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Posted on Friday 22nd


Posted on Monday 18th

Hi there you,

Heart felt plea - please, if you havent donated yet, please donate now.

Every dollar you donate goes toward preventing deaths. The stats are frightening. So many men - young and old - are comitting suicide or being diagnosed with prostate cancer.


Please, give something to this charity. Watch some of the video's being posted, read the blogs, then start talking to everyone you can.

Raise awareness. These things can be stopped. I just need you to help me stop them.




Donate and photoshoot!

Posted on Friday 8th

This is a cause I really believe in, please help me make a difference.

We've lost so many people to suicide and prostate cancer is far too prevalent.

As part of the Tauranga Ride organising committee, I want to raise awareness about these things and make them ok to talk about. Men need to start taking action and opening up.

You can help me by opening your wallets and purses and donating $$$ to help me get the word out, get real money into worthwhile programs and preventative measures.

After you've donated, feel free to check out the amazing photoshoot gallery pictures my workplace Cubro initiated to help me and this cause. Bottom of the page. Proud to be a part of this charity and of Cubro.


How 'bout dem apples?

Posted on Monday 21st

An article I wrote for LinkedIN all about how we look at our problems and what we can do about them. #selfhelp


Suicide Prevention / Mental Health / Prostate Cancer Prevention

Posted on Wednesday 2nd

So the 2017 Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride is almost here!

This is the day we (usually a bit rough around the edges) bikers don our finest suits, grow crazy moustaches and get out there in the community to encourage everyone to talk about mental health and prostate cancer with the men in your lives, even you!

This ride is dear to my heart as I was lucky enough to be get involved and be a part of the principal organising crew for last years epic Tauranga event. I managed to raise almost $2,000, got around 20 men to go to the doctors to get a prostate check up and worked with several more helping them get the help they needed in the mental health arena.

So this year I am at it again! 

The goal for this ride is simple.

Raise awareness for mental and physical health issues in men.

Now this is not to be sexist at all, this is simply a ride focused on men because we all tend to be completely useless at admitting we're struggling with anything or even heading off to the doctor. Admittedly, a prostate check is not the coolest ting to get done, generally happens by getting bloods done and the infamous "internal check up".

But - like pretty much even woman who gets regular check-ups - it's time we as men just need to get on with it and ensure we are all around for our families and loved ones.

To do that, we have to talk about how we're "feeling" and get the prostate cancer check up when we're heading to 40 years old and beyond.

I'm getting involved because I want to make a difference, I want the opportunity to save even just one life if I can, just by talking to you, just by getting out there and attracting attention on my rowdy Ducati. Last year we as a group shook windows wherever we rode.

I am fortunate enough to work for an amazing company in the Healthcare industry called Cubro who have giving, compassion, and family as part of their core values, the very reasons why I was attracted to come work here. I am lucky because I have their support being involved in this too, an amazing business to be a part of.

This is a global charity with hundreds of rides happening on the same day all around the world. Last years proceeds went to funding worldwide improvements in prostate testing and prevention as well as new equipment right here in New Zealand. 

So please, open your wallets / purses / internet banking and give whatever you can.

Please help me make a real difference. 


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Go Darren


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Good cause Darren.


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Go Dazza!


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Amazing and inspirational work Darren. Backing you and your crew more than words.


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Proud of you mate



Good idea and nice work!


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Great initiative Mr L. Good work!


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Awesome cause! Have fun :)


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Smash it Darren! We're right behind you.


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