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I'm Riding Solo for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Sunday 30th

On Sunday the 27th of September, I'm riding solo in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride with fellow men and women across the globe to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health on behalf of Movember.

Men die on average 6 years earlier than women and for largely preventable reasons. The number of men that are suffering is growing, and we need to do something about that. So, before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I'm asking you to join me in raising funds and awareness for these causes by donating what you can for this meaningful cause and to help the men we love, live happier and healthier lives.

My Sponsors

Team Bourgogne

Keep going for a great cause

$603 USD
Allan Rieck

Fra TrueMarketValue.dk til en true gentleman.

$533 USD
Henrik Knudsen

Yo Bro, så når du vist i mål. Willy er ramt af prostata, og er i kemo, der foreløbig virker... Dejligt at bidrage til en god sag Kh H

$485 USD
Nicolai Thrane

Peter, we support you! A small donation on behalf of our Danish MTB group here in Singapore

$367 USD
Kim Lang Sorensen

For the good cause, Peter!

$298 USD
Walter Hannemann

$295 USD
Property Advice - Heine Jensen

Double It - Safe Ride ❤️

$275 USD
Nicolai Thrane

I lost my father to prostate cancer when he was only 54 years, so this matter is clearly very close to my heart. Thank you, Peter, and the other Gentlemen for continuously raising attention to men's health.

$248 USD
Valdemar Og Filippa


$247 USD
Lasse Andersen

Keep it up

$246 USD

$237 USD
Christian Nagstrup

One step closer to the target - but keep riding on!

$201 USD
Tor Kvinnesland

For keeping it real!

$186 USD
Frank Jensen

Hej Peter Godt initiativ 🙏❤️

$186 USD
Øystein Tørlen

I stand behind you, and a great cause!

$186 USD
Thomas Grøn

Godt initiativ Peter 👍🏻

$185 USD
Niels Thomassen

$185 USD
Mikkel Jensen

$185 USD
Niels Peter Hviid Larsen

Fight the power

$185 USD
Søren Poulsen

True virtue Peter Olesen... Easy to get carried away in corona headline! Life - and death - remains constants

$185 USD
Soeren Poulsen

Take two....

$185 USD

Mægtigt formål! 💪💪💪

$185 USD
Gareth Hartlett

Boom a loom

$181 USD
Lone Larsen

As always a great initiative, Peter. In memory of the ones we lost way too early.

$178 USD
Thomas Lindegaard Madsen

Go, go, go! For the sake of all Men’s Health!

$178 USD
Den Gamle Københavner

For den gode sag!

$177 USD
Truemarketvalue Ii

2nd place is very honourable - but being No. 1 still feels a bit better. Go for the lead Peter Steen 😊 Thanks for the motivation, Team Bourgogne 😉

$160 USD
Simon Buchwaldt

Ride on - keep pushing - no limit ❤️🚀

$156 USD
Nicolai Birch

$125 USD
Jacob Schappell

$124 USD
Martin Mølgaard

$124 USD
Thomas Munk Pedersen

$124 USD

$124 USD
Vasant Nair

Ride safe you old fart!!!

$124 USD
Steve Schapoell

Love ya brother- ride for the both of us

$124 USD

Ride for the good cause. Caralho! May all the laser p... forces be with you!

$123 USD
Lars Bruns

Safe ride!

$123 USD
Pascal Blanchet

$123 USD
Jan Roug Nielsen

Go, go gentleman neighbour!

$121 USD
Morten Brandstrup

Persistence is king! Lets get to it, before it gets to us!

$119 USD
Aditya Srivastava

Great cause great people !!! Keep riding and keep spreading love.

$117 USD
12 Er Et Super Tal Og Du Skal Nok Nå Det!!

Fantastisk arbejde Peter💪

$117 USD

“Mama she has taught me well Told me when I was young "Son your life's an open book Don't close it 'fore its done" The brightest flame burns quickest That's what I heard her say A son's heart's owed to mother But I must find my way Let my heart go Let your son grow Mama, let my heart go Or let this heart be still Yeah, still Rebel, my new last name Wild blood in my veins Apron strings around my neck The mark that still remains Left home at an early age Of what I heard was wrong I never asked forgiveness But what is said is done Let my heart go Let your son grow Mama, let my heart go Or let this heart be still Never I ask of you But never I gave But you gave me your emptiness that I'll take to my grave Never I ask of you But never I gave But you gave me your emptiness that I'll take to my grave So let this heart be still Mama, now I'm coming home I'm not all you wished of me A mother's love for her son Unspoken, and maybe Yeah, I took your love for granted And all the things you said to me I need your arms to welcome me But, a cold stone's all I see Let my heart go Let your son grow Mama, let my heart go Or let this heart be still Let my heart go Mama, let my heart go You never let my heart go So let this heart be still Never I ask of you But never I gave But you gave me your emptiness that I'll take to my grave Never I ask of you But never I gave But you gave me your emptiness that I'll take to my grave So let this heart be still“

$116 USD
Axel B

$102 USD
Ben Leitner

Ride on Olesen

$99 USD
Torben Hvilsted

Keep going forward!

