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Tuesday 18th Apr 2023

Greeting and happy day two of #thirtydaysofdapper.

Part of my journey with this organization is the education about mental health awareness.

One of the biggest things I have learned is to be #grateful.

So today I am grateful for all of you!!!!!

I appreciate anyone that is reading this and thank you in advance of your donations.

Every little bit adds up, when I started fundraising, I had goals of $500 and now I’m pushing towards $10,000. It all helps, and all goes to a great cause.



Stay Dapper,


30 days of dapper

Thursday 6th Apr 2023

Couple of years ago whilst coming home from the Gentleman's ride, i made a pit stop. It was during this break that a beautiful person stopped me in my tracks to tell me how dapper I looked that day.

It's from this interaction that I have decided for 2023 Distiguisged Gentlemen's Ride I shall be dapper for not one or two but 30 days leading up to the ride. With a starting date of 4-17-23 and finishing on the day of the event 5-21-23.

My hope is that if once every day somebody asks what in my right mind I am doing? I can fill them in and hopefully recieve an additional donation.

Please follow my journey #30daysofdapper

Stay Classy,



I'm Riding for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Monday 27th Mar 2023 On Sunday the 21st of May 2023, I'm riding in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride with fellow men and women across the globe to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health on behalf of Movember. Men die on average 6 years earlier than women and for largely preventable reasons. The number of men that are suffering is growing, and we need to do something about that. So, before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I'm asking you to join me in raising funds and awareness for these causes by donating what you can for this meaningful cause and to help the men we love, live happier and healthier lives.

