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Thank you to business sponsor Injury Care Associates!

Thursday 2nd May 2024

Huge thank you to Brett De Mooy and Injury Care Associates for their contribution to this charity and sponsoring me as a rider! 


My first ride with DGR was 2023 and Injury Care has graciously given both years to this wonderful cause. Many blessings to Brett and his wonderful staff of dedicated healthcare professionals!

Supporting mental health and suicide prevention along with prostate health

Friday 5th Apr 2024




I wanted to highlight this charity in its entirety. Cancer research and prostate health are extremely important but it also addresses mental health which is equally huge! Whichever side you connect with, or whether both equally ring loudly, this is a great charity!

Straight off the site are links addressing the two issues this charity raises funds for. Please give it a look!

I also encourage you to browse the site and find out more about this charity ride that supports Movember in a global ride with many countries participating.

My personal note about this charity.

Friday 29th Mar 2024

For fellow riders in this charity, I applaud the physical support and donations raised towards this wonderful cause. If you were able to donate or raise funds, one day, God willing a stranger may be in a place to pay it forward because they overcame medical or mental problems because of our kindness and generosity. Remember that even small amounts can add up to become great miracles for others.

To the folks I know, strangers, businesses and all who help support this charity, may God shine His light and peace upon you and return the blessings you give to others.

To the friends and people of the world dealing with cancer and mental health, my efforts are for you. I hope you know you are loved, and the world is a better place for having you in it.

Be distinguished my friends, love yourself, love others. Be kind.

Love your comrade in cause,

Coltin Wilde

Photo is my ESA dog Tin Can who rides in the sidecar with me.

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Melissa McIver

Proud of you and all you do for others!

$225 USD

Brett De Mooy

$208 USD

Robin Bare

Love you Coltin and so proud of you 🥰

$200 USD

Brett K Ford

Great cause so glad you are doing this again!

$104 USD

Andy Burg

$104 USD


Be Safe

$100 USD

Erin Howe

Proud of you, boo!

$90 USD

Coltin Wilde

Let's kick this off! Thank you to everyone who is helping!

$50 USD

Melissa And Alicia

From Jimmy, Alicia and Melissa

$45 USD

Brian And Diana

Cheers, cheers!

$42 USD

Rita Godinez

Way to go Coltin!

$26 USD


$21 USD

Connie Galindo

Thank you for doing this!

$21 USD

Jill Saunderson

$21 USD