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Four Cure DGB RIDE

Thursday 15th

On 23rd of may 2021, I will be joining my fellow participants in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, which supports fundraising & research into one of men's major health issues, prostate cancer and suicide prevention. I don't think there's been many of us who haven't been touched by one, or even both, of these illnesses.

Myself, and my distinguished mate, Ken, are partnering up again, in what will be our 4th consecutive year - 2018, 2019. 2020 (though we were prevented from riding, due to COVID, we still gave to the cause) & now 2021. And we will continue to do so, for as long as we can.

Ken and myself have raised over $50,000.00 to date. Proudly, & gratefully, due to our sponsors, we have been able to increase the money raised a little more each year. So, it goes without saying that we'd love to continue this trend, & beat last years figure, for a cause that is very close to our hearts.

I'm sure you will agree with me, when i say that these causes are very worthwhile, so put your hands in your pockets and help us, help those who truely need it. We'd also be truely grateful if you would go that little extra mile, & place the name, in your donation message, of a person who you would love to dedicate your donation to. Someone who has had to endure prostate cancer. We will display their name in a special way while we ride. 

AND, Remember, if you are a male & over 50 years of age, PLEASE do yourself a favour, and see your GP and have the recommended regular check ups. 

Sincerest Regards, Phill      

My Sponsors

Mark Carberry

$784 USD
Wayne Fogarty

$782 USD

$771 USD
Oak Services Group

$396 USD
Brian Love

Great work guys. it's a very worthy cause. Good luck and have fun! BJL

$394 USD
Rashad Sinokrot

Go Phill! All the best

$394 USD
James Tracey

Phill Great work - have a great day mate - best to yourself and Ken

$394 USD
Touchdown Helicopters

Good luck from the team at touchdown

$393 USD
Clinton Mauger

A very worthy cause - Good luck Phill

$279 USD
Oscar Pianon

$242 USD
Shane Leigh

$201 USD

Good on you mate!

$162 USD
Frank Soto

Such a worthy cause. Keep up the good work Phil & Ken - you should both be very proud of what you have raised so far.

$161 USD
Ray Peters

Good job Phil!

$161 USD
Scott Alexander Cram

Sue and Scott Cram RIP Michael Neil “ Always remembered , Never forgotten “

$161 USD
Milla And Madin

Great Work Pop!! We hope you raise lots of money for a great cause xoxo

$161 USD
Milton Valley Holiday Park

Best of luck Phil. Great cause. David and Cathy.

$161 USD
Brett Stewart

Catch you for a cold one soon mate

$161 USD
Andrew Mauriello

$160 USD
Les Dion

Good job mate.

$155 USD
Michael Negro

Good on you mate super worthy cause

$81 USD
Craig Balfour

Great effort to men's health, thank you.

$81 USD
Mick Cuda

Good Luck ..

$81 USD
Bell Johnson

You men are amazing!!! Such an important cause to support & promote. And I can’t think of a better bunch of distinguished gentlemen, with such generous hearts, to be such huge advocates of a cause that has touched you all personally, & is so prominent & ever present in the world we live in. “Ride with pride” all of you.

$81 USD
Scott Carson

Well done mate. Enjoy the ride

$81 USD
Col Large

Great cause to get behind

$81 USD

It’s a great thing that your doing All the best

$81 USD
Mark & Lynda Burnside

You know that this is a personal thing for Mark & I. Great event best wishes

$81 USD
Alex Pupovac

Great cause supported by Phil & the team !!

$81 USD
Roberto Parovel

A very worthwhile cause - all the best Phill

$81 USD
Matt Brett

Well done Phil. Enjoy the ride Phil

$81 USD
Max Osman

Well done

$80 USD
Colin Carr

So proud of Phill for supporting such an important issue Men's Health.

$80 USD
Alin Finna

Great cause Phil. Good Luck. Alin

$80 USD
C & D Wickham Mechanical Repairs


$80 USD
Dane & Renee Milthorpe

Thank you for helping raise awareness for a cause very close to our hearts x

$77 USD
Mr. Andy Mullan

$41 USD
Dax Eddy

$40 USD
Brett And Angela Rodwell

Well Done Phill ! A great Cause !

$40 USD
Eddy De Gabriele

Well done Phil.... great effort and cause.

$40 USD
Jordi, Danny And Ariella

Go Phill & Grandad!! An amazing cause to get behind, well done and enjoy the ride xxx

$40 USD
Carol Legh

Good luck Phil, for a reat cause

$40 USD
Gerry Cignarella

Enjoy the ride - well done.

$40 USD
Kieran Mcgartland

All the best for a great cause.

$39 USD
Niamh Canavan

Have fun

$17 USD
Kylie Murtezani

$16 USD
Renae Batur

Can't wait to come watch you all ride in this event, such a great cause. Awesome job raising so much money

$16 USD

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