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DGR 2019... Hazaah!

Posted on Sunday 11th

A distinguished gentleman is a man whose confidence in his own decisions is only rivaled by his humility and propensity to improve.

Trucking along in my sixth year of participation in this generous affair, I hope to reach my goal of $1000 for 2019. With your donations, men who suffer from prostate cancer, suffer from mental disorders, contemplate suicide or ignore their health may fair better odds acquiring the help they deserve! On September 29th, 2019, I will dress my fanciest, act my dandiest, and ride my air-cooled iron steed in the Cleveland ride for the DGR. Thank you for any and all generosity.



Daniel A Morgan

My Sponsors

Kenny & Haley

$104 USD
Kate & Mike

We're only supporting you because you are going to "dress your fanciest AND act your dandiest." Just one of them wouldn't have been enough. ~ Kate Miller and Mike Pettek

$104 USD
Cindi Lacombe

Thanks for doing this for a great cause.

$104 USD
Richard Speicher

$50 USD
Debby Cornell

Good luck!

$50 USD
Steve Shein

$50 USD
Jessica Bojc

$21 USD
Daniel Morgan

$20 USD
Caitlyn Miller

$16 USD
Morgan Benedict

Eager to see your attire this year

$10 USD

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