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New Goal!

Saturday 1st

I set a modest goal of $1000 USD for this year. We just passed it - and haven't even gotten into May yet!

I've set a new goal to see this effort throught the next 23 days, leading to the ride day of 23 May. Let's see if we can't get to $2500 USD over the next 3 weeks.

So much gratitude for the love and support so far.

Stay safe. Be kind. Be patient.


More Important Than Ever

Friday 16th

Last year was a stellar year for my DGR fundraising efforts, despite COVID realities. This year won't be.

It is important to me to keep up my efforts for DGR and Movember, however, the new ride date and the current restrictions in Ontario are making things that much harder. Still, it needs to be done. Men's mental health (all mental health) is a real problem currently, and will be more so in times to come.

I have set a modest goal this year of $1000 (USD). Help me keep my efforts going for this fundraising, which I am fully committed to. Hopefully next year we can add events, music and the continued support from small businesses that have been so helpful and generous in years past.

Stay safe, be kind, donate (please).


I'm Riding for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Friday 16th

On Sunday the 23rd of May, I'm riding in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride with fellow men and women across the globe to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health on behalf of Movember.

Men die on average 6 years earlier than women and for largely preventable reasons. The number of men that are suffering is growing, and we need to do something about that. So, before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I'm asking you to join me in raising funds and awareness for these causes by donating what you can for this meaningful cause and to help the men we love, live happier and healthier lives.

