'Stronger', The Chris Livett Story

Posted 4 years ago

Cancer. It affects us all.

Physically, we all know; but mentally, it opens every one of us up to the anguish of depression, and helplessness. Seeking knowledge, treatment, and driving everyone to break the cycle is exactly why Chris Livett chose to share his story.

Battling depression, and the effects of losing his mum to cancer at an early age, Chris found himself diagnosed later in life with cancer of the prostate, bladder and bowel. 'Stronger’ highlights the importance of reaching out when in need, and being aware of ever-changing health.

From never riding a motorcycle, to getting a licence and being one of the top 100 fundraisers of 2017; Chris decided to use DGR as a platform to raise funds and awareness for others like him. To show that after everything, you can emerge stronger.

If Chris’ story resonates with you or if you know of others in need, please share this film with them, it may just save a life.

For further information and services supporting mental health and early detection of prostate cancer, visit movember.com.

Register now to take part in your nearest Distinguished Gentleman's Ride event on Sunday September 30th upon your classic & vintage styled motorcycle, or make a donation in support of the Movember Foundation at gentlemansride.com.

Film developed and produced by Cam Elkins from Stories of Bike.

Special thanks to the Chris, Lindsay, Isabelle and Ben Livett, for sharing their story with us; and for Triumph Motorcycles UK, Bill Smith Motors LTD.The Ship Hotel, Aberdaron and Bardsey Island tours for their support in producing this film.

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