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Charity ride

Posted on Friday 20th

Hi friends and family,

On Sunday, September 29th, I will get dressed up and ride in the Distiguished Gentlemen's Ride, which is a fundraiser supporting men's mental health and prostrate cancer research.  I will be riding my 1967 Triumph 500, which I have just finished restoring with a bit of customization to bring out the beauty of this classic bike.  I hope you will support me!


Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Thursday 29th

Hi friends and family,

Here's a picture of the parts I sent out for powder coating.



Here is a picture of the engine / transmission at Omo & Sons, Oxnard being rebuilt.  

Here is a picture showing how I put the engine in the frame - or more precisely, put the frame on the engine.  No hoists, no jacks, no help!

Aug 6 picture with engine, rear swing arm, oil tank and front end mounted.

My Sponsors

Sean M. Lee

Lookn sharp, Randy. No easy task on a full restoration!

$208 USD
Randy Jones

$114 USD
Nik Scherer

Nice bike and good cause! My dad fought prostate cancer 10 years ago and still with us.

$104 USD
David Brian

Good job Randy!

$104 USD
Michael Jones

Proud of you!

$104 USD
Brian Baird

Beautiful bike, Randy. Well done!

$104 USD
Gibson Pierce

Go Jones Go

$100 USD
Bert J Huls

Succes an enjoy

$75 USD
Chris Ford

$52 USD
Richard K

Happy to help a Gentleman who is committed to helping other gentlemen who can use a "hand up".

$52 USD

Have a great ride. Looks good. Where did you get that shirt? Good job!! John and Pat

$52 USD
Susan Pattison

$52 USD
Dan Thompson

You and the bike are doing good.

$42 USD

$40 USD

$21 USD

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