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all done!

Posted on Wednesday 18th

well I've just finished sending out the thank you emails to everyone who sponsored me! THE RIDE ON THE 24TH WAS A GREAT DAY! Just waiting now for the film we did to be posted up next week probably..raised a total of $8,150 and the Canberra Ride raised over $46K! top 20 in the world..


looking forward to recieving my DGR helmet soon..Thank you all! Till next year...

Another sprint, another week!

Posted on Monday 11th

Thank you again to all the Staff and Drivers at ACTION tuggeranong depot..very close to my $5000 target..hopefully this week we can crack it! please donate what you can remember it's tax deductible and for a great cause! Cheers all!

here we go..

Posted on Wednesday 6th

so up at 4.30 am to go down to the depot to sell raffle tickets and back again on friday same time to do the BBQ..sunday first test ride of the route..next week 11th till 17th big fundraising push and getting raffle prizes together..

Thank you ALL!

Posted on Friday 25th

what a great week thank you to everyone who donated during the 7 day sprint ..top 20 in the world! will be doing my best to keep it going!

7 day sprint!!

Posted on Wednesday 16th

The 7 day sprint is a challenge to raise as many donations as possible over 7 days...

Thank you to all of you who got the emails and texts and have donated so far! from $82 thanks to Nic, George, Boddo last week..to $411 so far! Please keep it going as I need as many donations as i can get  before THIS SUNDAY 20th!


thanks again simon..




here we are again..

Posted on Tuesday 1st

here we go! another few months of trying my best to raise as much as i can for this worthy cause..thank you to all those generous people who will no doubt help me towards my goal of $5000!

Join me on the Ride for Men's Health in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

Posted on Tuesday 1st

On Sunday the 24th of September, I will don my finest attire with my fellow men and women across the globe to join the fight with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to raise awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health. But before I press my tweed and polish my boots, I need you to donate what you can for this meaningful cause and help me reach my goal.

For your uncles, your brothers, your fathers and friends. Donate what you can, for their lives need not end.

My Sponsors

Thank you for all the donations thus far!


Action Belconnen Depot

Thanks to all the northside drivers and staff for your support for the fundraiser bbq at the belco depot..especially Damian and Aaron!



From everyone who bought a VVCMCC rally calendar !!


Action Staff Tuggeranong

Proceeds from Raffle & BBQ


Dgr Raffle

money raised from raffle at spanish club



Take a big bite and chew like F***


Action Drivers & Staff Tuggeranong Depot

Good luck to our number 1 fundraiser! Hope it goes well with DGR!


All Members Of Acttei

Good luck Simon for the Noble cause you are doing for past few years. All members are Proud of you. All Members of ACTTEI and Directors of ACTTEI.


Action Tuggeranong Workshop Social Club

Always happy to support you every year, cheers from Trevor & the workshop mechanics


Itp Belconnen

We knew you'd put those raiders tickets to good use well done!


Zoe Whittaker

Keep up the good work. So proud of you and your efforts to the DR every year. Thank you. Love you xx


Ept Chrome Plating Qbn

Always great to sponsor you for the DGR..Keep up the great work! Brett, Shane & Greg


Karan Khanna Barbero

Cheers mate


Serafin Cnc Services

Worth your weight in gold, awesome effort!


Craig Crawford

Great Cause !! Good luck Simon


Ian And Karen

Good on you Simon, Cheers Ian and Karen


Stan Bakker

Thanks for getting AGO & CROZ to sign my programme!!! good luck with everything!


Wet Me Crew

Bathurst in the shed raffle!


Bede Webster

For Steve McQueen and a little bit extra for a good cause and top bloke.


Bill Lewis

Well done Simon, cheers from Hawaii, Bill Lewis


Jeanette Smith

Another fantastic effort Simon. Well done


Dave Quinn

Good luck with the fundraising mate.


Jen Woods

Hope it goes well Simon - thanks for all the effort you make to raise money for this cause


Geoffrey Dillon

keep up the good work simon


Peter Byatt


Neil Currie

Happy to help out again, Simon. Good luck with your fund raising this year.


Sister Oldest

Wishing you the best of luck Bro xxxxx




Garry Compton

Keep up the promotion and awareness Simon!


Shane Mcmahon

Well done Simon, looking forward to your big vvcmcc raffle in October!


Noel Jarratt

Just another great cause. Keep up the good work!


Mark Caldwell


Dave Rogers

keep up the great work simon. looking forward to hearing how it all goes!


Paul Campbell

good luck with your efforts


Natalie Osburne

Amazing work you do Simon. Keep going!


Nicole Anthony

I work with your amazing sister (Zoe not the other one) and thank you for your brilliant work with the blokes stuff xxx


Duncan Amos

See you for the ride.


Nigel Bryan

Good luck Simon, great cause. I did Movember a couple of years ago.


Peter Dunster

great effort again, happy to support you!!


Terry Mcminn


Steven Farmer

Keep up the legendary effort mate!


Nick, Alan & Tony Vjmc

happy to donate to this worthy cause! see you on the ride



All the best on your quest! Go go go!


Mark Saunders+ $10 From Julius..

congratulations on the fundraising so far!


Tuggeranong Transmissions

always happy to donate to a fellow TRIUMPH rider!


Rick Reinsma

Hope you get ther




John Somerville

Keep up the great work Simon




George Scarfe


Patrick Rose

Keep up the drive and keep up the ride brother, the worlds a better place with you in it!


Mark Jensen


Damian Harcombe

Keep up the good work.


David Bodman


Chloe Bullivant


Nicholas Birmingham

As promised


Dave Jenkins

best luck Simon, great cause mate. shame you won't be on a BMW though ;]


Obi Shadmaan

Great cause Simon, wish you the best on your ride


Joan Graham-hewitt

Hi Simon Enjoy your day and have a fun time Joan Graham-Hewitt


Simon Whittaker


well done keep it up


John Furlan

keep it up Simon! Happy to help again!


Bill Dobie

good luck simon!!


Tony Reimer

happy to support you yet again!


Lou Baljak

Good work trailblazer!

Local Ride Sponsors