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That's it for this year...thanks Mother Nature for glorious weather in Oxford..

Posted on Tuesday 26th

Well that's it for this year.

A fabulous day and a lot of new friends made this an even richer experience.

My order for good weather clearly made it through to Mother Nature and our Oxford ride had glorious sunshine.

At a total of almost 500 bikes, it took over 7 mintues of video to cover all of them arriving 2 by 2 into the pub car park. An excellent turnout.

My personal thanks go to the organisers and everyone who participated in any way, to make it the great day it was.

I am already looking forward to next year! (although I am glad the beard has now gone - Hoorah!)

Safe riding everyone!


An Irony unexpected

Posted on Wednesday 20th

Hello all,

As I get ready for Sunday, newly grown beard (very itchy!) doing well, and my request to Mother Nature for good weather made, I noticed that all but one (not including my own) of my sponsors are women!

Now it is not like I snt the link to mostly women, quite the opposite, so I am a little surprised (actually a lot surprised) to see only one of the numerous men sent the link to actually sponsored me, and they are a family member so a little cajoling might have been involved (actually the email was trapped in his firewall so I had to directly send the link).

I know this is a cause very close to my heart, but I would have expected men everywhere to be only too keen to donate to such a cause, after all "there but for the grace of God go I" should be a mantra.

Anyway, I made my target today albeit a conservative one, so I am happy to be 1. Involved in the ride and 2. to be making a difference however small to the overall cause.

Although I seem to be turning into a 'Ron Pearlman' look-a-like' to some extent, the beard stays until at least Sunday night (Girlfriend doesn't like both the 'scratchiness' and the increased female attention I have been getting).

For those on the Triumph team and the Oxford Ride; I will see you Sunday (Mother Nature willing!)



Getting ready to Ride

Posted on Wednesday 30th

Getting the outfit ready was easier than I thought, seeing the perfect look whilst I was in Luxembourg for the last 7 days and buying it there and then.

As much as I already have perfect 'dapper' suits, I cannot envisage riding in a Saville Row suit on the open road (sans adequate protection) in September in England. Irrespective of the potential for damage should anything untoward happen, it would be an expensive decision should it rain even.

I am sure my choice is perfect and it means I will be able to relax more on the day and enjoy the event and the great causes being supported, both of which are very close to my heart.

Fingers crossed the weather holds for the day and everyone enjoys the atmosphere. For those who have never been on a large scale ride-out, there are few things like a group of 100+ bikes riding together to stir your emothoins and the first is never forgotten.

See you all there!

Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Saturday 26th

On Sunday the 24th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

I'm riding with Triumph Motorcycles

View my team page

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Good Luck


Roopal Patel

Good Luck - can't wait for you to lose the beard!!


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Hope it went well


Bharti Patel


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Good Luck Laurence, great cause.

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