My Team - Triumph Motorcycles

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Paul Adler

Andria Warren

Peter Göransson

Jose Oliveira

Giorgio Trombetta

John Domigan

Kevin Holmes

claudio emma

Mauro Sodano

Martin Hawley

Bruno Cubateli

Matthieu Schaar

Mark Bradford

Stefano Rousset

Brian Dewhirst

Peter Burrows

Greg Joseph

Alex Stefanowicz

Jiggs Lee

Stefan Argus

Tade Peetz

Jorge Marcano

Andre Van Bergeijk

Alex Vitoriano Gualberto Pereira

Fulgencio Sanchez

Martin Lin

Brad Knochel

Hans-Günter Müller

Aaron Yorke


ignacio ocaranza

Mike Cain

David Collins

Gilbert Hutton

Jonathan Pierce

Rui Carrasco

René Zografos

Rodolfo Guglielmi

Zoltan Lehel

Dominic O'Connell

Andrés Garcia Suárez


Gunther naeye

Adam Smith

Pete Rowbotham

Géraud Gonzalez

Aled Jones

Andre Fagundes

Javier Domingo

Gauthier Courtois

Shawn Fackler

Alonso Vázquez

Dennis Shpilevsky

Andy Leddington

Michael Humphreys

Mathilda Lassa

charles psarreas

Adam Easy Rider Tenerife

Laurence Nicholson

Andrei Konovalenko

Scott Wheeler

Francisco de Vega del Pozo


Jochen Steinig

Elliot Biggs

Andrianos Gkionis

Roberto Parra

Tony Svoboda

Tim Quinlan


Chris Foran

Douglas Welch

David Brown

Marco von Kölln

Ade Waters

Iain Duthie

Phil Black

Andrea Fantini

johan verbraecken

Carlo Jose

Thierry Joseph


Mike Bailey

Matthew McCaffrey

Martin Bentley

Hendrik Bohne

Ash Ivory

Kleber Soriano de Oliveira

Lars Titland


Sorin Theodor Tanacli

Vincent Galan

Greg Howard

Sebastian Wegendt

Alfredo Reis

Jack Dost

Dode Fraser

Alexandre Figueiredo

Kyle Labre

Scott Luthcke

Sagar Byrishetty

T. Butler

Paloma Lence

Dmitrii Suchkov

Gary Rae

Eddy Piddington

Michael Giss

Peter Wahlby

Thanh Ngoc Tran

Mohammad Annas

Wolfgang Novak

Dave Griffiths


Mihael Herrera

emerson mathias goes

Tim Cannon

Mark Trice

Chris Musgrave

Dmitrii Pechkorin

Timothy Williams

Pawel Okoniewski

Juan Carlos Echegollen Gonzalez

Michiel Schriever

Ben de Mora

Vincenzo Alaia

Cale Smith

Michael Beyrouti

Patrick Keller

Thomas Patzelt

Doodle on a Motorcycle

Lando Tornabene

Barrie Long

Nataly Smith

Stefano Vassena

Mark Lyons

Joko Suyatno

Martin Robinson


Carlos Hernandez

Maxime Grospied

Pablo Martinez

Matt Trevithick

Darren Scott

Malcolm Derrick


Ricardo Enes

Umair Ameen

Sebastiaan Boumans

Javier Gomez Lozano

Ricardo Ribeiro

David Dunkley

Colin Sampson

João Roldão

Poply Nanrhey

Pete Frielinghaus

Paula Enríquez

Rolando Cedeno

Mark Cunningham

Alan Austin

Leonardo Cassano

Simon dapper dick Jackson

Andrei Oboroc

Marco Monciatti

Alessandro Veronese

Max Spanjer

Adriano Silva

Aaron Voir

Robert Morgan

stephane gaillard

Jason Logan


Robert Collins

Terry Keenan

Geremia Piazzolla

Carlos Moreira

Michael Wollmann

Thomas Winter

Alexey Govorko

Sam Calverley

Fabien Hirtz

Brock Sarault

Stephan Balder

Luca Luini

Kat Smoto

Jochen Koop

Kevin Uhl

Shubhankar Lahiri

Sherry Lu

Theodor Sandu

Ricardo Girardelli

Rick Peel

silvio piazzo

Antonio Lozano

Miquel Ferrer

Keith Trusler

Julian Garcia

Gaetano Matarese

Rahul Bhojak

Konstantinos Argyris

Giuseppe Barone

Matias Seijo


Liam Walsh

Thomas White

Jason Holloway

Patrick ROMAN

Carlo Pettinari

John Macdonald

Chuck Warlick

Akhil Muralikrishnan

Maxim Korotkiy

Martyn Maxey

Toshiharu Kasahara

Guido Leonel Villarino Reyes

Ian Jarvis

Kristjan Akkermann

Urs Witprächtiger

Baudouin MARBACH

Juan Carlos Aguilar


Rodger McCarthy

Marc Gimbel

Kathryn Rutkowski

Daniel Pereira

Namik Eker

Daniel Strauß

Thomas Mcmanus

Mats Andreasson

Lee Kind

Mathie Neven

Mark Chichester

Carlos Pereira

Jose Antonio Abad


Tilmann Cronjaeger

Robert Mroczek

Yang Chen

Rafael Garcia

John Kelly

Michael Damschroder

Bob Kukla

Christel Knapen

Raquel Gutierrez

Kris Layson

John Walsh

Liv-Heidi Osland

Rune Røst

Mounir Naffi

Rui Teixeira

Bruno Pellegrini

Angelos Boutsikas

Francis Rojas

John Silvin

Tracy Farr

Andrew Hobin

Enrique Mata Leon

Camilo S. Toro

Christopher Connolly

Paolo Lucarini

Nuno Paulino

Comsa Cosmin

Maurizio Bellini

Ioannis Demertzis

David Workmann

Marlon Oliveira

Rob Carter

Drew S

Tania Borrego

Arthur Requidan

Riccardo Costa

Michael Kuchler

Simone Cheren

Michal Herman

Stephen Lourens


Chenuet Arnaud

Yannick D

Kathleen Hilt

Rodolfo Campa

Mikk Läänemets

Lukas North


Jorge Miguel BAUTISTA

Funaki Yoshihiro

Sébastien Blanché

Andrew Groom

Hiroyuki Nakatani

Frank Berbée

Miguel Angel Navarrete

Timothy Hertig

Valter Cucchi

Detlev Kietzmann

Richard Marler

Thomas Thomas

Israel Vicente Bernal

laurenc riese

Jerold Lucas

David Renwart

Gerardo Flores

Yves Demoulin

Leonardo Annecca

Christopher Becher

My Sponsors

Dave Mccann

$331 USD
Jonathan Hindo

Good luck man!

$172 USD
Skylar Davies

$166 USD

$166 USD
Brock Sarault

$91 USD
Marcus Bodet

Have a good ride!

$86 USD
Howard Sarault

$86 USD
Bill Coles

Great that you're continuing your efforts this year, Brock, in spite of the lower energy all around. I pick a charity each month for Dad to donate to so this will be his May donation. Have a great ride! Sue Coles

$86 USD
Anne Wilson

$86 USD
Alexis Sarault

Safe Riding!

$86 USD
Al Sarault

$84 USD
Mary Stanistreet

Way to go. So proud

$84 USD

$83 USD
Christine Préfontaine Fisk

$83 USD
Ian F.

Class of 91 is proud of you. Ride dapper and safe!

$81 USD
Casey Bradley

$65 USD
April's Contribution From The Patrons Of Morning Owl Manotick

$63 USD
Final Contribution From The Patrons Of Morning Owl Manotick

$49 USD
Kyle Van De Kamp

$43 USD

$43 USD
Catherine Beddall

$43 USD
Alyson Fair

All the best! Donating here because I don’t drink coffee and because my dad died in 2018 from prostate cancer at the age of 69. It hit him aggressively but I am thankful that the doctors put him in a study which allowed him to have genetic testing. It turns out he carried the BRCA2 gene which I subsequently got. More research needs to be done so dads are around a lot longer.

$43 USD
Tracy Poirier

$43 USD

Hi Brock, hope you and the family are all doing well at these difficult times. We are looking forward to when we will be able to travel east again to visit friends & family!

$43 USD
Andrew Grosvenor

$43 USD

$43 USD
David Sutcliffe

$42 USD
David Sutcliffe

$42 USD
David Fisk

Good luck with your drive

$42 USD
Joanne Riddell

All the best in your fundraising this year...

$41 USD
Tanner Shaw

$41 USD
Michaelanne Buckley

$41 USD
Rob Lachapelle

Thanks for being such a Giver Brock! 🙏

$41 USD
Erica Young

$36 USD
More From The Patrons Of Morning Owl Manotick

$30 USD
David Pierce

$21 USD
Allie Hodge

Great job, Brock! Happy to contribute to this cause.

$17 USD
Kelly, Chris, Grace Pezoulas

Wishing you all the best in your fundraising for the DGR once again this year!

$17 USD
Grace Milito

Enjoy the ride, be safe, and THANK YOU!

$17 USD

Good luck brother!

$17 USD
Darwin Tetreault

$17 USD
Quinn Nipius

$17 USD
Tristen Byron

$17 USD

$8 USD
Class Of 91

Bandcamp sale

$8 USD

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