$93 USD
Dennis Lockenwitz

$92 USD
Jakob Holbak

Der er kun Kærligheden tilbage

$92 USD
Janus Zancho

Som du ved, er jeg selv en del af statistikken. God tur min ven!

$92 USD
Dorthe T. Christensen

"Lets fight that shit"

$91 USD
Ming Lim

Safe riding Peter

$74 USD
Yanfang Z

Go Peter!

$74 USD
Jeroen Denissen

If you ride I HAVE to sponsor you also! Wishing you a great ride and even greater result!

$74 USD

$74 USD
Hans Stensaker

$74 USD
Marna Nygaard

Tak for indsatsen, Peter.

$74 USD
Kirstine A

En god påmindelse om, at 2020 ikke bare handler om COVID-19. Held og lykke!

$74 USD
Mikkel Lykke

Great cause!

$74 USD
Iris Law

All the best!

$74 USD
Søren Kofoed

$73 USD
Peter Jakobsen

"God tur min ven"

$73 USD
Jens Bech-bruun

Sæt Puch Maxi’en i gear!

$71 USD
Emil Mose

Stadig nærrig, men kan heller ikke lade være. 12 stks Royal i Fakta, bare i Euro. Safe ride

$67 USD


$62 USD
Josefin Stålhammar


$62 USD
Mr. Stick


$62 USD
Jan Esbech

$62 USD

$62 USD
Thomas Rasmussen

Ride On!

$62 USD
Knud Praest Jorgensen


$62 USD
Jan Petersen

$61 USD
Henrik Wretensjo

Great initiative and cause Peter! In memory of my father in law who lost the battle against leukemia, forever loved and missed.

$59 USD
Carsten Husted

Hej Peter Frisk at du deltager igeni år, god stil Carsten

$50 USD
Gerald Green

Ride on, Peter :).

$50 USD
Henrik Stampe

Dear Peter, Apart from being a great guy and a close friend, - you are also contributing to fighting a good cause against prostata cancer. Your dedication and drive is appreciated amongst our Dawgs group member and friends.

$50 USD
Lars H. Jensen

In memory of Veronica ❤️

$50 USD
Morten Rostrøm

$50 USD
David Lovett

Keep on riding

$50 USD
Rasmus Stabell

$49 USD
Kerry Neo

Thanks for creating the awareness Peter! Truely support this gesture . Safe ride!

$49 USD
Bettina Bachmann


$49 USD
Jens-christian Schou

Endnu en hilsen fra den lyseblå flåde !

$49 USD
Signe Martedal

This should make it over 4500 ;-)!

$49 USD
Søren Bak Jepsen

Ry 4ever 🙏 Sundenosser

$49 USD
Nikolaj Jk

$49 USD

Have a great ride

$49 USD
Palle Madsen

$47 USD
Anne Kjellin

$37 USD
Dwarrina Toh

Safe ride! All the best!!!

$36 USD
Dick Jan Kuijt

Enjoy the ride

$31 USD
Thomas Clevin Olsen

Thanks Peter!

$31 USD
Charlotte E

Good cause as always ! No need for FB mentioning 😊

$31 USD
Inger Olesen

$31 USD
Pernille Foldager

God tur 👍🏻☺️ For en vigtig sag.

$30 USD

Do ska køre ordentligt Peder!

$30 USD
Kristian Pohl

$25 USD
Claus Juhl

Thanks for doing this again Peter!

$25 USD
Majbritt Lund Nielsen

$25 USD
Jakob Steen Olesen

$25 USD

Gogogo Peter

$25 USD
Sundeep Shaw

$25 USD
Peter Steen

$25 USD
Anne Green


$25 USD
Dorthe M

$25 USD
Peter Pontoppidan

You go dawg presidente! 💪 great balls of fire 🔥

$25 USD
Søren Ankerstjerne

$25 USD
Anthon C

Ride safe!

$25 USD
Dirch Christensen

$25 USD
Emma Juan Roug Nielsen

Keep up the good work my friend! I know that the amount it is not a lot, but it is never too small to make a difference.

$25 USD
Sanne Sejrbo-dekker

Sorry I’m late this year 🙄😘 you make us all proud of supporting you in this important cause.

$25 USD
Michael Krogh

Go, go Peter 😀

$24 USD

Good job boss! Long live us loving men!;)

$24 USD
Martin Petersen

$23 USD
Sanket Andhare

Great work Peter... More than happy to contribute for a great cause...

$13 USD

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