Host A Ride

If yours is not one of the 600 cities hosting a ride this year and you would like to help change that, please fill out the form below.

We are interested in hearing from distinguished gentlefolk who share our passion for Cafe Racers, Bobbers and Classics, who believe in our cause and who don't mind rolling up the old suit jacket sleeves for a bit of honest work.

Please Note: This is a niche specific event for Cafe Racers, Bobbers & Classics. If you don't have one of the bikes described, you can always help in other ways, such as with fundraising. We do apologise but ultimately opening the events to the broader 2 wheeled community would be unmanageable and cause localised safety issues. 

Rides cannot start or end at dealerships & motorcycle related businesses. In the spirit of the event all rides must start and end at neutral venues.

Bike Dealer
Bike Builder
Classic Bike Rider