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2020 Riding Solo for Men's Health in DGR

Saturday 1st


2020, what a year. It has been thw worst and still coming...but this makes us stronger.

I will be riding with a special passenger this time, my father, wherever you are, enjoying peacufully. I miss you every day, I try to honor you every day.

Join me with you donations to fight men's mental health, prostate cancer, and staying strong and together. I gratly appreciate your rtime and concern to help fight - all together - against these two enemies.

My Sponsors

Carlos Del Rio

Eso mi Mau!!!

$185 USD
Jorge De La Mora

Enjoy the ride! Besos al cielo...:)

$182 USD
Yeyeko Lab

$177 USD
Verónica De La Mora

Disfruta el paseo con papá de pasajero 💛

$123 USD
Mauricio De La Mora

$123 USD
Keith Auer

Good Luck my friend!!

$117 USD
Carlos Temprano

Mucho ánimo!!! Enjoy the ride

$74 USD
Felipe C.

Disfruta de esta gran iniciativa y dale gas

$74 USD
The Protek Team

Good luck Mauricio from Protek UK

$73 USD
Ton Verstappen

Great your doing this my friend and capture this special moment with your father!

$61 USD
Alvaro Cañas

Nos vemos!

$47 USD

Disfruta con el abuelo

$47 USD

¡a huevo! disfruta con el abuelo

$47 USD
Miguel Fernandez

Enjoy the ride brother!!!!

$47 USD
Kevin Mccormick

Hello Mauricio my friend. Thank you for including me in this great event. My family and I have been tragically affected lately by mental health issues and so it is a cause very close to our hearts. I am very pleased to donate I only wish it could be more. Stay safe and enjoy the ride. Hope to see you soon.

$24 USD
Mark Grayson

The 'order of the scarf' will be riding with you too - go well my friend

$12 USD

Local Ride Sponsors