Inspired by photography featuring old-school dapper folks and classic motorcycles, DGR took shape as a themed ride designed to bring together the classic & vintage styled motorcycle community and later, men's health.

In keeping with the classic lines of vintage-inspired motorcycles, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a niche charity event that focusses on classically designed motorcycles, and dapper gentlefolk riding their bikes through the heart of their cities. These bikes strictly include Café Racers, Bobbers, Classics, Trackers, Scramblers, Old School Choppers, Modern Classics, Sidecars, Classic Scooters, Classic Cruisers, Modern Classics, Electrics and Brat Styled motorcycles to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health programs.

Cafe Racer

Lightweight and powerful, these sleek cult-classics optimise speed and handling by compromising comfort.


A rare gem that's 35 years old or over and has stood the test of time, whether it's an original or has been restored to factory condition.


Modern Classic

Late model iterations of vintage classics where old school style meets new school technology.



These machines feature large engines and small tanks, and a sissy bar that stretches as high as its bars.


Brat Style

Popularised in Tokyo, Japan, these machines are traditionally anti-chrome, with a slab seat, sprung rear & mini-apes.



A tribute to minimalism, keeping only the essentials and featuring shortened fenders and a bobbed seat.



Metal-bodied classics, built the old-fashioned way.



Off-road classics built to keep the weight low, and the fun high.



The big twin or single cylinder classic, fashioned into a highly capable off-road machine.


Side Car

Classic styled motorcycles with room for three. A good way to invite a pal or pooch along for the ride.


Classic Cruiser

A retro-cool machine featuring sleek design, lots of chrome, and a comfortable riding posture.


Modern Classic Electric

A perfect combination of timeless classic style, modern technology, and sustainable transportation.