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12 Hour Count Down

Posted on Saturday 28th

12 hours until DGR 2019. With the generosity of my friends, colleagues and community members. I have reached far beyond the 2019 goal. 

I’m blessed to be living a healthy and happy life, and am blessed to have the amount of support I do. However many out there are struggling and or are hiding there struggles by putting on a brave persona. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to my fundraising. We together will impact lives.



Posted on Thursday 12th

If constant stress has you feeling helpless, disillusioned, and completely exhausted, you may be on the road to burnout. When you’re burned out, problems seem insurmountable, everything looks bleak, and it’s difficult to muster up the energy to care, let alone take action to help yourself. The unhappiness and detachment caused by burnout can threaten your job, your relationships, and your health. But by recognising the earliest warning signs, you can take steps to prevent it. Or if you’ve already hit breaking point, there are plenty of things you can do to regain your balance and start to feel positive and hopeful again.

check out the below link that gives great insight towards getting back on top of your mental health. 



Where does the money go?

Posted on Wednesday 21st

A lot of people I speak with when I talk about fundraising for the DGR are almost always somewhat sceptical about 'Where does the money go?'.

Unlike some charity organisations the DGR team is clear and transparent with their investment report. The overall money raised is devided between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States of America and the rest of the world. Below is information of the investments for Australia 2016-2018.

The Movember Foundation allocated a total of AUD $972,434

of the 2016 DGR Campaign proceeds to five projects:

1. Prostate Cancer Biomed Research New Concepts Grants $398,738

2. Prostate Cancer Biomed Research Young Investigators Grant $100,000

3. Prostate Cancer Biomed Research Expansion of proPSMA Study $230,588

4. Prostate Cancer Survivorship TrueNTH Digital Self-Management $97,243

5. Mental Health Suicide Prevention Australian Social Innovators Challenge $145,865


The Movember Foundation allocated a total of $1,087,877 AUD

of the 2017 DGR Campaign proceeds to four projects:

1. Prostate Cancer Biomed Research Clinician Scientist Award $351,669

2. Prostate Cancer Biomed Research Clinical Trials Award $92,372

3. Prostate Cancer Survivorship TrueNTH Sexual Health Project $321,918

4. Mental Health Health Promotion Movember SpeakEasy Live Events $321,918


The Movember Foundation allocated a total of $1,277,977 AUD

of the 2018 DGR Campaign proceeds to four projects:

1. Prostate Cancer Biomed Research Prostate Cancer Research Alliance $463,476.59

2. Prostate Cancer Clinical Quality TrueNTH Australia $231,738.30

3. Prostate Cancer Survivorship TrueNTH Global Registry $119,285.71

4. Mental Health Health Promotion Veterans & First Responders $463,476.59


If you want to know more about the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, take the time to navigate the tab on this page 'ABOUT DGR'.

I myself am in the final weeks of fundraising and have organised a "Change 4 Change" money box, a fantastic idea I learnt from a fellow fundraiser last year named Kat from the Toowoomba Ride. Kat was the Bronze Fundraiser for Toowoomba and has a heart bigger than the bike she rides. It is suprising how much can be raised just from collecting change (Silver and or gold).

I am excited to see what total I can reach and am already so thankful to all of my sponsors. As you can clearly see my goal has been met; however the goal is always to continue to fundraise for the cause.

Stay Dapper,




6 weeks to go!

Posted on Saturday 17th
I am still seeking as much support as I can to spread awareness of Men’s Health and raise as much funds as I can towards a cause close to my heart (even if my goal is reached, the more funds - the more support for Men’s Health). Please dig deep and give, if you wish, and also take some time to check out the information the DGR website has to offer.



Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. The Movember Foundation is the largest funder of prostate cancer programs in the world.


3 out of 4 suicides are men

510,000 men die from suicide globally each year. That’s one every minute. This has to change.

The causes of suicide are complex. There’s no single reason why men take their own lives, but we do know that by improving overall mental health we can reduce the risk of suicide. There’s no shame in checking in your own mental wellbeing, and those close to around you.

