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Grateful for this wonderful support

Posted on Saturday 7th

Fundraising feels good. It feels better when you have a community behind you. My boss and I are dressing dapper every day until the ride. With his support, the ongoing support from Anabia Cupcakery Cafe, and now the support of Morning Owl Manotick I aspire to far surpass my goal of $2500.

This will set the bar high as I will be trying each year to do better than the year before. I love the challenge! Raising awareness and funds towards such an important cause feels amazing. Having great people, a community and peers actively engaged in support just makes the whole effort and experience so much more rewarding.


Let's do this!

Posted on Sunday 11th

In 2013 I was runnning a Tough Mudder Obstacle Race in Tampa, Florida. That gave my friends and I about 13 grueling miles to work as a team to complete the race. Part of that process was finding distractions and chatting along the way. Several of the team dressed up for the occassion: there was a sumo runner, a Superman, and relevant to this blog was the 'Flash' Freddie Mercury - complete with moustache.

That moustache was the butt of many a joke over those 13 miles. What it led to though, was an agreement by all runners to each grow their moustahces out for the next 30 days. This was to culminate in a party, hosted by me, whereby we would again dress up; only this time to the character, person, or persona that we felt our moustache best represented. We established a minimum donation amount by all party-goers that would be pooled and donated to Movember that year.

'Flash' Freddie Mercury made another appearance at the party. Other persona that showed to that party were: Aldo "The Apache" Raine, some kind of Daisy Duke cowboy, Ulysses Everett McGill, and I came as Chef from Apocolypse Now. Aldo Raine won and $250 USD was donated to Movember. Thus began my now six years of acting as host (or rather, life suport system) for my majestic moustache; and my continuing commitment to Movember.

I have had my handlebar moustache since then, and I completely understand that With Great Moustache, Comes Great Responsibility. Take solice that I have decided to use my moustache for good in supporting Movember. As of last year my chosen vehicle for this effort is The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride.

Last year I raised about $1000. This year I am aiming for $2500 (but secretly hoping to far surpass that amount).

Let's do this! Join me as I begin fundraising now. It is a good, but more significantly an important cause. I will mount my trusty steed on 29 September in my finest threads, and I will humbly participate in this global ride to raise awareness of, and join the fight against prostate cancer and men's health issues.

Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Sunday 11th

On Sunday the 29th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

My Sponsors

Morning Owl Manotick

Awesome job Brock - Morning Owl Manotick is extremely excited to support you and this great cause.

$481 USD
Anabia Cupcakes Inc. De Almeida

$384 USD
K2j Fitness & Anabia Cupcakery Cafe

$203 USD
John Maxwell

$158 USD
The Patrons Of Anabia Cafe

$130 USD
Analidhia De Almeida

$91 USD
The Mcdavis Clan

$81 USD
Josh Saikaley

$79 USD
Kyle Van De Kamp

$79 USD
Emily & Wade

Thank you for continuing to support this noble and important cause. Safe ride!

$79 USD
Dave Mccann

$79 USD
Mary Stanistreet

Keep up good work

$79 USD
Brock Sarault

$78 USD
Robert Lindsay

A noble cause. Good luck and enjoy!

$78 USD
Staff Of St. Benedict Catholic School Barrhaven

Thanks for all your fundraising efforts for this worthwhile cause. Safe travels and enjoy!!

$78 USD
Al Sarault

$78 USD
Howard Sarault

Keep our motors running.

$78 USD
Marcus & Ismary Bodet

We are with you!

$78 USD
Alexander Pilipenko

$76 USD
Martin Glaude-beaulieu

$76 USD
Maitland Barber

$75 USD
Fred Pantalone

Enjoy the ride!

$75 USD
The Patrons Of Morning Owl Manotick

$71 USD

$50 USD
Andrew Duncan


$41 USD
Michael Triplett

Ride hard brother! Hoo-ah!

$39 USD
Tracy Poirier

Worthy cause Brock and Thanks for including Quinn in the photo and allowing him to join in the fun and give back... You both look very dapper... ~ Quinn’s Mom (Tracy)

$39 USD
Dan & Allison

Keep up the great work.

$39 USD
Scott Miller

Chrome wheeled, fuel injected, and steppin' out over the line

$39 USD
David Sutcliffe

$39 USD
Joe Kimball

$39 USD
Joanne Lejeune

Good luck in your fundraising efforts - no doubt you will surpass your goal!!!

$39 USD
Christine Fisk

$39 USD
Mark Lloyd

$39 USD
Susan Coles

Best of luck in your fundraising efforts for this great cause Brock, Ride on!

$39 USD
Robert Wilson

Thank you Brock. Safe ride!

$39 USD
Marc The Shark

My mustache was never great; I am glad you are putting your fine stache to good use, Have a great ride Brock. A cycling friend of Dave's.

$39 USD
Casey Bradley

$39 USD
Allen Micus

$38 USD

Thank you my friend!

$38 USD
Steve C.

You're going to double your goal mate....

$35 USD
Isabella Sarault

Proud of you for raising this much money for a good cause.

$35 USD
Jan White

$31 USD
Alexis Sarault

Ride On!

$31 USD
Kiera Sarault

$27 USD
Griffin Mccaffery

$23 USD
William Forsey

Great work Brock! Enjoy the ride

$20 USD
Rana Soucy

$20 USD
The Patrons Of Anabia Cupcakery Cafe

From Brock. Thank you. This is your contribution from last night's Music Bingo and puts me over the $500 mark. Gratitude.

$20 USD
Maria Demers

You are a true gentleman Brock! I’m happy to donate to this great cause in honour of my brother - a prostrate cancer survivor!

$20 USD
James Macintyre

From the MacIntyre’s

$20 USD
Joanne Quinnett

Hi Brock! Lisa MacIntyre’s parents here. Lisa’s dad is a prostate cancer survivor. Thank you for this!

$20 USD
Nancy Fisk

Safe ride, Brock <3 Love your moustache and dapper look!

$16 USD

$16 USD
Graham Irvine

Great job Brock!

$16 USD
Montgomery Price

$16 USD
Joel (k2j Fitness)

$16 USD
Ian Ferguson

Go get 'em, tiger!

$16 USD
Bev N.

All the best to you, Be safe

$15 USD

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