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The 2016 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride was a roaring success! Over 57,000 participants in 505 cities across 90 countries banded together to help raise over $3.65 Million (USD). The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride will be on again this year lining the streets with dapper gents and ladies on café racers, bobbers, scramblers and other marvellous custom motorcycles to raise both money and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health.

Who rides in and supports DGR?
DGR brings niche motorcycling enthusiasts together. It's about the home builders, the workshops, the dealers and the aficionados joining forces for a cause while spreading merriment, having fun, strengthening the scene, raising funds for prostate cancer and men’s mental health.

Our DGR demographics look something like this:
Motorcycle enthusiasts aged 20-65
Supporters of prostate cancer research aged 36-65
Males who enjoy the finer things in life aged 24-44

How can my business get involved?
DGR has a huge reach globally. In excess of over 100,000,000 unique impressions globally last year. We are offering sponsors the opportunity to showcase their brands on a city-by-city basis via a thumbnail on our official website at a fraction of the price of a global sponsorship deal.

This opportunity presents great value for smaller businesses that want to support the event as well as show off their brand.

As a thumbnail sponsor you will have your logo located in two positions on our website. Every single rider in the city you sponsor will have the opportunity to see your logo, your support and an opportunity to be driven to your pre determined hyperlink.

We suggest this links through to your instagram or facebook for further engagement. If you do not have these channels your website will suffice.

On top of this your logo will be showcased in the specific ride page of the city you sponsored. This means that every single person that heads in to check out the ride details will see the logo.

Your sponsorship will start to develop funds to cover the growing costs of operating these rides. These will be used to cover costs around printing of posters, flyers, maps and supplying items, such as first aid kits.

But, please note: Thumbnails are available to local businesses and brands we feel are a correct fit with the event. These include local clothing brands, local businesses, local cafes, local restaurants, local workshops and custom motorcycle builders. Global prize and partner opportunities are available for National and International brands with a high level overview available here http://partners.gentlemansride.com/

Due to commitments with existing partners, we can not accept sponsors of any nature from motorcycle and watch manufacturing businesses outside of Triumph Motorcycles and Zenith Watches.

Ride page thumbnail sponsorship options:
Major Local Sponsor - $500 USD thumbnail sponsorship which includes a 200x200 size thumbnail with a click through to your website, Facebook or Instagram (Limited to 3 per ride)

Minor Local Sponsor - $200 USD thumbnail sponsorship which includes a 100x100 size thumbnail with a click through to your website, Facebook or Instagram

Both options appear on all rider profiles for that city and on the sponsored ride page.

If you are interested in supporting globally or even on a country-by-country basis please get in contact with us using the contact us form via the Partner microsite http://partners.gentlemansride.com/

Thumbnail logos will be visible upon The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride website for the 2017 DGR Season.

Local Sponsorship for the 2018 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride will open in late July.
For any enquiries please email sponsorship@gentlemansride.com