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What a day!

Tuesday 21st May 2024

What a great and beautiful day!!


Loevely ride and met lovely people, with lovely weather!!

Well organised and still getting some late donations!!


Thanks to all whom have supported me, and you know it, I will be back next year!

Another Milestone

Monday 13th May 2024

Wow.... thanks to all of you I have now raised more than $30,000 for this cause over the since 2017 (8 rides).


Thank you all so much!!!


Another update

Wednesday 8th May 2024

Wow!!! Best year sofar!!

So close to reaching my target for this year and breaching 30k$ cumulative!!

Thank you all so much for your support!


A few weeks to go

Wednesday 1st May 2024


Thanks very much, we have a few weeks to go, so if you are visiting my page and reading this, please help make a donation! I am nearly at my target of 6,000$ for this year.

Should I aim for $30,000 cumulative funds raised over the last 8 years? 

And this is all because all y'all helped me tremendously!!

VERY Grateful

Half way there!!

Monday 15th Apr 2024


Thanks very much for the donation, good thing I turned 60! Makes a good way of providing presents!!

Half way to my goal, I think this is going to work!!

Very grateful for your contributions!


Thursday 4th Apr 2024

Thanks for the donations, I reached a milestone od 25,000$ raised over the last 8years! So grateful for all the support from family(!), friends and colleagues!!!

I will keep pestering you for making donations, there is still much to be done in this field!



Saturday 23rd Mar 2024

As I am celebrating my 60th anniversary this year, I am hoping to raise 6,000$


please help me by making a donation!!!


I have chosen to ride in Leiden again this year!

I'm Riding for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Friday 22nd Mar 2024 On Sunday the 19th of May 2024, I'm riding in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride with fellow men and women across the globe to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health on behalf of Movember. Men die on average 6 years earlier than women and for largely preventable reasons. The number of men that are suffering is growing, and we need to do something about that. So, before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I'm asking you to join me in raising funds and awareness for these causes by donating what you can for this meaningful cause and to help the men we love, live happier and healthier lives.

My Sponsors


Happy Birthday ! And keep on doing the good work 👌

$614 USD

Gerard Walls

Enjoy your veteran celebratory ride

$326 USD

Arjan Van Schaik

$280 USD


Huge well done Mr Ooms!! From all at RPG!!

$266 USD

Kevin Fearnley

Hi Robert sorry a little late with the donation, well done for another year and another milestone

$169 USD

Vi Van Der Bliek

$168 USD

APM Van Der Harten

$167 USD

Charles Arentsen

Robert, altijd steun voor goed doel!

$166 USD

Wouter Botermans

$163 USD

Jolijn Verhagen

Lieve Robert, Van harte. Van Jacques 💞 en mij.

$130 USD

Bob Van Heijst

Goedemorgen Robert, tussen de bedrijven door wat tijd gevonden om te doneren. Groet Bob.

$113 USD

JP Bekkering

Good initive Robert

$113 USD

Mark & Joanne

Robert, as always thank you for raising the awareness of men's (with/without apostrophe? :-)). A really important message !

$112 USD


ROBERT, Great cause and congratulations on the impact you have had over the years.

$112 USD

Luke Schauerte

Keep it up Robert, appreciate your passion for men’s health!

$111 USD

Ronald Mientjes

You are a good man Robert

$111 USD

Harry Van Der Velde

Erg goed dat je dit elk weer doet! Succes.

$111 USD


Excellent cause and very worth while supporting. Good luck with the ride.

$111 USD

M&M Prins

$111 USD

John Van Sliedregt

Congrats - keep rolling…..

$111 USD

Will Franklin

Congrats! Sorry to be late, but glad to see you met your target, even without me. Happy B-day!

$109 USD

Jan Ho-eve

Goed doel. Ben net een half jaar geleden geopereerd (vanwege ouderdom gelukkig). Ook net jarig geweest: 75! Dus het overgemaakte bedrag laat zich makkelijk raden. Keep up the good work

$84 USD

Yves Slagmulder

En vast gefeliciteerd Robert!

$69 USD

Alex Röell

Van harte, Robert!!! 60 is een mooie leeftijd en mogen er nog zeker 40 op volgen, in de gym en op de motor!