If you are unable to give towards Men’s Health; please share my fundraising page or the info onto others to start supporting Men’s Health. 
Massive thank you,
Alex Marstella. 
Keep well and look out for the ones close to you.
Stay dapper.

Raise the bar!

Posted on Saturday 10th

WOW! I cannot believe the support we are recieving towards Men's Health Awareness, Prostate Cancer, Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Last year Tammy and I were able to raise $2,477 - with my 2018 goal being to raise $2,000.

Due to the success of the recent Thursday Island Trivia Night we have raised the bar and will try to reach $2,500 to go above and beyond last years fundraising. so if you haven’t already supported us, dig deep! It is for a great cause. 

Recently in the last couple of months people in our community have been directly affected by tragic events directly relating to what The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is about; making awareness of men's health and suicide prevention.

Please, if you feel you cannot commit financially to the cause through supporting my fundraising page, simply sharing it on social media or texing it to your contacts asking for support will be a great help to so many gents, people and families in the world who are impacted by what the DGR fights for. Also just speaking with family and friends about The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride and what it is for will help get conversations going.

Thanks for taking the time to read my page and this blog,


$1200 Trivia Night

Posted on Friday 9th

A massive thank you to all of the people on Thursday Island who came out to enjoy a night of trivia. We had 11 teams show up on the night, with people giving extra making a grand total of $1200. During the evening we had some individuals give even more $. Tammy and I are so grateful for everyone turning up and enjoying the evening with us. We hope it was a fun and relaxing night that brings fond memories for all who attended.

A big congratulations to Tagai Turtles 1, who won the night on 79 points!!! They got themselves a trophy to remember the event and their support for Men’s Health :) 

The biggest thanks goes to my amazing wife who I couldn’t do any of this without. She is my rock and my support! 

Trivia Night was loads of fun and again we thank you for helping us raise funds for the DGR!

Thank you Thursday Island.

Are You Ok?

Posted on Sunday 4th

Some quick helplines to be able to talk and seek support.

For all - Beyond blue - Call 1300 22 4636.


For all - Lifeline - Call 13 11 14.


For Teachers - Employee assistance program - Call 1800 604 640.


For Firefighters - Fire & Emergency services support network - Call 1300 309 508. Counselling Call 1800 805 980.




$500 Through Money Board

Posted on Wednesday 31st

To end the 2019 school term 2, I announced the winner of the Tagai State College Money Board. Tagai State College Secondary Campus is my school where I am a teacher in the Torres Strait (Queensland, Australia). The money board is a great way to fundraise. This year (just like last year) each number from 1 - 100 was worth $10. The winning number recieved $500 while the other $500 went towards my DGR Ride.

I have to thank all of the generous staff I work with; the teachers, cleaners, groundsmen, admin officers and leadership team members. Without them this sort of fundraiing is very hard to accomplish.

This years winner was a great friend of mine and brilliant music teacher, who left the profession to follow a dream of becoming a permenant firefighter - which he now is in Brisbane, Queensland.

Our work place is a great source of support for people going through tough times and that is shown as soon as I began to seek support for my DGR fundrasing. I urge all fundraisers to put the word out in your work places; You will be amazed at the people that will step up and give a little for a great cause. It also gets talk happening which is needed in terms of mental health.

Best of luck for the fundraising everyone and thank you to my supporters.

Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Tuesday 30th

On Sunday the 29th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

I'm riding with Triumph DGR Riding Group

View my team page

Holger Nübel Marco Enrico Frank Steinke Feridun Kaya Phillip HTOO AUNG LIN Mikka Stojakkinan Joel Brito Alex Van Wey jerome jaussaud Stavros Theodoridis Kristy Nebeker Christopher OBrien Hans Vancompernolle Josh Jameson Timmy Finch Michael Roe Pete Rowbotham Matt Jenkins Joel Vela Giosuè Malerba Scott Gardner David Gibson SEAN MOONEY Brian Conner Damion Scheller Rubens Rampelotti Thorsten Greszer Geoff Butler Iain Davenport Raymond Menier Steven Hopper Todd Feinstein Pascal CAPUTO Francesco Rossi Jose Luis Riezu John Pearce Joshua Silverman Stephan Sola Gavin&Milo Haywood Derek Mcleod Malcolm Baird Oskars Killo Andrew Chalmers Alexander Marstella Brad Hoy Mark Bradford Bryan Jones Julian Bailey-Watts DUSTIN THOMAS Hugo Péloquin Tim Quinlan Piotr Zapiec Zoltan Lehel Matthew Parratt Afonso Tigre Lopes da Costa Ingmar van Goethem Ian MacDonald Chris Gattie Michael Schaller Craig King Aleks Pedroza Andrew Holmwood Christian Vainikainen Allan Jolly Keith Steiner Steffan Ollerenshaw phillip drage Sean Joyce Tony Jones Cameron Murray Michael Wright Steve Williamson Mauricio Bicalho Stephen Weaver Santos Gomez Alzaga Andy Porter Tony Barr F. COLAS JULIAN García Amigo Simon West Patrick Duval Frédéric Fonjallaz Steve Beaulieu Oliver Minkmar Alexander Ripa steve king Janusz Sobek Tony von Rebitz Marcus Wilms iain Hill Luis Eduardo Bacigalupo Andrei Topor Chris Mace David Lee Alessandro Borelli Chris Jauvat Wim Huisman John Cavacas HARPREET SINGH Frank Tatum Miguel Salmeron Juan Antonio Rosado Benítez Marc Antoine Rius Stephane Beauregard Helmut Ehrling Stephan Balder santiago Castillo rafael perez Peter Davey Mike Lyon James Manson Jesús González García Shomit Biswas Rogelio Bruce Tony Miller Patrik Parvin Yves Zorn Michael Schmitz Alexis Meszoly Robert Mroczek John Kevin Phillips Bong Mousepartner Biscuitbarrell Selman Selman Selman Selman Dean Ash Martin Wilshire Matthew Hohn Ian Colley Murat Hicdonmez erik minman Ved Hardikar Timothy Burge Dave Waddell Jonathan Lambert CHUNG HSUAN LIU Johnny Pieterse Shivanshu Singh Andrew Higgins Darren Dumble Dave Ackers Patrick Ludolph Dane Komnenovic Carlo Jose Paolo Stampacchia Marcin Loskot YAN CENE John Hemsley Terry Cox Luis Miguel Moreira Santos Glen Zammit David Cooper Samuel FICHET Michael Upcraft Michel Houbart Raoul Beltrame Pablo Valente Paolo Borelli Noel Dancy Jeff Mohn William Byers Jaime Mayen Arias rini buis Soren Winslow Marco Civinini Adam Wilson Hugo Ricardo Santos dave cartwright Neil Gallagher Peter Shortall Shawn Parmakis William Bagnall Chris Dugan Michael Graff Andrew Mitchel Richard Cornelius Massimo Trovato Enryco Prayogo Kevin Holmes Stephan-Daniel Guindon Andy Cagle Nigel Collighan Brian Racciato Michael Thornberry Dylan Lee Toby Mayo david robinson Emmanuel Chávez Rosales EDUARDO LOPEZ Kike Gandia Älvarez Alden Bienvenu Nigel Galloway Douglas McMillan Oliver Schieren Mike Bevan Andy Leddington Javier Rodríguez Richard Postill Antonio Amado de la Riega Paul Gayford Sergio J. Zigelbaum Bruno Cruz John Arcidiacono shaun murphy Francesco Feliziani Wadi Bear Jonathan Weech utkarsh bhadauria David WALTER Roy Wiseman A G Ryder Derk Kleinrensing gianluca ardigò Steven Hatswell Florian Klodwig Adam Crabbe Mark Tomlinson Ian Docherty TJ Orth Alan Borejko David Limb Manfred Kapps Simone Raschetti Igor Barabash Andy Martin Pascal Jobin Lauren Tiso Paul Johnson matheus henrique santos amorim Arkady Sandler Michael Avina Linn Kant John Domigan Lars Titland Sean O'Brien Thomas White earle brady Ali Saoirse Fabio Maia Prado Michael Dornbierer Hermann Gerard Kasidet Panyamanee Olli Norojärvi Francois Morin Luis Esteve Páez Scot Dail Arun Brahmaniya Dylan Bathory Michael Kenny Martin Grop Chris Davis Terry Keenan Rich Booth Steve Page Emilio Torrente Jørn Larntvet Chuluu Chagaanyas Wojciech Ciechanowski Juan Carlos González Gonzalo Jesam Ricardo Moura Ben