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Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Friday 3rd

On Sunday, September 30th, I will join over 120,000 men and women in over 650 cities worldwide on  the "Distinguished Gentleman's Ride" to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health.  

Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men. And we lose 510,000 men to suicide each year...that's one per minute. The Movember Foundation is working to change these terrible statistics. 

Last year you were kind enough to support this great cause, and I'm hoping you'll be able to do so again!

A year ago, with your genrous help, I raised over $15,000 for the Foundation.  This year I've set my goal at $17,500!

Every bit truly helps, so instead of suggesting an amount I'll simply ask you to give it some thought an donate what you can.

Your support means a great deal to me, and more importantly will positively impact people around us.

Thank You!


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My Sponsors

Denise Morales

Have fun on the ride! Sorry to miss it this year.

$2,010 USD
$1,010 USD
$1,000 USD
Linda And Mike Weisenberger

Have a great day ...hope you and Dad enjoy the ride. We have an extra helmet if needed.

$500 USD
Gary Wipfler

good luck!

$208 USD
Zane Rowe

Great Mike!

$208 USD
John Brandon

Way to go, Mike!

$200 USD
Dale & Judy Thornberry

This is really a great cause. We hope you have a good time and your team enjoys the ride. M & D

$104 USD
Christophe Callaud

Great initiative!

$104 USD
Steve Cano

$52 USD
Mark Rogers

$52 USD
Steve Thornberry

Be careful out there.

$21 USD
Michael Thornberry

$10 USD

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