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DGR 2021 - Decade of DGR Wrap Up

In 2021 we celebrated 10 years of riding dapper with over 65,000 riders and reaching the milestone of raising over $30M USD.

We are proud to present the Global Wrap Up Video bringing smiles and joy around the world and importantly raising awareness for men's health.

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A Decade of DGR

This year’s event marks our 10th year anniversary. Without the support of all organisers, volunteers, riders, families, friends we would not have achieved the milestone of raising over $27.45m since our first ride in 2012.

Here are the heroes behind the event.

  • Image description
    Erik Minman
    Charlotte NC, United States
  • Image description
    Alfredo Alejandro Martin
    San Sebastian, Spain
  • Image description
    Martin Heatley
    Launceston, Australia
  • Image description
    Rodger Williamson
    Montgomery, United States
  • Image description
    Melyssa May
    Raleigh Durham NC, United States
  • Image description
    Paul Najarro
    Lake Villa, IL, United States
  • Image description
    Troy Cummings
    Cedar Rapids IA, United States
  • Image description
    Roberto Gutierrez
    Culiacán, Mexico
  • Image description
    Pedro Barceló Molina
    Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • Image description
    Georg Ziegler
    Konstanz, Germany
  • Image description
    JJ Bivona
    Burlington VT, United States
  • Image description
    Christopher Conley
    Lancaster PA, United States
  • Image description
    Aspyyaganagi Yaganagi yaganagi
    Gelephu, Bhutan
  • Image description
    Euripedes Fernandes (Marley)
    Joinville, Brazil
  • Image description
    Matthew Clark
    Woodstock IL, United States
  • Image description
    Pablo Proano
    Quito, Ecuador
  • Image description
    Guilherme Guedes
    Teresopolis, Brazil
  • Image description
    Christoffer Andersen
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Image description
    Mike Chapman
    Hanover, United States
  • Image description
    Tobias Schäfers
    Aachen, Germany
  • Image description
    Lorenzo Chimenti
    Stuttgart, Germany
  • Image description
    Matias Zabaleta
    Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Image description
    Greg Dembs
    Haddonfield NJ, United States
  • Image description
    Mike Higgins
    New York City NY, United States
  • Image description
    Michael Gonzales
    Albuquerque NM, United States
  • Image description
    Gustavo Marquez
    Medellin, Colombia
  • Image description
    Daniel Gibson
    Coffs Harbour, Australia
  • Image description
    Mike Meyer
    Philadelphia PA, United States
  • Image description
    J. R. Boedeker
    St Louis MO, United States
  • Image description
    Barry Crookston
    Fife, Scotland
  • Image description
    Panayiotis Demetriades
    Limassol, Cyprus

Mental Well-Being for Motorcyclists

The world is a different place and connecting with friends & family is more important than ever.

We have funded key programs in 2020 that are aimed at both improving the mental well-being of men in motorcycling and also the wider community.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Social Connections Challenge is a new initiative that will leverage funds raised by The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride community, creating a funding pool of AUD $1.15 million, to find ideas that can improve the social connectedness, life satisfaction and mental wellbeing of motorcycle riders.

Learn More

Our charity partner is The Movember Foundation, the largest men’s health organisation in the world. Since 2016, A total of USD $10.1 million has been invested in men’s health programs globally.

Learn More