Morris Matt Chambers Alexander Doukas Merab Koranashvili matias leal Guido Leonel Villarino Reyes Kenneth Fraser Adam Herbert Sylvain Allard Garrett Windle paul dransfield Mikael Valier Roney Marques Ammar Awaad Christiaan Driess3n Christopher Thomson Boon Hun Lim Aaron Burgard Jack Schroeder Willem Fennema Greg Howard Samuel Fox Jay Scrivener Nick Koumbarakis Luke Turner Egon Van Gennip Kristofer Kvarnström Craig Willis Ludovic Darricau Sirilak Sieosakul Peter Matthews Nicola Coiatelli Nathan Aldous Javier Gámez Terrón Abaw Juan Luca Bertozzi Street Street Scrambler Curtis House Nick Allan Daniel Mayr David Kraxberger Lionel RENARD LUNATTI James Kilborn Gino Obnial Tim Revill Ulf Fransberg Robert White bertrand bidaud Dennis Best Josh Hardy Neil Warnes Tom Charnock Ben Harding Budgie Burgess Nate Kwarteng Harvey Bailey Carlo Ghezzi Marcel Westerhof Cale Smith Ryan Lovell peter cox Filippo Morelli Tanner Morales Rafael Quinones paolo Milanese David Newall Phil Black Markus Hautala Peter Devery wade hudson derek dalton Goksun Ergur Sergey Lepeshkin Toru Tanaka Tim McCarthy Jim Landers Roberto Parra Ken Altman Jack Wieselman dario previati Hiram J Rickenbacker Rafael Thielmann Octav Cobzareanu Fred Enbee Thanh Ngoc Tran Steve Ross Eric Schütte Kåre Blakstad Scott Szczepanek DAN OLIVER vincenzo bruni Bendik Fagerbakk Read Hammond tom conway Andres Kütt Yves Oppliger Miguel Ballmann Laurent Pierrard Mark Gibson Gabor Takacs Joerg Zinngraebe Sean McKenzie Tom Haigh Marcus Fehlberg peter nowosad Severine PIGNEUR Kevin Haslam Mike Krämer Jorge Viegas David Baron ray shen Víctor De Elejabeitia CHRISTOPHE LEGRAND Thierry Marcoux Marco Beltran Katarina Kuperstein ALEXANDER LEUNG Christian Hopfenmüller Win Raguini Thomas Dr. Lampe Darren Hocking Brian Kitzman Mounir Naffi Marco López-Carrasco Martín Sven Schmid Alexis Bautista Thomas Woodruff Andrzej Gaj Royce Franzoni Fulgencio Sanchez Matthias Hasselbach Massimiliano Modica Anand Patel Roberto Andolfo Alan Didion Leon Suijlen Jonathan Kriebel Neil Hunter Brick Du Bourg Konrad Czernik paolo vimercati Trevor Phillips mohammed Qasim Pierre-Marc Durivage Petteri Pulkkinen Romain Henry Gordon Sutehall Nuno Gonçalves Chris Spillers Gustav Kuhweide PAOLO EPILOTTI Steve Fitzgerald Aaron Voir Lucas Broussard Adhil Abdul Majeed Mathias Reichenbacher Ginés Ripoll Luigi Manzo Darryll Wilson Faizan Afzal Sarmon Gaffney Luis Biscaro tyrone stelzenmuller syariff ishak Matthew Devries Roksana Kodym Terry Blenheim Genouilhac Jerome James Atkins Emon Mitro Giovanni Bonincontro brian potter STEPHANE DEL REY Dwight Scouten Francesco Monno Felix Latussek Wes Barkell Charan Raj Yanamandala Victor Vargas Guy Bonin Michael Harbison Stephen Foster Eric Salerno Marius Vulpe Gerhard Tramberger jean paul mabille martin rosenkranz Heinz Scheller Bartosz Hajncz Sergio Lovay damien plasson Neeraj Jha Chris Farmer Alex Herbert Philip Sampson antoine audbourg Patrick R.A. De Caestecker Les Cochrane philippe Desboudard Jean Michel Krischer Dan Hochstrasser Marek Kaszczyc Toby Sklute Antonio Martinez Darren Sharman Anthony Jackson Dhea Zildea Adrien Riot ARPAK DEMIRCAN Jonathan Parsons Andrew Rose-Rankin Todd Shetter James Parker Jose Maria Clemente Wolfgang Weihnacht Dmitry Pavlovsky patrick fischer Dan Scott Pol BsAs Sharad Tanwar Sara del Río Quijada Bartosz Drabik Aaron Nevin Nick Ziroli Iain Duthie Amandine Torquet Ade Waters ELISEO GOZALVEZ Hean Howe Chan Michael Schroeder Zoha Malik Ted Lytle Jean marc DELORME Shane Elsmore Colin Pearson Gianni Gualtieri Rajamanickam Elumalai Kim Henderson David Johnson Jairo Prieto Álvarez Chris Mangerich Melanie Eon Arie Ginting Alessandro Nicoletti Simon Sperrin Siavash Madani Luis Romero Tim Wray Sergi Aldehuela Manny Ferrer CLEMENT VAUGEOIS tom finwall isaac evans Marco Zanetti Al Roach Seppo Samooja Salvatore Mazzarino Matteo Rocchi riccardo glorioso Takahiro Sakamoto David Malandrin Bimal Poyil Alex Stefanowicz didier sarrazin david sarrazin Tony Fendyke John Carroll Giuliano Y. 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My Sponsors

