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What a year.

Posted on Saturday 13th

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Movember Foundation through the Gentleman's Ride. This year was a meaningful experience, made even more so by the outpouring of support. And we accomplished an increidble about of fundraising!

Here's to all you fine folks, and heers to riding dapper.

Cheers, Henry

This year is different.

Posted on Friday 3rd

This year I'm riding to support my father, who was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer last October. The DGR has always been an important cause to me, but this year it is itensely personal. I'm proud to support this cause, and I look forward to showing up in support of all the other men and families who are affected by cancer.

On Sunday the 30th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride to raise awareness for prostate and colon cancer and men's mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can.



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$5,000 USD
Henry Foote

Proud of your commitment and your risk taking in setting a big goal for yourself. Ride on!

$510 USD
Henry Foote

$510 USD

thank you for caring deeply about others and loving your father is so many ways ...

$510 USD
Barbara Shingleton

Ride safe and prayers to Bucky and hopes for strides in cures!

$208 USD
Theresa Foote

Great job Henry!

$208 USD

$156 USD


$104 USD
Henry Foote

I’m so proud of you and I’m awe of your knowledge and passion. Ride safe!

$94 USD
The Stobers

$52 USD

$52 USD

$52 USD
Henry Foote

$50 USD

Almost there!!!

$21 USD
Taylor Foote

$21 USD
Grant Wood

So sorry to hear about your father’s condition. I have been in your shoes, but I pray that the outcome is more positive than in my experience. All the best Henry.

$10 USD

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