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Please support our ride to fund prostate cancer research and men's mental health.

Thursday 24th

On Sunday, May 22, 2022, we are riding from Cross Country Powersports in Metuchen to raise funds for prostate cancer research and men's mental health. This is the 11th annual Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, and the 8th time Cross Country has organized the ride here in New Jersey.

Overall the rides have raised $31.6 million for these worthy causes. HERE IN METUCHEN we have had nearly 1,300 riders, and raised nearly $165,000!!!

We are asking you to join us in raising funds and awareness for these causes by donating what you can for this meaningful cause and to help the men we love, live happier and healthier lives.

Thank you… Stu


My Sponsors

Sharon Segal

$208 USD
Stu Segal

$200 USD
Samantha Lee Segal, Esquire

$130 USD
Jimmy Sica

Good luck, raise a lot of $, and be safe......

$104 USD
Rashmika Segal

$104 USD
Lynn Tillman

$104 USD

Happy to support a great cause! Ride on!

$104 USD
Stephen Segal, Valya Lupescu, And Family

Have a great ride!

$104 USD
Cheryl Farren

Have a GREAT RIDE Stu! For a very worthy cause!

$104 USD
Richard Menziuso

Enjoy the ride with such distinguished gentleman!

$104 USD
Tara Dalton

Have fun Looking dapper !!😊

$52 USD
Anthony Noto

Have a great ride Stu!

$52 USD
Laurie Green

Ride Safe.

$52 USD
Joe And Gay Haldeman

$52 USD

$52 USD
Michelle Mctamney

$52 USD
David Sheldon

Have a great time!

$52 USD
Kathleen Simon

Hi Stu. I look forward to seeing some great coverage of this meaningful event!

$52 USD
Sean Magrann

My Honor Stu, ride safely

$50 USD
Luke Kwon

What a good cause, Stu. Pls ride safely and enjoy! -Sgt. Luke Kwon

$50 USD
Chris Bingham

Hope the sun is shining up there in NJ. Have a good ride for a good cause.

$50 USD
Martin Ongteco

Enjoy the ride!

$31 USD

$26 USD
Vicki Neander

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause. Have a safe ride.

$26 USD
David Repici

a great cause and be safe!

$26 USD
Gwen & Leonard Roseman

$25 USD
Justin Barba

$21 USD
James Mann

$21 USD
John Sloan

$21 USD
Stu Segal

$10 USD

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