DGR 2024: Raising Funds Side By Side For Men’s Health

Posted 1 month ago

113,000 Riders, 105 Countries, 959 Cities, US$7.6M Raised.

The global motorcycling event, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, has concluded its phenomenal goal of riding side by side on the same day in 105 countries around the world, all in the name of men’s health.

Since it first began as a jaunt around town in 64 cities, The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride for 2024 now makes its mark in 959 cities, raising an inspiring grand total of over US$52 million for men’s health.

With the 2024 event officially concluded, the annual charity motorcycling event has raised over US$7.6 million, making this the biggest year yet for raising funds and awareness for men’s health. The impressive amount has been accumulated by over 113,00 riders, who have donned their dapper attire and fired up their vintage inspired motorcycles, united in their common goal to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health on behalf of charity partner, Movember.

Since its inception, the men’s health motorcycling event has been dedicated to raising funds and awareness of prostate cancer. Its mission was to use classic styles of motorcycles, paired with dapper style, to unite motorcyclists around the world for a vital cause. Since 2016, the event has partnered with Movember, who has continued to invest the funds raised into prostate cancer programs and research and also introduced the connection to men’s mental health. 2024 has marked a very special occasion, as the event celebrates 11 years of partnership with iconic motorcycle brand, Triumph Motorcycles.

“It is inspiring to see so many distinguished gentlefolk riding side by side in The 2024 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride,” says Founder and Director of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, Mark Hawwa. “We have ridden with each other on the same day all around the world since 2012. Our community is one that comes together, despite borders and oceans, riding side by side to raise increasingly critical funds and awareness for men’s mental health and prostate cancer. Each year our causes become even more important. I’m proud to be able to bring over 112,000 riders around the world together for 2024 to raise the profile of men’s health in true dapper style.”

Partners Triumph Motorcycles continued their global support of the charity motorcycling event by rewarding the event’s highest fundraisers with brand new modern classic motorcycles. Reserved for the highest fundraiser of 2024 will be a celebration of one of the most iconic Triumph models ever made, The Thruxton 1200 Final Edition.

Hedon Helmets, ELF Lubricants, and Quad Lock will also be reward riders in the classic inspired charity event, with Consolidated Motor Spares (CMSNL.com) having joined as the newest global sponsor for 2024, further rewarding the efforts of this year’s fundraisers.

While riders have now taken off their helmets for another year of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, sights are firmly set on 2025 to dress dapper and ride.

The date for DGR 2025 has already been earmarked for Sunday the 18th of May, 2025. So if you missed out this year, and would like to join in the world’s biggest charity motorcycling event, mark your calendars now!

Link to DGR 2024 Media Album

Link to DGR 2024 Launch Video

Congratulations to our 2024 Top Fundraisers:

  1. Jaime Camil – Mexico City, Mexico
  2. Kat Thomsen – San Francisco, USA
  3. Matias Seijo – Edinburgh, UK

And to our Gentlefolk Prize Winners:

  1. Jason Etters – USA (Triumph Bobber)
  2. Don Chisholm – UK (DGR Hedon Helmet)
  3. Gary Herrick – UK (Motogadget Voucher)

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2025 will return on Sunday May 18th, 2025. For more information, go to www.gentlemansride.com.

For media images from The 2024 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, click here.

About The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride unites classic and vintage style motorcycle riders all over the world to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health. 

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2012 by Mark Hawwa. After inspiration from a photograph featuring classic suits and vintage motorcycles, Mark decided a themed ride would be a great way to combat the often-negative stereotype of motorcyclists and connect the global motorcycling community and to raise funds for a cause important to every rider. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride has raised over US$52M for prostate cancer research and men’s health since 2012. For more information, visit www.gentlemansride.com.

About Movember

Movember is the leading charity changing the face of men’s health on a global scale, focusing on mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

The charity raises funds to deliver innovative, breakthrough research and support programmes that enable men to live happier, healthier and longer lives. Committed to disrupting the status quo, millions have joined the movement, helping fund over 1,250 projects around the world. In addition to tackling key health issues faced by men, Movember is working to encourage men to stay healthy in all areas of their life, with a focus on men staying socially connected and becoming more open to discussing their health and significant moments in their lives. The charity’s vision is to have an everlasting impact on the face of men’s health. To donate or learn more, please visit Movember.com.

About Triumph

First established in 1902, Triumph Motorcycles celebrated 118 years of motorcycle manufacture in 2020. For more than three decades, Triumph Motorcycles has been based in Hinckley, Leicestershire, and has produced iconic bikes that perfectly blend authentic design, character, charisma and performance. The Triumph Modern Classic motorcycle family represents the quintessence of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride spirit: elegant, iconic, characterful, and built for the ride.

About ELF 

ELF is a brand of TOTAL, the world’s 5th international oil company, which is present in 150 countries. Very strong brand awareness among automobile experts wherever the brand is available. Buying an ELF product means having the assurance and reliability of an established brand. The ELF’s quality is based on a very strong experience in motorsports. ELF is firstly known for more than 150 Formula 1 victories. ELF products proved measurable benefits with regard to longevity and engine protection.

ELF products are sold in 113 countries. ELF has dedicated lines of lubricants for cars, motorcycles and heavy-duty vehicles.

About Hedon

Hedon – derived from the word Hedonism: the relentless search for pleasure. Hedon’s goal is simply to provide the most pleasant experience on everybody’s journey for Hedonism. Tired of conventional style, Hedon set out on a mission to rethink the urban rider’s protective headgear looking for something bold, refined and nostalgic with comfort as a driving point above all else. A necessary accessory for the discerning rider.

Each Hedon helmet has its own unique signature marked in their definitive style and distinctive materials they are crafted from. A fine blend of the old and the new, deftly forged using traditional craftsmanship along with modern technology. They believe when form and function come together seamlessly, style is effortless.

About Quad Lock 

Quad Lock is a leading brand that specializes in creating high-quality, versatile phone mounting solutions for active lifestyles. Their products are designed to keep your phone secure and accessible during any activity, from cycling and running to driving and working. Quad Lock offers a range of mounting options, including bike mounts, car mounts, armbands, and universal adapters, so you can take your phone with you wherever you go. Their patented Quad Lock mounting system ensures a secure fit and easy installation, while their innovative designs allow for quick and easy attachment and detachment of your phone. Trust Quad Lock to keep your phone safe and secure during any adventure.

About CMSNL 

Since 1996 CMSNL.com’s core business is providing those who own, restore and maintain classic bikes, the parts, the schematics and the manuals to keep these precious bikes on the road. CMSNL has a vast network of NOS (New Old Stock) suppliers and is always on the lookout for new opportunities to make valuable offers to those who own ‘old stock’. CMSNL currently ships more than 2 million parts a year to more than 170,000 customers worldwide.