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I'm Riding for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Thursday 31st On Sunday the 22nd of May 2022, I'm riding in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride with fellow men and women across the globe to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health on behalf of Movember. Men die on average 6 years earlier than women and for largely preventable reasons. The number of men that are suffering is growing, and we need to do something about that. So, before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I'm asking you to join me in raising funds and awareness for these causes by donating what you can for this meaningful cause and to help the men we love, live happier and healthier lives.

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$1,427 USD
Abedian Foundation

$720 USD
Next Level Racing

Great work! From Hess & Tony at next Level Racing

$358 USD
Susan Ng

For such a wonderful cause Rob love from the Accorneros

$358 USD
Todd Gogol

Go get ‘em Boz - love your work!

$179 USD
Jordan Hickey

$150 USD
Nicholle Duce

All the best Rob for such a great cause. Nicholle & Dean

$149 USD
Realspace Creative Pty Ltd - Architects

Go Rob! Proud to support a great cause and a great individual

$149 USD
Mohammed Sharif

Happy to support, all the best Rob.. you are doing a great job.

$147 USD
Jonathan Pitt

Great cause good luck!

$144 USD
Ben And Tom Skubris

All the best for a great ride Rob!! I would stop working from home and go back to the office in that suit mate👊

$143 USD


$141 USD
Helenas Espresso

What an amazing cause and a job well done. Super proud

$137 USD
Philip Simpson

Good on you, Rob. Look forward to seeing your outfit.

$135 USD
Simon Chan

Good work Rob!

$115 USD
Ian Bloemendal

Rob - a worthy cause. Have a great ride.

$112 USD
Grant Harrison

$111 USD
Shayne Hegarty

Great cause Boz…happy to support and best wishes

$109 USD

$101 USD

Good luck Bos

$79 USD
Marie Bosiljevac

Awesome work Rob!

$78 USD
Jo Keen

You are an inspiration Boz!

$77 USD
Hayley O’loughlin

Go Boz - well done for bringing more awareness to a great cause.

$77 USD
Guy Farrands

Go Bos!

$76 USD
Jason Whittley

$75 USD
Igor Prgomet

$75 USD
The Petty Family

Ride like the win Rob!

$75 USD
Reece Corbet-wilkins

$75 USD
Clinton Ford

Rob congratulations on top 5 Ride well much love T & C

$75 USD
Peter Ball

Well done Rob.

$74 USD

attendance at farr cup this year amy / may not help with my mental health

$74 USD
Mark Irwin

Good luck Rob. Ride safely.

$73 USD
Jamie Bolic

Well done Rob. Enjoy the ride!

$73 USD
Fisser Medical

Good luck Rob!

$73 USD
Elisha Parsons

Such a wonderful cause. Hi Rob x

$73 USD
Andreas Antoniou

Thanks for supporting a good cause Rob!

$73 USD
Dave Brown

I want to see photos Rob, especially the Vespa..!

$73 USD
Kris Wellen

Way to go, Rob!

$73 USD
John O’dor

All the best with the ride mate! Enjoy the beer afterwards

$73 USD
Michael Vinodolac

Great work Boz 👍

$73 USD
David Nematalla

Good work Bos !!

$73 USD
Desi Kuzmanovic

All the best mate

$73 USD
Jason Buckland

60° lean angles please.

$73 USD
Jamie Rule

You’re gunna look incredible mate!

$72 USD
Clare Minahan

Nice work Rob. Enjoy your ride.

$72 USD
Jonathan Fogarty

Please stay upright..and fabulous!

$72 USD
Riaz Rezvani

$72 USD

Very proud of you son

$71 USD
Lydia Bosiljevac

$71 USD
Chris Stride

$71 USD
James Rayner

$70 USD
Joe Welch

Go Boz-marn

$69 USD
Greg Hallam

Great Golden Phoenix! Ride well! Ride wilde!

$47 USD

good work Rob!

$39 USD
Peter Bodley

$39 USD
Michael Bosiljevac

$39 USD

Keep up the good work

$38 USD
Antonia Crompton

Great cause Rob, thanks for speaking up.

$38 USD
Wayne Salmond

All the very best Rob :)

$38 USD
Charles Irving

Great stuff mate, well done.

$38 USD
Josh Henderson

Go Rob Bos!

$38 USD
Mike Donovan

Definitely the most stylish gentleman I know.

$38 USD

Luv u bruv

$37 USD
Hangin' Judge

$37 USD
Carolyn Cross

Well done Rob, can't wait to see you in all your sartorial splendour.

$37 USD
Debby Dryden

$37 USD

Way to go Rob!

$37 USD
Greg Smith

Rob - a great cause & great work!

$37 USD
Teresa Lucas

Great cause Rob.

$37 USD
Tess Lye

$37 USD
Catherine Blackman

Amazing work Rob! Good luck.

$37 USD
Jonathon Marsh Williams

Great cause Rob. Good on you.

$37 USD
Jamie Gordon Ggi Architects

Bit of Gas Money.... Hope its Dry

$37 USD
Steven Pileggi

$37 USD
Marcus Creighton

Good on you Rob!

$37 USD

$37 USD
Monica Harley

Love your work Boz!

$37 USD
Mike And Jen Hutchens

Awesome work Rob!!

$36 USD
Dave Saba

Go Rob Boz!

$36 USD
Veronica & John Weber

Well done, Rob!

$36 USD

Great work.

$36 USD
Kieran Olsen

$36 USD
Sue Smith

Proud of you Rob ! 😘

$36 USD
Robert Johnson

$35 USD
Sian Keast

Photos please Rob! Have a great ride.

$35 USD
Mr David D Mason

Go well, Rob👍

$35 USD
Paul M

$35 USD
Robert Bosiljevac

$22 USD
Andrew Bellinger

$16 USD
Lavinia Moore

agree, worthy cause Rob. happy to help out.

$15 USD
Kirsty Nielsen

Another year of great work Rob! Thank you for raising awareness & funds.

$15 USD
Neil Buckley

$15 USD
Lisa Taylor

Go Rob! Such a great cause!

$15 USD
Harry Randhawa

$15 USD
Claire Engle

Good Luck!!!

$15 USD
Robert Febo

Enjoy the ride for a great cause Boz!

$15 USD
Lou Duggan

$15 USD
Nina Lee

$15 USD
Karen Treacy

Great work Rob!!

$15 USD
Jon Morgan

Great work for a great cause Rob!

$15 USD
Tony Gorry

From one brother to another… Love your work Boz!

$14 USD
Tom Lyons

$14 USD
Zoe Morgan

All the best for the ride, Rob.

$7 USD
Ann Dolan

Well done Rob, such a great cause.

$7 USD

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