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...with a lot of help from my friends..

Posted on Monday 7th

A Massive Thank YOU to you all. Incredible last year I raised a little bit under GBP 2K and this year with a ton of help from all of you, we've raised over GBP 5,000 !! That is just awesome.

It was rainiy on they way to the Brooklands Musuem where the ride was to start.

And as expected I got lost a little, and got soaked and ended up on a busy and wet M25 - not very nice. Fortunately realised my error, and got there in time.

The ride itself was mainly dry which was very lucky and all 280+ riders were grateful for that. Well organised, marshalled etc..

So that it is it for DGR 2019. Thank you again on helping save men's lives. 


Tick Tock - Ride with the Tribe

Posted on Thursday 12th

Well 17 days to go. Am truly grateful to all the generous friends that helped to raise the funds so far. A deep thank you.  I am hoping that we get good weather on the DGR ride day. But if not, hey ho !

A Tribe comes together

Posted on Thursday 15th

This year, will only be my 3rd year in raising funds to raise awareness and help prevent early deaths from BOTH prostate cancer and suicide in men.

With early detection and support many can be avoided. So it is absolutely worth trying and getting involved.

This Global Tribe of the DGR of both men and women, is trying to do exactly that with your generous support. Last year I believe the DGR Tribe was over 90,000 riders around the world, raising over USD 6 Million. We want to beat that this year. 

So getting dressed up and riding my Bonnie, and even raising funds is the easy part.

This year I will try and post at least one more time with updates. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you can support us in at least raising awarenes about Men's Mental Health and Prostate Cancer.  


Photo copyright Lisa Peel Photography - My helmet and bike at 2018 DGR - FairOaks




Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Monday 29th

On Sunday the 29th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

My Sponsors

Sanjay Bhaskar

$608 USD
Peter Heidinger

$317 USD
Ibrahim Mohieldeen

$254 USD
P&s D

Photos please😜😜😜

$251 USD

Well done. Best of luck. A

$247 USD
Fabienne Serfaty

$244 USD
Steve Haslett

Go for it...you are my favorite distinguished gentleman!

$184 USD
Amr Seif

Good luck Tarek. Always in things for good causes.

$130 USD
Aaron Quinn

Good luck and have fun!!

$128 USD
Jorge De Moragas

$128 USD

$128 USD
My Learning Hub

Let’s save some men, shall we?!

$128 USD

Hi Tarek Keep on being persistent

$128 USD
Richard Holmes

Happy to support and enjoy the ride .

$127 USD
Hussain Al-yafai

You make us proud!

$127 USD
Karen Fawcett

Tarek - enjoy the ride, this is for a great cause. See you soon Karen & Alisdair

$127 USD
Mikael Zoghbi

That's a GREAT INITIATIVE - enjoy the ride. Mikael

$126 USD
Christiana Marran

Great cause -- go Tarek!

$126 USD
Wael Abdul Malak

Good luck and best wishes

$126 USD
Lisa Rumelin

Tarek A worthwhile cause close to my heart. Good luck and enjoy the ride

$126 USD
Hugo Walkinshaw

Well done, and ride safely...!

$126 USD
Nadeem Shamim

$123 USD

Good luck

$123 USD
T Labib

$122 USD

Keep Riding

$121 USD
Farooq Siddiqi

All the very best

$120 USD

Hello Basha!! I love what you are doing!!!

$104 USD

Worthy cause Tarek, enjoy the ride!

$102 USD
Richard Jaggard

Tarek, Have a great time doing a great thing for all of us. Best wishes, Richard

$94 USD


$76 USD
Karen Phillips

Best of luck, a cause close to my heart. Good for you!!

$76 USD
Alex, Petra & Beau

Born to be wild!! Enjoy the ride. Alex, Petra & Beau.

$76 USD
Giles Blundell

$75 USD
Charles Francis

$73 USD
Thras Moraitis

$64 USD
Naser Jaafar

Greetings from Mecca performing my hajj. Have a great ride Tarek.

$51 USD
Alex Manson

$51 USD
Zane Baring

Best of Luck for the ride Tarek and well done for raising such a phnominal amount for the ridexx

$51 USD
Nigel Richards

Enjoy the ride!

$51 USD
Steve Shutts

Good luck chum!

$51 USD
Nafees Akbarali

Great stuff Tarek.

$51 USD

A great cause Tarek! All the best for the day - enjoy!

$50 USD
David H

Tarek - congratulations for raising money for this great cause. David H

$50 USD
Peter Pinfield

keep fit, keep well

$50 USD
Kamel Moris

Great cause!

$50 USD

Hi Tarek, Thanks for raising the funds and have a fun day. Helmet?

$49 USD
Daniel Stewart-dexter

What a great thing you're doing Tarek. Best of luck to you!

$49 USD
David Hewitt

$32 USD
Mark Thomas

Good luck, Tarek!

$32 USD
Ali Baradei

Ride safely and enjoy

$32 USD
Mark Allison

All power to your elbow, Tarek!

$32 USD
Khuram Kirmani

Good luck Tarek.

$31 USD
Caglar Sabanci


$31 USD
Henri Guedeney

Go Tarek Go!

$31 USD

Good luck Tarek!

$30 USD
Thierry Cairus

$25 USD

Good luck Tarek - hope it goes well Gillx

$13 USD
Tarek Anwar

$13 USD
Richard Bowcott

Great cause Tarek. A true gentleman if ever there was one

$12 USD

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