Gentlefolk Of Brasilia

Posted 7 years ago

Brasilia joined DGR for the first time in 2015. There was a lot to be learned, and we believe that next year we will be able to gather more Gentlefolk, and raise more money to help finding a cure and better treatment for prostate cancer.

Despite the fact of our lack of experience, it was a wonderful ride. The sun was shinning bright, and the weather was hot, as it normally is in Brasilia, just before the rain season hits.

A small group of Gentlemen and Ladies, in total around 50 participants, arrived at our rendez-vous point in the morning. All of them wearing their best dapper and riding fantastic machines. Lots of photos, smiles and experiences to share.


The ride began, winding through our large streets and stopping at well-known monuments, such as Memorial JK and the Metropolitan Cathedral.

It all went well, with no incidents whatsoever. By the end we celebrated the ride admiring the calm waters of Lake Paranoa.

We are already planning on how to have a better DGR next year!

Words by Andre Fagundes | Photos by Alexandre Perotto

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