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This year I am NOT riding solo

Sunday 9th

This year I am not riding solo in the distinguished gentlemen’s ride. I know that it is what I should do, but it is impossible to ride solo, while on a motorcycle.

Let me explain.

In 2015 I bought my first motorcycle while living in Stockholm 900 km away from my friends and family. It was a Suzuki GS 500 from 1984. A terrific and fun UJM bike. I bought it from a guy 200 km south of Stockholm. When I first tried it, it ran beautifully and continued to do so until about 40 km away from the guy, when it just died. I did not know what to do. If I would have been back home, I would have simply called my dad, to come and pick me up with his trailer but I couldn’t. So I began to pull it along the road. All of a sudden, this big van pulled over, and a guy asked me, in singing Swedish: “do you need help”. The guy in the van turned out to be a fellow rider, and long story short, I got the Suzuki back to Stockholm, where I was able to repair it.

So in my opinion, when you are on a motorcycle, you are not really riding solo, as long as there is other riders out there.

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