DGR 2020 Update

Posted 3 years ago



The 2020 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is not cancelled.

On the 27th of September – We Ride! However, it will not be a mass-participation event. Riders will be encouraged to dress dapper and ride solo to comply with social distancing measures. DGR is a worldwide inclusive event raising funds for men’s health. With the current global situation proving that we can’t all ride together physically, the event this year will take an adjusted format to connect every rider to the cause from around the world no matter their social distancing regulations.

We will be riding but it will be solo. As always, we will be riding together on the same day, for the same cause. Socially distanced, but globally connected.

Please refer to our FAQ below for any specific questions relating to the event.


Is DGR for 2020 cancelled?
No, this year’s event is not cancelled. It will, however, be taking place in an adjusted format. All riders will still be able to register to ride, select their country and city, fundraise for men’s health.

On the day of the ride, however, there will be no mass ride in your city. You are encouraged to Ride Solo either by yourself or with a pillion.

What does it mean to do a solo event?
This will mean there are no mass participation events. Riders will be encouraged to dress dapper and ride solo to comply with social distancing measures.

My city is letting us ride in groups? Can we still ride in groups?
This year’s event is about riding solo but connecting globally. We are not encouraging anyone to ride in groups or with multiple people.

Can I ride with my family if we live together?
Yes, however only if restrictions in your local city or state permit you to ride together and you are ensuring all social distancing laws are being followed.

I can’t ride on the day by myself? Is it possible to complete this over the weekend?
Yes, if you are unable to ride on Sunday 27th Sept 2020 it is no problem to complete the ride on Saturday 26th Sept 2020.

Do we still need to stick to city roads or can we go for a longer ride than a normal DGR event?
The foundation of the event was built on riding through the heart of the city and it is very much encouraged to ride through slower city roads. This will be at your discretion. Please ensure you observe our Safety Information regarding riding.

How long should we be riding for?
We recommend riding for no longer than 2 hours.

How do we connect globally and share photos with each other?
Once registered and you have completed your ride, there will be directions regarding uploading and sharing photos. Along with this, we will have a live map where riders can find photos shared across the world.

Can I select any city or country even if there wasn’t previously a ride in my city?
Yes, when registration is opened, you will have the opportunity to add your city or country if there is no specific ride in the dropdown list.

What happens if the forecast is looking like rain?
As there is no mass participation event, if the weather looks like it will rain on Sunday it is no problem to complete the ride any day before or after the actual day.

Do we complete the previous year’s ride route or can we ride anywhere?
There will be no defined route this year; it is at your own discretion to decide where you wish to ride. This is about riding solo but together with riders around the world.


Updated 12 June 2020