Stefania Schito: DGR’s Top Fundraising Female, Riding For Her Dad

Posted 1 year ago

Stefania Schito is on a mission to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer and men’s mental health. Her passion and dedication to this cause has led her to be a major fundraiser for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, our worldwide charity event that raises money for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health programs.

Stefania first became involved in The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in 2018, after losing father to prostate cancer. She quickly realized that there was a lack of awareness and support for men’s health issues, and she wanted to do something to help in memory of her dad. She joined the ride, was amazed by the sense of community and support that she found. Not only was Stefania welcomed with open arms, but she made a huge impact to the local community and global DGR event. In that first year alone, Stefania raised an astounding $16,000 for men’s health. 

“In April 2017, I lost my dad to prostate cancer. Then, in September 2017, I saw hundreds of classic motorcycles and dapper men and women riding across the Tower Bridge. It was The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. At that moment, I thought “Well, this would be a much better way to pay tribute to my dad rather than growing a Movember mustache!” My first DGR was in September 2018 and I was the top female fundraiser and the 5th-highest fundraiser worldwide. When I was interviewed after the ride, they asked me what I felt. I said, “Love”. People were really kind and respectful. It is a unique feeling to be a part of something so big which unites people worldwide and builds such solidarity and support in the community.”

Stefania Schito shared, “I learned to listen and understand my dad’s concerns with prostate cancer and share with him what I could, even a smile during those uncomfortable conversations. I have a brother, a nephew, my better half, and friends that I saw struggling or are still struggling trying to express themselves or just trying to voice their discomfort because of a ‘macho man’ culture we all lived in. Men’s mental health is also a priority for me, as suicide may not be that far from us as we think. Any help is fundamental, and listening to those long silences is really a way to learn how to help…”

Since joining The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, Stefania has raised over $45,000 for men’s health programs so far. Her fundraising efforts have helped to fund vital research into prostate cancer and provide support for men’s mental health programs.

“I love everything about The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride! I love planning and fundraising, and being a part of the ride. Most importantly for me, it’s a day dedicated to my dad.”

Stefania Schito’s dedication to men’s health issues is an inspiration to us all. Her commitment to raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer research and men’s mental health programs has helped to make a difference in the lives of men around the world. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is lucky to have such a passionate and dedicated supporter, and we can all learn from her example of how we can make a difference in the lives of others.

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