My Team

ELF Team

Mark Adrian Gabis

Fernando Forcén López

Mike Wickstone

Takeshi Yamamoto

Luis Manuel Aparicio Alvaro

akinori kubo

Gerhard Weixler

Felix Keith

Tomoyoshi Fushimi

Jeremy Wyland

Fumie Yamamoto

Jin Kikkawa

Rheinholdt Kade

Mike van den Nieuwenhof

Adriano Mancinelli

Marcus Lacey

Andrew Cole

David Felton

Matt Wall

Gerónimo Gando

Dani Sanchez Callen

Lautaro Gaston Vijande

John Fredy Hernández Baquero

Alex Pereira

Miguel Capacho

Jonathan Adolfo Serna

Carl Roldan

Gustavo Henrique Romani Magalhaes

Arturo Baeza

koichi mikami

Eggi Moo

Miguel Rojo Fernández

Tatiana Munerato

Daniel Diaz Lopez

Mauro Brambillasca

Javier Pirraglia

Alessandro Parpaiola

George Walter

John Bergmeier

Mark Jewell

Trevor larsson

Vincenzo Faggiano

Clemens Escalante

Bruno Motter

colin Downie

Michiel Koeter-Sluiter

Frank Weber


Manu P

Kristina Nikolova

Maurizio Ravera

Steve Grever

井田 真人


Terutaka Yamaguchi

ヤスオ クボキ

Kristofer Bendelow

Johnathan Pylant

setsuko YAMAZAKI

Leonard Webster

ueno tokio

Germán Eduardo García


Jochen Becker

Fumiaki Goto

Elio Erriquez

Ana Coscolluela

Bryant Willett

Marjorie Martinez

MUN Mengly

Michael Pusch

J Todd Slater

Brent Gyuricza

Alexis Phelan

Ivo Vazquez


Jörg Sauter

Laetitia Stempfer



lorenzo amilcar adames de leon

Geoffrey Lee

Youssef J0336751

Sovannrattanak Sam

Juan Fran Caballero

Matteo Felli

Susila Kwang

Yuen-Ye YONG

Michal Pašek

diana lora

Jean-Francois STACHERA

Ludwing Hernandez Andino

Leandro Colombano

Juan Carlos Herrera Rodríguez

Troy Mirador

Paul Vincent Enriquez

Ko Taro

Thierry Wolf

Manuel Frías

Reeshab Tah

Gourabh Sobti

Gabriel Polito

Ivo hernan Perugini

David Ochoa

Virgilio Leyretana


Rory Venables

Sanjay Saha

Hafijul Sha

Zlatko Leov

Jorge Albanese

Alexander Alo

Rocco Anatriello

Melkin Arboleda

Toshiro Maeda

Donna Diamante-Alo

Juan Carlos Muñoz Rojas

Atanas Georgievski

Yasar Eralp

Alberto Titotto

Lloyd Brown

Dusan Valenzuela

Manuel Pérez Romero

María Soledad Cerdeiros

Albert Rodriguez

Ricardo Santana Mata

Jorge Baez

Tony Bernal

Juan Felipe Tejada Patiño

Michael Güse

Antoine Acosta

Luseliss Viloria

Ornella Lopez

Dario quiroga

Omar Henriquez

Junior Valenzuela Tapia

Roy Bencosme

Richard Henriquez

Vincenzo Amarante

Pablo Rabascall

Diana Carolina Castaño

Ana-Marija Nikolova-Zatarakovska

Beti Uckov

Diego Durruty

Francisco Guzman

Pedro Sepulveda

Marten Moore

Gabriel López

Camilo Rodríguez Molina


Miguel Madeira

Marcial Guerrero

Miguel Angel

Carlos Márquez carpio

Reynaldo Villafuerte

Kyrylo Poznyak-Haraburda

Julio Ramírez

Francisco Ruiz Bulnes

Gustavo Duran

Neoldis Fermin

John Fuentealba Rios

Francisco Gidi

Oscar Vasquez

Juan Pablo Guillaume Fernandez

Paulo Fernandes

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Andre's Lakeside Dining

$5,000 USD
Schiff Natural Lands Trust

Schiff is sending you all the very best wishes during your ride David.

$500 USD

$342 USD
Sigmund Spiegel

$260 USD
Tom Wells

Nancy and I are with you all the way!

$156 USD
Robert Ratish

Enjoy the ride!

$104 USD
Amy Muller

$104 USD

$104 USD
Valerie Woodworth

$104 USD
Tad Carducci

Thank you for continuing to share this message, my friend. This is for my friend, John O’Shea.

$104 USD
David Felton

$104 USD
Victor Dino

Thank you David! Mental Health awareness is so important in today’ world.

$104 USD
Michael Smythe

Enjoy the ride

$104 USD
Brad LaBel

What a great cause!!!

$104 USD
Kathy And Wes


$104 USD
Judith Felton

$69 USD
Team Luminous

Cheering you on always.

$69 USD
Jennifer West

$61 USD
Michael Bingham

$61 USD
Elizabeth McNamara

Ride safely and enjoy!

$61 USD
Ryan Jordan

ride on!

$61 USD
Monica Ward

$61 USD
Jordan Wells

$61 USD
Nicole Darsney + Family

Love how you keep showing up for others on their mental health journey. As such, we’ll keep showing up for you ♥️ Get it, David (+ Jenny)!!

$61 USD
Krista Rue

You are the most dapper of all! Proud of you, friend!

$61 USD
Sacha L

$61 USD
Abbas Causer

To the most dapper chef around. Good luck, great cause :)

$61 USD


$61 USD
Elizabeth Valcich

Good luck and have an amazing ride and trip!

$61 USD
Lauren And Sean McLaughlin

$61 USD
Kim Roost

$61 USD
Nicole Jolaoso

Cheers, Dapper Old Friend! Ride Safely!

$52 USD


$52 USD
Jamie Zazella

You go, dapper fella!

$52 USD
Lisa Boymann

$42 USD
Paul K

$36 USD

$35 USD
Lauren Trotta

$35 USD
Juan Delgado

👏 keep it up

$31 USD
Tessa Wood

$31 USD
Christina Grdovic

$26 USD
Lindsay Spinnato

Love you Chef! Ride on! Love from Lindsay, Joe and Cillian

$26 USD
Philis Fraschilla

$26 USD
Linda Stewart

$26 USD
Casey C

Dapper David - keep it up!

$21 USD
Robert S. Garrison

$21 USD
Kathleen Sanderson

congrats so glad you are doing well. Bet of luck on your ride

$21 USD
Aaron LaGreca

$21 USD
Megan Schaller

Stay dapper!

$21 USD
Jenna Wells

Thanks for sharing your story and bringing attention to this important cause. Sending big hugs.

$21 USD

Amazing cause, David. Stay well

$21 USD
Sandra Cartagena

Thank you may the universe continue to bless us.

$21 USD
Angelo Messano

Good luck on this year's journey. 30 days of dapperness sounds like a lotta fun. Keep it up my friend!

$21 USD
Karl-Johan Svensson

$21 USD

$21 USD
Keri Diamond

$21 USD
Allen M

$14 USD
Tyler Potts

$10 USD

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