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Thank You Apergy !!!

Friday 21st

Thank you Apergy Family for you overwelming generosity and support for this very worthy cause.

Taking place on Sunday the 27th September 2020, Peter will be riding from Chinchilla to The Bunya Mountains where a small group of the Chinchilla Apergy Team will be awaiting his arrival for a leisurely lunch.

Tuesday 11th

I'm Riding Solo for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Monday 3rd

On Sunday the 27th of September, I'm riding solo in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride with fellow men and women across the globe to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health on behalf of Movember.

Men die on average 6 years earlier than women and for largely preventable reasons. The number of men that are suffering is growing, and we need to do something about that. So, before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I'm asking you to join me in raising funds and awareness for these causes by donating what you can for this meaningful cause and to help the men we love, live happier and healthier lives.

My Sponsors

Stuart Mcculloch

Peter, fantastic that you are doing this, well done !

$725 USD

Go pete x!!!!!!!

$724 USD
Stuart Mcculloch (personal)

Peter, Apergy donated, and now here is my donation - well done

$112 USD
Paul Langridge

Good luck Peter, great cause to be supporting and recognising!

$74 USD
Vicki Jean Abraham

$55 USD
Peter Bolser

$45 USD
Lynne Mason

$38 USD
Donna Stewart

Gooooo Peter Peter 🏍💭💭💭

$37 USD
Melissa Williams

$37 USD
Edward James

Go for it well done your new bike? Or was it one you sent home?

$29 USD
Mohit Mathur

Have fun Pete

$15 USD
Steve Davis

$15 USD
Scott Mckay

$15 USD
Neoni Payne

Best wishes and have fun!

$15 USD

Good Luck Peter!

$15 USD
Ian Rimmer

Good onya Pete -

$15 USD

$14 USD

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