A Legendary Start To DGR 2022

Posted 2 years ago

It’s undeniable that the 1950s sparked the emergence of some of the most inspiring cultures and styles. From the Mods and Rockers and Ton-Up Boys of classic motorcycling, awakening the café racer subculture that formed out of youthful revolution. Pushing against the status quo from the heart of the UK, young rebels were eager to buy motorcycles and modify them into unique vehicles that represented speed, status and rebellion. These machines would be put to the test, record-racing from café to café, aiming to reach the destination before a single song could play on the jukebox. The characters of café racer culture were defined by three things: style, music, and unique motorcycles.

2022 is celebrating the heritage that built the foundations of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride with a unique custom collaboration with global partners Triumph Motorcycles, and music heavyweight, Gibson. Marking 120 years for both brands, the 1959 Legends custom collaboration will showcase a one-of-a-kind custom guitar and motorcycle package that will be gifted to the highest fundraiser in The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2022. The custom collaboration is inspired by the historical significance of the iconic 1959 Les Paul Standard and equally iconic 1959 Bonneville T120. The outcome of this unique partnership is a stunning one-of-a-kind custom edition of each legendary model.

The 1959 Legends custom edition Les Paul Standard Reissue and Bonneville T120 feature a host of beautiful hand-detailed custom touches, designed and applied in Triumph’s Factory Custom workshop.

Connecting the past with the present, this unique collaboration between two iconic brands was presented at Gibson’s London-based location, where a beautifully restored 1959 Triumph Bonneville sat next to an original 1959 Gibson Les Paul at the entrance. A descent into the basement brought all guests straight into the present, as Triumph Factory Custom workshop’s latest creation was presented together with the customised Les Paul Standard Reissue. Labelled as the 1959 Legends, this custom collaboration’s moniker lives up to the pedigree of these brands and the quality craftsmanship that put these two modern-day icons together. 

Carrying on the legends theme, the event was blessed by none other than Bernie Marsden, guitarist of the iconic 1980s rock band White Snake. Taking a step from past to present, the event changed key as Bernie handed over the strings to Inglorious’s Danny Dela Cruz.

A proper jam on the customised Gibson was all that was needed to officially kick off this partnership, unveiling both the one-off Bonneville and the truly unique Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue. Both these iconic pieces have been created with a sole purpose; to be gifted to the highest fundraiser of The 2022 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. One lucky rider will ride away with guitar in tow, working their way up the gears of their brand new Bonneville and down the fretboard of their Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue. 

For those that miss out on the Bonneville, there is still plenty of ways that you can get your hands on the limited edition Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue; but more on that later…

For now, we will saturate your senses with the sweet details of the motorcycle, guitar, and The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride:

Gibson, Triumph, and The 2022 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

  • The 1959 Legends guitar and motorcycle will together be offered as the highest fundraiser reward for the 2022 Ride
  • The 2022 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride represents a major milestone in Triumph’s sponsorship, marking 9 incredible years of support, with over 100,000 riders in over 700 cities across the world, raising over $31million for men’s mental health and prostate cancer awareness
  • 3 additional guitars and custom cases will be utilised in The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2022 campaign
  • The annual Gentlefolk Competition will feature a brand new Triumph Motorcycle from the modern classic range, gifted to the winner. The runner-up will receive a unique Epiphone inspired by Gibson guitar.

The 1959 Legends:

Reflecting the passion that Gibson and Triumph designers share for beautiful design, precision, performance and world-class craftsmanship, the 1959 Les Paul Standard Reissue and Bonneville T120 were chosen to be hand-customised by Triumph’s world-leading design team at the Triumph Factory Custom workshop in Hinckley, the global HQ and home of Triumph.

  • Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue – 1959 Legends custom design detailing:
  • Unique Jet Black scratchplate with hand-painted coach lining to celebrate the signature machined engine cooling fins of the classic Bonneville T120
  • Elegant Triumph logo laser etched into the lower pickup cover
  • Unique hand-painted Jet Black pickup cover surrounds
  • Low-profile electroformed metallic gold Triumph badge applied to the headstock
  • Beautifully cast, painted and hand-finished custom jack plate cover on the back of the guitar, featuring the “Triumph Gibson 1959 Legends” partnership logo, designed to echo the Bonneville T120 alternator cover badge design
  • Hand coach-lined pickguard, inspired by the Bonneville’s trademark engine fins, and etched pick-up covers, branded truss rod cover and branded jack-plate cover

Triumph Bonneville T120 – 1959 Legends custom design detailing:

  • Beautiful and unique custom paint scheme to match the Iced Tea Burst finish of the guitar, featuring Jet Black painted guitar neck and headstock design on the top of the tank, edged with hand-painted coach lining, showcasing the expert skills of Triumph’s custom paint team
  • Low-profile electroformed metallic gold “Triumph Gibson 1959 Legends” badges applied to the tank, side panels and front mudguard
  • Laser-etched fuel filler cap featuring Gibson logo
  • Custom brown real leather seat, designed to match the leather guitar case, with additional detailing including diamond stitching, embroidered Triumph logo and custom pick holders
  • Bespoke alternator badge featuring intricate detailing and the “Triumph Gibson 1959 Legends” logo

For more information on the partnership, read the full story with Triumph.