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Photo's or Video of Sundays Oxford Ride

Posted on Thursday 28th

Hi, Lots of stuff on YouTube etc on London and all over England but nothing on Oxford.

Anyone got any to post or know where some it can be viewed .

Update on the Oxford Ride 24/9/2017

Posted on Monday 25th

Well done to all who turned up for yesterday's ride. I'm told the numbers were around 600! It certainly looked amazing and congratulations to the organisers.

One piece of constructive critisium:

The reason for the ride is to collect money for the Charity and make people AWARE of the dangers of this Men's illness. So may I suggest that we have a large banner on a lorry at the front and back of the parade. This will let all the public we pass know "what it is all about" as that's what they were shouting at me as we passed. It shouldn't be costly as there would be plenty of local firms happy to supply a lorry and banners for the cause.

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Thank you for all the donations thus far!



Well done in anticipation. You must ride a bike - not a scooter !




Raj Virdee

Thank you for the Jacket Roy you're a Legend !


Roy Gibbons

We both hope we and any of our male family and friends never have the need for this fantastic charity. Well done Harry and Jason


John Bassett


David Keane

A very worthy cause where medical science has improved hughly in the last 20 years. Come on you Mod or are you a Rocker?


Marcus Wroe

Well done Roy, all the best from the Barnsley Boy


Wendy Lowson

Good Luck Roy - hope the moustache stays on ! x


Ian Thoburn

Hello I won the tyres auction so pleased. Tyre size front 130/70b 63h & rear 160/70b17 73h is a for 2016 harley davidson switchback


Peter Joiner


Roy Gibbons


Howard Button

well done Roy a worthy cause



I hope your new bike stays with you longer than the last one


Simon Seymour

Good Luck!


Lee Wiffen


Numzy Bongus

Quadruple figures, now your motoring..........


Norma Mcclure

Great cause Roy. Good luck.


Michael Swain

Good luck!


Funky Gibbos


Sara Berry

Good Luck Dad!


J Legg

Good luck. Hope it's not raining.


Colin Hainsby

Hope it all goes well. Best wishes Colin & Lesley


Adam Reynolds



Best wishes, have a safe ride


Richard Foodie


The Dude @ Twisted Iron

Stunning Job on the sponsorship Roy! How about throwing yourself behind Team Twisted Iron who organise the Oxford Ride by Joining our Team? It would really mean a lot!

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