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The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Friday 4th

On Sunday 24 September, Jakub and l along with our fellow men and women across the globe will be taking part in "The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride".  Dressed in our finest attire, we will ride together with the aim of raising global awareness towards prostate cancer and men's mental health.

However before we embark on this journey, we need your help and generosity in donating what you can for this worthy cause as well as help us reach our goal.

Your donation will be greatly appreciated!

My Sponsors

Thank you for all the donations thus far!


Kevin Mccabe

Sandra, Go for it!! Cheers, Kevin & Susan



Well done and have a great time!


Rachel Lim

Go Sandra!


Tara Cahill


Kellie Sinagoga


Margaret Crook

Great work Sandra, it's definitely a worthy cause


Pauline Biboudis

Good Luck.xxx


Terry Winder


Tuang Meng Boh

Donation from Dennis Boh


Siew Lan Wong

Donation from Stella Wong Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do good deed.



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