$68 USD

Jolanda Van Hout

$68 USD


Ride on Chopper Bob

$68 USD

Family Downunder

Happy 60th. Enjoy !

$68 USD


Gefeliciteerd Robert!

$68 USD

Hans Nijkamp

Van harte gefeliciteerd en nog vele gezonde jaren erbij!

$68 USD

Robbert Berghuis

Voor je verjaardag

$68 USD

Freek & Willy

Robert, van harte gefeliciteerd met je 60e verjaardag en met jullie trouwdag :-)

$67 USD


Riding this year in Philadelphia!! Thanks to you for introducing me to the group.

$67 USD


$67 USD

Christophe Leuranguer

$67 USD

Aashish & Bipasha

Happy 60th!

$67 USD

Ad Ooms

Ad en Mariette wensen je veel succes en een fine verjaardag!

$67 USD

Steve And Lina Pylat

Ride safe my brother

$67 USD

Sieward Veeman

Happy birthday & good work!

$67 USD

Mattijn Buwalda

Kjør fort, men trygt!

$66 USD


Happy Birthday Robert! Thanks for raising the awareness of men's health. Good luck with the ride.

$66 USD

Robert Ooms

$65 USD

Jan Brakel

$65 USD

Raoul S

Goede actie!!

$64 USD

G Ibbens

Good stuff!

$64 USD

Frans & Sylvian

Gefeliciteerd. Ooit rijd ik met je mee op de Moto Mucci, maar eerst nog even de compressie (en andere zaken) fixen

$59 USD

Walter En Kim

Gefeliciteerd met je 60ste. Mooi doel

$56 USD



$56 USD

Ali Martin

Great effort with the fundraising Robert!

$56 USD


Well done for raising funds and awareness on these important topics for male well being.

$56 USD

WJ Scholten

Blijven doen!

$53 USD

Francois Dorleans

Ride safe, thanks for helping men’s health

$45 USD

John Cole

Well done Robert!

$45 USD

Caroline En Jippe Van Eijnatten

Gefeliciteerd Robert! Have a good one..

$45 USD

Tycho & Oukje


$45 USD

Maikel Ooms

Geniet van de rit!

$45 USD

Madelon Nijman

Alvast gefeliciteerd, Robert.

$45 USD


$45 USD

Peter Miller

$44 USD


Go Robert! Eat my dust, you dust eaters...

$44 USD

Jack Heng

All the very best and doing this for a very good cause!

$44 USD

Ken Marnoch

$44 USD

William Hansmeyer

Have a great Ride! Good luck.

$43 USD

Eric Hoek

Veel succes met dit goede doel Robert!

$37 USD

James Owens

Super effort!

$34 USD

Ian Petitt

Keep the speed down.

$33 USD

Tom Morris

Ride safe. Good for you!

$32 USD


congrats, B

$28 USD

Karel Jacobs

$28 USD

Frank Maartense

Robert, Great cause that serves us all! Have a nice ride and see you in our Noorden! Auf! Frank

$28 USD

William John Downie

$28 USD


Gefeliciteerd met je 60e verjaardag!

$28 USD

Kevin Kelly

$27 USD

Maxim Kamst

Glück Auf, der Steiger kommt, und er hat sein helles licht bei der Nacht

$23 USD

André Kooijman

Go for it Robert

$23 USD

Will Paton

Well done brother Ooms, maybe I'll join you next year.

$22 USD

Hans Korver

$22 USD


$22 USD


$22 USD

Manuel Gonzalez

$22 USD

Andy Hampson

Have a good ride mate

$22 USD


Going to the run, run Bob!

$22 USD

Paul Den Reijer

Veel plezier!

$22 USD

Ruud Mol

$22 USD

Lindsey Purcell

a worthy cause!! Happy birthday :)

$22 USD

Bert&Mattina Aamu

Prachtig initiatief

$22 USD


$22 USD

Quirijn Bos

$22 USD


Multo bene!

$22 USD

Hui Jiang

Keep going Robert, you are the man.

$22 USD

Rutger Steenbrink

Goed bezig weer! Succes en plezier!

$21 USD


$11 USD

Jeroen Kemper

$11 USD


$11 USD

Charlotte Negenman - KNEEFEL

succes Robert

$11 USD

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