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dedicating this year‘s ride to my father

Friday 29th

My father died earlier this year and was an instrumental figure and me being part of the distinguished gentleman's ride and me as a motorcyclist. 

He lived in amazing life and I had a beautiful relationship with him from birth through death. 

I am dedicating this year's ride to him and the legacy he leaves behind. 

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For our Father’s

$310 USD

$208 USD
Alastair Kinsella

Hey Sam. A positive Covid test has stopped me from being involved this year, but I wanted to donate and to send my best. Please pass my best to Luke, Don, the VVMC, The Bike Shed, and the whole crew. I’ll be missing you all terribly. And coughing, dammit!

$104 USD
Hillary Schubach

Ride on!

$50 USD
Ken Morse

For Papa Bendall - the most distinguished of gentlemen.

$21 USD
Lynn Biggs

$21 USD

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