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Saturday 6th Apr 2024

Today I commence my 9th Gentleman's Ride.  Every year I start a little later but I haven't loss my passion for this wonderfull event.  I'm back again this year as a co host in Melbourne alongside David Chet, Dane Hitchins and Allan Reardon.

$10k always seems like a lofty fundraising target when you start of with $36 but always humbled by people's genorisity to improve mens mental health and prostate cancer research.T

Together we've raised over $60k in eight years. Since 2012, DGR has raised over $46M USD.  This year there will be over 878 rides in 102 countries globally all riding together for the same cause.

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Mark Brown QBE Donation Match

$2,675 USD

QBE Peer Match

$231 USD

Adrian Wrathall

All the best for the ride and good work on keeping this going

$172 USD

Peter Coloca

Well done on another year mate, enjoy the ride!

$138 USD

Anne & Sam

Impressive dedication to this great charity. Wishing you great success in fundraising and a fun, fun ride.

$137 USD

Jake Caine

Awesome work, mate!

$136 USD

Walter Brown

Always happy to support this charity, thank you and all the others that put the effort in to raise money for this very important charity.

$135 USD

Tom Brown

$135 USD

Jason Scheltus

All the best Mark

$135 USD

Hilary Whiteley

Stay tweedy! Hillsx

$93 USD

John Rinkin

Nice work mate. Awesome stuff.

$69 USD

Ben Webb

$68 USD

Emily Coloca

$68 USD

Margaret McDonald

$67 USD

Greg Gibson

Great effort Mark.

$67 USD

Josh Gibson

Well done mark, great work mate

$67 USD

Bill Larsen

Well done again Mark Great cause

$67 USD

Joan Edwards

$67 USD

Rich And Geertje

$67 USD

Otter's Promise

$67 USD

Sue/Noel Gilbert

$66 USD

Cliff Overton

There you go buddy!

$65 USD

Debbie Gabreal

$64 USD

Olga Votzourakis

$64 USD

Rich & Gen

$35 USD

Adriana Rotondi

Hi Mark, Awesome effort with the cause and fundraising. All the best for the 2024 Gentlemens Ride.

$35 USD

Damian Rousch

Great stuff mate and for a cause that's close to my heart! Four wheels move the body; two wheels move the soul...

$35 USD

Ruth Malaspina

$34 USD

Andrew Tweeddale

Hope the ride goes well Big Boss!

$34 USD

Tracey Said

Happy to make QBE put their hand in their pockets!

$34 USD

Ankit Gulati

Inspiring! Great work, Mark!

$34 USD

Victoria Bismire

$34 USD

Margaret Dougan

Great work ,Mark!

$34 USD

Maria Kamnorokis

Excellent work Mark!

$34 USD

Stephen Briggs

Can anyone look more dapper on a bike…unlikely!

$34 USD

Sarah Fisken

Ride well you distinguished hound. Great job with this!

$34 USD

Cam Lappin

$34 USD

Ali Jun

I’ll always support you! Camp counselors unite!

$34 USD

Gregor McNab

$34 USD

Helen Anderson

Great cause-good luck

$33 USD

Peter De Luca

Great cause!

$33 USD

Scott Brown

$33 USD

David Hamilton

Good luck mate, hope you're well

$33 USD

Brad Cooper

$32 USD

Ginetta Vitale

Such a great cause well done

$28 USD

Lina Lovehagen

$27 USD

Liz Charter

$27 USD

Mark Brown

$24 USD

Jamie Garantziotis

Well done on your continued efforts to support such an important charity and cause mate. Have a great ride on Sunday!

$21 USD

Therese Glover

Awesome effort on the fundraising MB, a charity that is close to my heart.

$21 USD

Tamara Robert

$20 USD

Jacinta Chisholm

$17 USD

Sumit Munjal

$17 USD

Agnes Vinh

$16 USD

Pushpa Bhudia

Good luck Mark!

$14 USD

Kate, Troy And Harriette

Best of luck Mark! Well done on another successful year for such meaningful causes.

$14 USD

Caroline Brand

Good on you Mark

$14 USD


$14 USD

Jessica Rees

$14 USD

Eirene Raymundo

$14 USD


$14 USD

Claire & Ned BG

On ya Mark!

$14 USD

Kathleen Matthies

Hello Mark, Wishing you and all the others all the best on the ride. Here's hoping you reach your goal

$13 USD

Rebecca Kerin

Ride safe and have fun xx

$13 USD

Daytona Hill

$13 USD

Biff Barramundi

Keep up the great work Mark

$4 USD

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