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Wednesday 4th

Friends and loved ones, 

In September of 2007, my family experienced a tragedy in the loss of my brother Douglas to suicide. The months leading up to this life changing event, and the years after, were extremely painful and difficult to navigate. Douglas was an avid motorcycle enthusiast, and rode many bikes through his life. After his passing I inherited Doug's last bike, and have ridden it ever since. Throughout the years there have been other men in my life who have struggled with depression, thoughts of and attempts at suicide. The stats on male suicide and depression are staggering, and it's unfortunately very likely most of us have friends and family who've battled with these issues.

This May 22nd, for the fifth year, I'll be joining men and women around the world, riding my brother's bike, in the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride: a motorcycle ride raising funds and awareness for men's health issues - including mental health and suicide prevention, and prostate cancer. For me, this is an opportunity to honor my brother, support men facing these issues, and raise funds to help prevent suicide and other common men's health problems.

Please join me by showing your support for the men in your life - your fathers, your sons, your uncles, your brothers, and friends - by donating to this cause, promoting and/or joining this event.

Thanks so much for your support... Shiny side up!


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David Burris

$1,010 USD
Tcp Mulligian Coallition, Inc

Keep up the great work!!

$510 USD
Boyce & Prizzi - Garden State Home Loans

Love what you're doing...keep up the great work

$510 USD
Matthew & Joanna Prizzi

Shiny Side Up!!

$310 USD
Cynthia Roberts & Tim Moses

$260 USD
Eileen Cecilia

$260 USD
Tom & Nancy Londres

We are with you Dave. Go! - Tom & Nancy Londres

$250 USD

$219 USD
The Kenneys

Out of scotch, thanks to you….

$208 USD
Kathy, Weezie, And Harry

Shiny side up

$208 USD
Mike & Sam Kelly

$208 USD
Dana Gounaris

$208 USD
Dave & Melissa

Ride safe Dave, Thank you for your commitment to this organization.

$200 USD
Brian Carlson

$104 USD
Gillian Sidelsky

$104 USD
Jasi Romero

You're doing good work, brother.

$104 USD
Kelly Fulcher

$104 USD
Christine Perham

$104 USD
Charlie, Andy, Jay Burris

Love you Uncle David!!

$104 USD
Mark Kaltenbach

D Burris- Crush Today!!!

$104 USD
Derek W Mills

love you brother

$104 USD
Tim Monson

For Doug. For you. For us. Love your ass.

$104 USD
Chad Weldon

Go get ‘em man!!! Be with you in spirit comrad

$104 USD
Brian & Christine Catanella

We are always so proud of you Dave, God Bless! - The Catanella’s

$104 USD
Nicholas Brown

$104 USD
Eddie Mellon

$104 USD
Zach Ney

$104 USD
Brad Crowell

$104 USD
Bill Mckinsrrie

$61 USD
Jarrod H

$54 USD
Jessica Siegel

$52 USD
Mike Cavaliere

So proud of you.

$52 USD
Kristine Ives

Sending love your way!

$52 USD
Toby Harnischfeger

For Douglas, gone but not forgotten. Have a great ride David.

$52 USD
Sarah Jordan

Love from Sarah & Connor

$52 USD
Faith Diebel

Love to you, Dave!

$52 USD
Lou Naylor

Be safe Dave 💕Mama Lou

$52 USD
Mark Watson


$52 USD
Sam Lepore

Go Dave! 🤜🤛

$52 USD
Garrett Lowe

Love you, bro.

$52 USD
Jimmy & Jessica Stoffey

Our favorite MC

$52 USD
Jim Dugan

$52 USD
Vanessa Bernardo

$52 USD
Brad Button

Much love to you and your family! Have a great ride!

$52 USD
Elizabeth Sencindiver

Love love love

$52 USD
Liz Patterson

$52 USD
Patrick Byrnes

Love ya buddy!

$52 USD
Jonathan Fonash

$52 USD
Christine Dash

$50 USD
Adam Melson

Great cause, have a great ride

$36 USD
Liezel Thompson

Proud of you!

$31 USD
Elizabeth Moore

$30 USD
Jennifer Otoole

$21 USD
Brett & Sarah Walker

Have a great ride! We love supporting this cause and you <3

$21 USD
Rachel Burns

Love you and this amazing cause. Best of luck! -Rachel

$21 USD
Robert Colombo

$21 USD
Amy Elizabeth Hermanns

$21 USD
Emily Greenberg

$21 USD
Douglas Sell, Jr

Love you, David. It's an honor to be your friend.

$21 USD
Alice Navarre

$21 USD
Chris Balch

Love you guys, hope yall had a great ride. Chris Balch

$21 USD
Loren Foster

Sending my love to you and your family.

$21 USD

$20 USD
Joshua S.

God Bless you, David! We love you!

$20 USD