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Day of the event

Posted on Monday 25th

Well here we go everybody

Up early, coffee, face time with Mum, one sleepy young lad, get dressed in our dapper best and head off to Sacramanto, a short 30 minute ride followed by the event, thank you again everybody


The night before the event

Posted on Sunday 24th

It is the night beofre the event, I'm tired but looking forward to it. Very pleased with the kindness and generosity of the many people that have donated. 
Did a short test ride on the old bike today and also went for a blast on my 2014 Triumph Trophy 1200SE, what a contrast in technology and engineering. What a contrast in power especially. Still I like both machines and the whole point of the DGR is that it is a vintage bike or vintage style bike ride to raise money for prostate cancer research and suicide prevention.

Thanks to the generosity of the the many people that sponsored Alex and I we have raised over $2700, thank you everyone, we are genuinely grateful to you all.


Don't forget to check out the lates pics in the gallery


May your God be with you always


1 week to go

Posted on Monday 18th

Hello everyone

Just one week to go and just like the 3 previous years, it is a scramble to get ready, we all have to juggle work, life, studies, chores, family and to make time for a charity event, as important as it is, is not so easy, especially when it involves preparing a 42 year old motorcycle and a 56 year old rider.

However, with so many people sponsoring Alex and I we feel highly motivated and have raised over $2000, that is phenominal.

We are genuinely grateful for the generosity of you all. Please look up DGR videos of previous years on you-tube to get some idea of the world wide scope of this event

May your God go with you

Andy & Alex


Posted on Wednesday 6th

Any owner of a vintage vehicle (this one is 42 years old) knows the feeling of pride that goes with it and we all share the same dreaded fear, on those days when we take it out, there is that fear that something will go wrong and we will experience the dreaded breakdown with a quickly gathering crowd offering their opnions as to what has gone wrong with your pride and joy.

I have certainly experienced this, far from home, so I am hoping to avoid that at the DGR and spent quite a few hours this weekend checking the bike over.  It certainly seems to be running well at the moment. Now then, it is of course a positive earth (ground) on this machine, so that means modern convenience's like a Sat-Nav (GPS) or your obligatory smart phone are not so easy to connect. I have wired a seperate fused circuit on the bike to power such conveniences but there is risk with that of course. Now I am no auto-electrician or any other kind of electrician, but it seems to be working and it is damn convenient to have your directions being relayed through an ear piece, especially when headed somehwhere you are not familiar with. In fact I don't knwo how I got around before all these navigation aids were availble (Actually I do, I recall pulling over to check my map, then not being able to fold it back as it was beofore and just stuffing it into a convenient space.

Anyway, I think the bike is ready to go, I fixed an oil leak (there will be a new one somewhere) checked the oil levels, it wet sumps, adjusted the chain tension and tickover, or idle, whatever you want to call it, fitted some custom exhaust collector box pieces. Cleaned it thoroughly and looked for other things about to break, then the best part, took it for a short spin. Lovely.

A ride across country

Posted on Monday 28th

For the last 4 years my eldest son and I have participated in the DGR, the first time was in Chicago, the last 2 years was in Woodstock Illinois, and this year, having moved back to California after 10 years away, we will be riding in the Sacramento event. In previous years we were fortunate to receive many thousands of dollars in sponsorship, but this year we have left it very late to register and start working to get sponsors.

In 2016 my then 12 year old Son suggested we ride from Chicago to California to visit relatives and see old friends. At first I thought he was mad but then (with help from my wife) I realised this was a great idea, one thing led to another and before you knew it we had purchased a 2014 Triumph Trophy, made a plan and were on our way.

Little did we know at the time that we would be moving back to California in 2017


Thank you everyone for the support year after year.

May your God be with you


Andy & Alex

Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Monday 14th

On Sunday the 24th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

My Sponsors

Thank you for all the donations thus far!


Morishima Family

Go get 'em!!!


Michael Flynn

Enjoy the Ride!


Tony & Becky Garza


Karen Clinton

Welcome back to California my ole' (not old lol) friend!


Ian Mcdonnell

Always glad to help such a deserving cause.


Larry Horn




Godspeed and safe travels


Karl Orrling

Thanks Andy and Alex for raising money to fight prostate cancer. I lost my dad to that vicious disease, so anything we can do to fight it is welcome.


Ari Gershman

Strong work Andy!!! Go get em!


Dawn Marsden

Great job, great cause, well done, catch up soon


Tom Carter

Have fun on the ride with Alex. Hope things are settling for you in California. I ended up taking the opportunity with Nucor and so far it has been a positive. We have good business visibility for the next couple of years at least. Valerie and Hayden are still in Fort Mill, SC waiting for the house to be sold, hopefully it will soon. I appreciate the opportunity to sponsor you and Alex ! Take care, Tom


Josie & Scott Pristas

go ANDY!


Bob Dorricott

Have a great ride!


James O'reilly

Have a great ride


Cynthia Moreland

Great cause & good luck with the ride as well as your move back to CA! Cheers!


Robert Callbeck


Paul Hopkins

Good cause and good team representing it. Enjoy the ride.


Ross Adams


Steven Sanders


Maria Ammatuna

In memory of my paternal Grandpa Luigi Ammatuna



Hope the Bike runs flawlessly



Safe miles Mr P.


Steve Davies

Have a nice day.


Jeni Pfeiffer

Good luck on your ride Andy and Alex !!


Paul Wood


Audrey & John Lindroos

Have a great time! Be safe!


Chris Summersgill

Good work Andy & Alex - enjoy the ride!


Tim Ward

Good luck and enjoy the ride.


John Foote

Back to CA, maybe we will meet up next year.


Michelle Leat

Good thing you are doing here :-) Hope you and the family are well!


Peter Fortescue

Good luck!!


Asa Garland




James Garrelts

Keep doing your good works. Hope you have a great ride.


Malcolm Rock


Mark Patrick

Well done Chaps


Sally Kim

Have a great ride!!!


Brian Berardo

Always good to hear from you, Andy, even for fundraisers, and this is a worthy one. Glad you're heading back to the West Coast. We're up in WA so if you're ever up this way, we'd love to see you. Cheers!


Mick Evans

Andy All the best to you and your family from Mick


Robert Love


Kevin Conley

Good for you to make a difference my friend.


Richard Gr Keating


Rick Lucchetti

Great work Andy!!


Bill Baker

Thanks again, Andy, for devoting your time and effort to good causes. It's my pleasure to contribute and help out. : )



Best wishes from William and Carol


Daniel Gehrs

Good for you Andy!


Eleanor Pratley


Iain And Jan Patrick

Have a good day both of you. Love Iain and Jan


Mark Gorgas

Have a great ride!


Mark Walter

Thank you for your continued support of this cause.


John Dunstan


Andy Patrick


Joe Gallagher

Best wishes to you both for a successful ride!


Dave Kerth

Enjoy the ride, Andy.


Doreen (mum) Patrick

Have a great ride Andy and Alex. Love you loads.


Nicole Dahl-lowe


Monique Smith


Paul Freidel

Hope the ride goes well! Best regards to you and your family.


Les Brewster

My dear friends Andy and warick i am so very proud of you both on this very worthy crusade... Well done to you both


Kenneth Naccarato




Anton Sjöberg


Jason Gibson

I'm happy to help out, and great too hear from you. I hope all is going well for you in California.

Local Ride Sponsors