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We have a winner!!!

Posted on Friday 27th

This year it will be the same bike as last year. A favourite with everybody.....

Which one will it be.......

Posted on Thursday 19th

As the day is getting closer, the time is passin]g to male the decision as to which bike will be joining me on the ride.

This weekend, both will be getting a clean and polish.

lets see who meets the mark ....

Lazy Sunday

Posted on Tuesday 17th

3 weeks to go!!........

Posted on Wednesday 11th

Hola hello,

Another week has passed us by and we are getting closer to the ride. Really forward to the day now.
This year has been quite a build up to the event, with some very sad news of people that I actually know taking their own lives. It's one thing reading about somebody that you don’t know but when it is so much closer to home, It has really made me sit back and think.
The statistics that I read this week was that over 13 men per day, on average took their own lives in the Uk in 2018. Over 4,700 men, The Uk alone….How is this possible, that you arrive at the conclusion that it is the only way out. So so sad situation to find yourself in.
It makes me fell more passionate about this event and the reason / projects behind it.
Any way, sorry about that but had to get it off of my chest.
The update….
Spent a day in Palma with my boys yesterday, that was an experience!!
One wants to buy everything that he sees / touches, the other one won’t even buy what he needs…
So George has now decide on his outfit for this years ride…..
I think the fact that he has started watching peaky blinders may have slightly influenced this year’s outfit….
Unfortunately, you will have to wait for my photo has this is as far as I have got…….
And it all may change within the next two weeks…..
The next thing will be to decide on which bikes we do the ride on????
Maybe we should have a vote……...

I'm back.....

Posted on Monday 2nd

Hi everybody, 

We are all finally back from our summer breaks and holidays.

So now back to work and organising for this years ride. This weeks job to do is to sort out the outfit for this years ride.

George is getting excited about joining in the fun this year as am I....will keep you all up to date with progress on the outifts as they come together.....




Next generation....

Posted on Thursday 1st

congratulations are due to my son George, who this week has passed his 125cc motorbike test. So now two generations of Aplins will be taking part in this year’s DGR.

It feels very strange that my little boy will be riding next to me on the 29thof September.

This year the route is a little different, but still aroumd Palma and looks to be good fun.

He actually stopped on it long enough for somebody to take the picture!!! 🤣😂

And so it begins.......

Posted on Monday 29th

Well, the wait is finally over. The start of the DGR 2019 ride is under way. after last years experience, I am really looking forward to this years event. With a new bike addeed to the collection, it makes the choice a little harder as to which bike will apear this year. So be prepared for the onslaught of photos etc and I look forward to ypour support and donations along the way.


speak soon x x x

Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Monday 29th

On Sunday the 29th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

I'm riding with Pollensa Property Management

View my team page

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Lenke Michael

Regards Michael & Brigitte

$345 USD
Paul & Sara Rowley

$230 USD
Tony Darsey

Good luck you saucy .........!!

$222 USD
Susanne Rodemann

Go for it Martin!!! It will be such a great event and this time the most special one: together with your son!

$171 USD
The Marstons

$167 USD

$166 USD
George Richards

Great to see you taking part again.

$166 USD
George Miller

Ok, you got me!! I'm in.

$165 USD
Bernard David

Bringing my helmet with me in September!

$116 USD
Andrew Priest

Good luck.

$115 USD
Nicholas & Beverley

Good Luck to all the riders

$115 USD
Andy, Debbie & Charlotte Hamblin

No.1 & 10 in Spain; congratulations guys, enjoy the ride together & keep up the good work for a great cause!!

$115 USD
Martin Rue

Wish was riding too !

$114 USD
Darren Hamblin

Well done, good luck mate

$114 USD
Garth Pickup

$114 USD
Les Warren

$111 USD
Wesley Mahoney

Good luck ya big bollock!!!

$110 USD
Lizzie Preston

You haven’t done the ride already have you ?

$110 USD

Every little helps

$99 USD

Did promise to donate the winnings from the golf tour.....all to a good cause.

$79 USD

Good luck.

$70 USD
Jennifer Street

Good luck Martin. Jennifer and Giulio Ciarrocca

$69 USD
Diana Lowry

Good luck Martin, time to start growing that moustache! Love from mum x

$69 USD
Amy Radel

Best wishes to you and George from The Radels.

$69 USD
William Stock

Great cause, well done

$67 USD

$66 USD
Steve & Sarah Jones

Have a great day

$57 USD
Mike Noblett

Good luck and enjoy guys, Mike x

$57 USD
Nicola Bayford

Enjoy the ride and well done for raising so much so far for a fantastic cause.

$57 USD
Stephen & Sarah Jones

Got to make that target!

$57 USD
Steven James

$55 USD
Catalina Vanrell

$55 USD
Tracy Mallett White

te quiero mucho

$55 USD
Toni Cifre Caneves

$55 USD

$49 USD
Elizabeth Aplin

Enjoy, I’m very proud of you, you are amazing x x

$46 USD

$46 USD
Kevin Aplin

$46 USD
Claire Trelford

For a friend who is dying with prostate cancer at only 58 ..thank you.

$46 USD
Edward Anderson

$45 USD
Martin Aplin

$35 USD
Simon Vincent

All the best Martin. I am sure you will enjoy the day.

$35 USD
Kirsti Bradbury

$34 USD
Sky Mark

It’s not a lot, but it all helps. Don’t forget to big me up!!!! 👍🏽🤣👍🏽🤣

$33 USD
Carol Brown

Best wishes and happy to help for such a worthy cause X

$29 USD
Paul Webb

Good luck for good cause

$23 USD
Paul Miler

Good luck & hope you survive !!!!

$23 USD
Deena Currie

$23 USD
Darren Brent

Good luck mate

$23 USD
Paddy Murphy

Good luck, best wishes, Paddy

$23 USD
Jayne Conyerd

$23 USD
Mark Harrington

which Shelby are you going to be, Tommy or Arthur ?

$23 USD
Tim Cole

$23 USD
Belinda Tyler

Enjoy guys x

$23 USD
William Jones

$23 USD
Janine Hooper

Well done Martin!!

$23 USD
Anna Edward

$22 USD
Tom Carrod

Good luck! Enjoy! Great cause.

$22 USD
Glen Sweeney

Good on ya.

$22 USD
John Waterhouse

$22 USD
Paul Gardner

great cause, and really impressed with your commitment. we'll done mate.

$17 USD
Lee & Sarah Rickard

Well done Martin & George x

$17 USD
Matt Whitelock

Another year for you crazy riders... look forward to all the updates.

$12 USD

$11 USD

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