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2022 Leiden Ride

Monday 23rd

This year's ride has been done, I rode in Leiden and what a great day!!


Many thanks to the organiser Johan and offcourse to all my sponsors/supporters!


Next year again!

Scrambler time!

Monday 16th

Here it is! The bike (aka Misty) has arrived and will be used next week!!


It is a BMW R NineT Scrambler


Wednesday 11th

I have moved from Rotterdam ride to the new Leiden Ride.


Leiden is much more in my backyard, closer to home than Rotterdam, and although riding around with more than 200 bikes, I prefer the smaller scale with the Leiden crew!


10 more days!!

Scrambler is here!

Tuesday 10th

So my bike (BMW R NineT Scrambler) is here, waiting for the registration process to be completed, looking/hoping to pick it up on Sat 14th...


Just in time for the DGR!!


I just love it when a plan comes together!

Local news article

Friday 29th

To share the cause we went and got interviewed by the local newspaper...


Not much but it was fun to do!!

Still going strong!

Wednesday 27th

Again thank you for all your support,... just want to highlight a few supportes, local to Wassenaar:

Grote Beer bv

Bait beachclub

Thanks very much for your support!

Thank youuuu!!

Thursday 14th

So it is going so well that I have upped my goal to 5,000$...

So far many thanks to you all that have contributed and supported the cause.

Still a few more donations in the pipeline... I will ask again if you promised!!

Let's Ride!

And we are off!!

Thursday 24th

No ride in The Hague this year, may organise something in Wassenaar if I can get a few people together there...

Hopefully will be riding on my new BMW Scrambler, due beginning of May!


Join our team as we ride for The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride!

Thursday 24th On Sunday the 22nd May 2022, we are teaming up to ride in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride with fellow men and women across the globe to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health on behalf of Movember. Men die on average 6 years earlier than women and for largely preventable reasons. The number of men that are suffering is growing, and we need to do something about that. So, before we press our tweed and polish our boots, we are asking you to join us in raising funds and awareness for these causes by donating what you can for this meaningful cause and to help the men we love, live happier and healthier lives.

My Sponsors


succes !

$287 USD
Christian Taal

$166 USD
Mohd Ali

Born to ride, ride em well!

$164 USD

Best of Luck, From all at RPG

$136 USD
Alex Roell

Ha Robert, veel succes in je strijd tegen prostaatkanker! Chopper het de wereld uit... Greetz, Alex

$133 USD
Shayne Dustin

$115 USD
John Van Sliedregt

Oil the wheels and enjoy the ride!

$115 USD
Mark Wilburn

Don’t forget to post some pictures from the day (and your new bike!!)

$111 USD
Robert Ooms

$110 USD
Tyne Archer

Good luck with ride Chopperbob!

$110 USD
Garth Pickard

Good luck on the ride Robert.

$110 USD
Mark & Joanne

Robert, great cause, thank you for raising the awareness again 👍

$108 USD

Hv Fun & Keep it Up!

$97 USD
Ian Bartlett

Good luck mate, hope it stays dry!

$83 USD


$82 USD
Steve Mcwilliam

Keep it rubber side down Robert!

$82 USD
Peter Miller

I hope things are opening up well after Covid. We are still waiting for spring weather.

$69 USD
Stephen Pylat

Safe ride my brother!

$69 USD

Go Misty!

$69 USD

$69 USD

$68 USD

Best of luck

$68 USD
Vi C. Van Der Bliek

Ride-On Robert !

$67 USD
Hui Jiang

Safe ride, Robert.

$66 USD
Gerard Walls

What about the Harley?

$66 USD
Ronald Mientjes

Keep the rubber side down

$66 USD
William John Downie

$66 USD
Harry Velde

Good luck and enjoy the ride - be aware of cyclists!

$66 USD
Mark Hawkins

$66 USD
Paul Winn

$65 USD
Glück Auf!

$57 USD

Succes kerel!

$56 USD

Glück Auf!

$55 USD
Guy R

$55 USD
Taco Hoekstra

Go Robert!

$55 USD
Malcolm B

Have a good one

$55 USD
Will Franklin

That bike is sick!! Good luck, and stay safe!

$54 USD
Hans Nijkamp

Geniet van de rit. Rotterdam is weer eens wat anders.

$54 USD
Eppo Vnts

Gochop Robert Chopgo

$53 USD


$53 USD
John Oyewole

$52 USD
Tom Morris

Well done. Ride safe.

$47 USD
Jonathan Corcutt

$46 USD

Photos required!!

$46 USD
Robbert Berghuis

$46 USD

Enjoy the ride!

$46 USD
Jan Jansen

$46 USD

Succes Robert, geniet van de tocht op je nieuwe bike!

$46 USD
Wouter Botermans

$45 USD
Yeny Pérez

$45 USD
Piet-hein Timp

Succes Robert!

$44 USD
Marjan Van Loon

$44 USD
Lisa And Brian

Great cause Robert. Ride well and enjoy!

$44 USD
Chris Leuranguer

$44 USD
Dan Streetman

Great cause, and looks like great fun. Enjoy.

$42 USD
Jacques Spee

veel succes

$38 USD
Jan-philip Wassenaar

Mooi doel. Veel plezier

$36 USD
Gerrit Vriezen

$29 USD
Angela Jamieson

Great cause, have fun!

$29 USD
Jw Van Der Lee

Super you are doing this once again Robert!

$28 USD
Madelon Nijman

Veel succes Robert!

$27 USD
Jolanda Van Hout

$23 USD
Willem Rombauts

$23 USD
Will Paton

Well done Bob.

$23 USD
Jacqueline & Fred Van Der Geest

Succes Robert!

$23 USD

Succes, Robert. Mooi doel.

$23 USD
John Cole

Good luck Robert.

$23 USD
Maarten Bunnik


$23 USD
Charlie Mitchell

Good luck!

$23 USD

$23 USD
Vicky Brouwer-carew

$23 USD
Chuck Buehler

Have a great ride!

$23 USD
Andrew Hampson

$23 USD
Laurens Ooms

Send it!!

$22 USD

$22 USD
Aashish Vishnoi

All the best mate!

$22 USD
Rm Vk

I hope to see you on that BMW bike ;-)

$22 USD
Matthijs Van Der Molen

$22 USD
Eric Hoek

$22 USD
Daan Van Der Graaf

Succes! 🤟🏼

$22 USD
Hidde Eysink Smeets

Succes Robert!

$22 USD
Vivian Bieseman

Good luck

$22 USD

Mooi initiatief Robert, Succes!

$22 USD
Manuel Gonzalez

$22 USD

$22 USD
Philip Sandiford


$22 USD
Mark Wharton

Success Robert and ride safely, enjoy !!

$16 USD
André Kooijman

$11 USD
Sidney Amsterdam Ride

Robert, respect voor jouw volharding. Veel plezier vandaag in Leiden!

$11 USD


$11 USD

Enjoy the ride

$11 USD

$10 USD

$6 USD

$5 USD

Local Ride Sponsors