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Less than 30 days to go to the 2018 DGR!

Posted on Tuesday 4th

Dear all,


Last year’s edition of the Antwerp DGR was my first ever.  Riding my Royal Enfield classic for a good cause and representing so many of you was an honour!

This year I’ll be back, riding a different motorcycle, but with the same backing and support of all you family, colleagues and friends.  Thank you all for your generous donations and wishes... here’s to a great 2018 DGR event!



Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Saturday 28th

On Sunday the 30th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

My Sponsors

Vincent Kvasnica

Great cause, have a nice ride !

$358 USD
Cedric Visschers

$241 USD
Derek Mackesy

Awesome stuff Sid! Best of luck.

$209 USD
Harald Bigott

Don't wear one of these leather helmets, Sid.....

$184 USD
Ben Gunton

For a great cause. Have a good ride!

$184 USD
Kevin Brown

$183 USD
Matthew Stewart

Have a great Ride, where's Ann going to sit?

$183 USD
Sascha Kliegel

Have fun!!

$181 USD
Daniel Fullgrabe


$181 USD
Ann Stoffelen

A very worthy cause my man! Biggest hugs xxx

$180 USD
Mike Murphy

All the best Cid, enjoy the ride and catch some flies in that beard!

$180 USD
Adis Beganovic

Kick some ass Cedric!

$178 USD
Leo Stoffelen

veel succes

$178 USD
Jason Durbridge

Good luck dude! Let that mo and beard flow in the wind. Great cause, well done for all your efforts and raising awareness!

$177 USD
Karam Sondhi

Good cause Cid. Be careful out there.

$175 USD

Ride like the wind old chap!

$174 USD
Mario Stojic

Break a leg... its way better than your shoulder. Don't ask me how I know!

$173 USD
Lee Russell

Have a great day Cedric and look forward to joining you on the next one!

$171 USD

Nice work!

$132 USD
Bas - Gijs - Wim

Good luck motherfucker

$122 USD
Tom O’connor

Great Cause Sid, ride her like you stole her????????

$122 USD
Phil Burridge

Great job again Sid. Well done

$122 USD
Geoff Bower

Enjoy the ride Cedric - just be careful of all those crazy Belgians on the roads!

$122 USD
Matthias Schwarze

Well done and keep on riding!

$120 USD

Hellooo Sailor!!!!

$120 USD
Andrew Nettleton

Post event. Well done Sid. A worthy cause.

$120 USD
Gregory Salt

Noble cause. Enjoy the ride.

$119 USD
Damian Condon

Great cause, good luck

$118 USD

$116 USD
Mp Lindeboom-de Schutter

See you in september!! kisssssss P&M

$114 USD
Anthony Martin

Safe riding Cid !

$89 USD
Ben Stockert

Ride safe Cid.

$73 USD
Andy Jepps

$73 USD
Ryan Breen

A great cause and great way to raise the money! Maybe I can join next year after I have attained my motorcycle licence. My father went through this recently so it has struck a chord with me. Many thanks for your efforts!

$73 USD
Danny En Lydia Stoffelen - Mertens

$73 USD
Wendy-bas-gijs Stoffelen

3x20€ voor jouw goede doel ! Nu hopelijk nog goei weer op 30/9, dan wordt het weer een perfecte dag !

$73 USD
Andrew Maguire

A fantastic cause!

$72 USD
Luke Smith

Nice one mate! Enjoy the ride, great cause.

$72 USD
Tiri Sullivan

We appreciate your effort on behalf of men and their families who have had to go through this.

$72 USD
Marc En Nicole


$72 USD
Peter Benzie

$71 USD
Vincent Ypersiel

$70 USD
Chan Henry

Good effort, Cedric! All the best and look forward to the photos of you in your handsome tailor made suit!

$70 USD
Tiny En Wim

Schoon initiatief! En dat je speciaal daarvoor vanuit Hong Kong overkomt... Chapeau!!

$61 USD
Elisabet Visschers

Succes broer en altijd welkom ????????????

$61 USD
Steve Jones

$59 USD
Monique Bogaerts

Heel veel succes van de Muttie

$59 USD
Lieve&valeer Visschers

veilige thuiskomst

$49 USD
Tristan Hildyard

Enjoy the ride and thx for the good cause.

$49 USD
Anthony Barry

$49 USD
Philip Li

All the best !

$48 USD
Jurgen En Sabine

Veel succes Cedric!!

$48 USD
Jimmy Byrne

Good ride pal!

$48 USD
Dewald Reiners

Great cause!

$48 USD
Jonathan Ho

All the best for a great course.

$48 USD
Dan Bailey

Ride on!

$48 USD

$47 USD
John Smailes


$47 USD
Jeff Heymans

Veel succes !! Jeff en Angèle

$46 USD
Gavin Se

All the best!!!

$46 USD

A very Edwardian looking gentleman in that photograph! A ggod cuase, well done

$46 USD
Bob Rowntree

Ride like the wind Sid ????

$36 USD
Philippe, Ellen & Felix

$24 USD
Steffen Yuen

Better late than never! Have fun tomorrow and ride safe

$24 USD
Karin Juergensen

Don't rude faster than your guardian angel can fly...

$24 USD

$24 USD
Yun Hsien Choi

$24 USD
Wim Celis

Succes !!

$24 USD
Roger Visschers

Veel succes van tant Liliane en nonk Roger.

$24 USD
Ray Mudgway

Hi Sid, Really appreciate all your doing for the fundraiser-my Dad has just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer so means a lot to me personally. Best of luck with the ride and fundraising. Cheers, Ray

$23 USD

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