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DGR 2023

Friday 21st Apr 2023

Thanks for visiting my DGR donation page for 2023! This year, the ride will be on Sunday May 21st, and marks the 9th consecutive year that I'll be participating. I'm happy to be joining with the Coeur d'Alene riding group once again for a jaunt around the lake and to wave at onlookers downtown. We join fellow well-dressed men and women across the globe to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health on behalf of Movember. Please consider sponsoring my ride by making a donation to these great causes. Thanks, and tally ho!

My Sponsors

Carrie & Deane

Tally ho!

$78 USD
The Kubales!

Yay Steve! Have a wonderful ride! Thank you for bringing attention to such important causes!

$78 USD
Jen And Dave Lott

Go Steve! Thanks for supporting men's mental health!

$61 USD
Wendy May

I am so proud of your support for this cause that hits so close to home. Love you!

$52 USD
Koby, Gayle & Isaac May

Ride like the wind!

$52 USD
Carl Raymond Warych

$52 USD
Daniel May

Steve: Happy to donate to a cause that has touched us! Thanks for doing this. Ride safe!

$52 USD
Jeffrey Rosick

Ride on! (Except you, prostate cancer)

$42 USD
Clementine Hannahs

Go Steve!

$36 USD
Beth And Erin Raleigh

Have a fun and safe ride :-)

$31 USD
Zachary Padilla

Have fun, Steve!

$21 USD
Nina And Michael

Go Steve go!

$21 USD
Steve May

$20 USD