide in April, he was only 59 and too young to die. In the UK the leading cause of death in men under the age of 45 is suicide which is a terrible statistic and anything that raises the awareness of the fragility of men's mental health is desperatley important.

Prostate cancer too has touched my family and friends and is a charity that is close to my heart 'there but by the grace of god go I' Research into this dreadful male only disease receives no government funding so every penny raised is another step closer ensuring prevention and cure become the norm.

Please look after the men in your lives, we are really quite fragile beings.

The Movember foundation works worldwide for these 2 great causes, please give what you can.


Thank you

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Mclymont House Staff

$128 USD
Alice Baxter

$63 USD
Alastair Baxter

$63 USD
Thomas Baxter

$50 USD
Eamon Lyons

Best of luck enjoy the day both you and alice

$50 USD
Mclymont House Staff

$47 USD
Eamon Williams

No speeding now, enjoy😉

$36 USD
Dave Brown

Have fun and stay dry!

$32 USD
Pat Dunne

Best of luck have fun guys!

$32 USD
Joseph Shaw

$32 USD
Joan Shaw

$32 USD
Jason Hickmott

$31 USD
Adrian Swanston

Well done again guys. Enjoy your day

$31 USD
Stephen Maguire

$31 USD
Joanne O'leary

Happy to donate to a good cause

$30 USD
Debbie Wagg

$25 USD
Iain Dalziel

$25 USD
Lauren Dalziel

$25 USD
Bobby Baxter

Well done and good luck! Lots of love Bobby X.

$25 USD
Stuart Baxter

Have a safe ride out

$25 USD
Louise Dott

A great cause, hope you had a good ride out. Xx Louise

$25 USD
Fiona Gavin

$13 USD
Dave Clarke

$13 USD
Ruth O'rafferty

$13 USD
Jo Shaw

$13 USD
Sheila Cruickshank

A truly worthy cause. Best wishes

$12 USD
Jane Allen

$6 USD
Kirstie Gray

Good luck to you both!

$6 USD

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