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Join our team as we ride for The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride!

Saturday 26th On Sunday the 22nd May 2022, we are teaming up to ride in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride with fellow men and women across the globe to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health on behalf of Movember. Men die on average 6 years earlier than women and for largely preventable reasons. The number of men that are suffering is growing, and we need to do something about that. So, before we press our tweed and polish our boots, we are asking you to join us in raising funds and awareness for these causes by donating what you can for this meaningful cause and to help the men we love, live happier and healthier lives.

My Sponsors

Peter Martino

$1,423 USD
Greg Gav

$747 USD
Mainland Civil

All the best for the ride John, great cause. Safe travels.

$708 USD
Advanced Constructions

Good luck John! From the team at Advanced Constructions

$380 USD
Gulson Classic

Great cause John, well done. If you get into the groove feel free to ride on to Canberra and visit us...

$365 USD
High Country Automotive Group

All’s we ask is for the opportunity Johnny! Good Job Casper 👍🏼

$362 USD
Theo Kalmanidis

Great thing you’re doing mate. Good luck!

$362 USD
Michael Corban

John, Have a great ride, here’s to happier and healthier lives. 👍

$220 USD
Raj Pather

Go Bubble! Great cause and good to see you doing your bit for it!

$215 USD
Irene Lucchitti

Good one, Johnny

$192 USD
Mirko Milic

Well done Brother!

$189 USD

$182 USD
Rennie Cristini

Proud of you - great cause, well done for making a difference.

$181 USD
Brian Barreto

Well done Joao! From Brian & Bobby @ Austbrokers

$180 USD
Wayne Schlick

Well done Cha Cha

$155 USD
John Cetiner

$149 USD
Mauro Iafolla

$148 USD
Dwyer Ogle

Don’t forget the padded undies southern cousin

$148 USD
Roy Trimarchi

Well done mate.

$148 USD
Husayn Aly

Good luck, great cause!

$147 USD
Matty Johns

All the best Johnny!

$147 USD
Marshal Group Llc

$147 USD
Max Osman

well done

$144 USD
Keith Ryan

great cause.

$77 USD
David Blackhall

Great work Vulcan...

$77 USD
Danny Bimbilovski

$77 USD
Chez & Martina Cignarella

Good Luck on your ride

$76 USD
Pasquale Nasta

Great work John

$76 USD
Scott Carson

Well done mate. Enjoy the day

$76 USD
Tony Boicheski

$76 USD
Abico Insurance Brokers

$76 USD
Frank Mosca

Great cause John well done and bestow luck

$76 USD
Mick Cuda

Well done for giving your time to such a good cause.

$76 USD
Peter Vaughan

$74 USD
Peter Terry

Have fun,Old Mate

$74 USD
Bob Meers

$74 USD
Anthony Nuccitelli

Well Done John

$74 USD

$74 USD
Dianne Dryburgh

Good Luck

$74 USD
Carl Mahfouz

$74 USD
Andre Rizk

Great cause habeeb

$74 USD
Pasquale Pierro

Go John go , we’ll done mate.

$74 USD
Mat And Ant Kollaras

Great stuff...

$74 USD
Mitchell & Aleksia

Good work dad!

$74 USD
Anthony Hamod

$74 USD
Ray Tubman

See you out there Johnny!!!

$74 USD
Lisette North

$73 USD
Frank Peruzzi

Have a great ride!

$71 USD
Matt Mici

$38 USD
Anthony Vella

$38 USD
Greg Ellul

ride safe mate

$38 USD
It&t Pty Ltd

Good job John

$38 USD
Darrin Marinelli

$37 USD
Emma Volcanovski

$37 USD
Brett Gorell

$37 USD
Herbert Appleroth

Go Johnnie

$37 USD
Graham Hardy

Well played Volcan - enjoy the ride!

$37 USD

Ride 'em cowboy

$37 USD
Goran Nikolic

Well done 🙌

$37 USD
Bill Petrovski

Smash it cuzzy

$37 USD
Lube Markovski

Well done John

$37 USD
Bobby Milevski

$37 USD
Gill Macleanan

$36 USD
Lucien Dargham

Go Johnny Go

$36 USD
Dolly Diaz

$15 USD
Jaime Notarianni

Great cause ! Great work John

$15 USD
Karen Cooper

$15 USD
Wayne Schlick

Polo shirt

$15 USD
Dan Eames

Great Cause !

$15 USD

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