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Photo from Copenhagen's Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Tuesday 1st

The ride was a full of butiful gentelman in there finest

I have taken several fine pictures this year, you can see them all on my facebook page


If you would like one of the pictures, make a donation and I will send you the full resolution photo
so you can get printed at you local/online photoshop, so it can hang in you garage or at you mom


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Mark Petersen


Mark Petersen


Lene Hansen


Morten Fogh


Jane Lucas

Hej Mark - kunne godt tænke mig et hires foto tak. Rigtig fine billeder du har taget :). Mvh Jane


Søren Frühwirth

Hey Mark Great pictures ...


Michal Kjær Strulak

Det er sidst på måneden og du får vitterligt hvad jeg har tilbage på min konto. Tak for billederne!!



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