Dgr Trivia Night

11 Teams, Best T.I. Trivia Night Ever! Well done to Tagai Turtles 1 for the win!

$817 USD
Tagai Secondary Staff

Well done Alex with your money board and best of luck towards your fundraising goal.

$344 USD
Alexander Marstella

$145 USD
Jan Hadeler

Goof luck and good on you

$71 USD
Jasmin Ford

$68 USD
Coin Collection

Gold & Silver coins collected

$47 USD

You have a lovely package. Keep on keeping it shiny and plump.

$35 USD
Suman Chowdhury

$35 USD

Great work Alex!

$35 USD

Great cause, hope it all goes well!!!

$35 USD
Annon O'mouse

$34 USD
Em & Josh Bishop

Way to go Alex!

$34 USD
Captain Richard Muhamad Qfes

Eso for your efforts. Your ride is special to me, as it raises funds for something close to my heart. Mina big eso!

$34 USD
Emma Johnson

Great work Alex and Tammy!

$21 USD
Jess Miller

$21 USD
Chris Larosa

You’re a legend buddy. Great work on the Trivia Night and just being an awesome guy.

$20 USD
Lisa Mcguire

Well done! Have a great ride.

$14 USD
Amy Laban

Get there!

$14 USD
Jane Mellors

Great work

$14 USD

Well done Alex

$14 USD
Sean Fricke

For the most distinguished gentleman I know!

$14 USD
Leitha Assan

$14 USD
Nathan Mcguire

Enjoy the ride mate!

$14 USD
Fiona Cairns

Wish you all the best with your fundraising.

$14 USD
Brad Redding

$14 USD

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